Week Ending 8/28/17

A rather busy week but didn’t get much of what I planned done…………………………..

As usual, first the chronology:

8/20/17 – Sunday – Up early and out to pick up Gary for church. Getting more and more disillusioned with that church. Anyway, home and another cup of coffee, another buttered bagel and read the paper. Kathy blew off church and Sunday school today. Too much celebration at the Bats game last night. I went in and laid down awhile. Then up and some lunch. Kathy left to go shopping and I went to my room to do the blog. Then suited up and on the motorcycle to go over to Gary’s for the Sunday afternoon get together. Got a call before I left. Dinner is at Tumble Weeds at 5PM. So, I left Gary’s about 4:30 on the bike and headed up the Gene Snyder to Westport road and Tumble Weeds. Had dinner with everyone. Then rode back down the Gene Snyder and 65 to Shepardsville. Timed how long it took to get from the biker;s church down there to the house. Ended up putting almost 80 mile on the bike today. Home and dressed down to cool off. Some computer work, a HAM net, to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

8/21/17 – Monday – Up and out to mow the lawn. Kathy and I worked till about 4PM. Came in, cooled down and showered. Then down to Taylorsville to drop the Chrysler off at Daughtery’s garage to get the oil pan replaced. Then to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner. Then over to Shelbyville and Walmart for cards for Kathy and some spark plugs for me. Then back to Taylorsville for Ice Cream at Dairy Queen. Then home, put the truck away and to bed. Some computer work and Star Trek and to sleep.

8/22/17 – Tuesday – Didn’t feel great today so took it easy. Did some chores around the house, played HAM radio, went to Taylorsville and picked up the Chrysler from the garage. Napped and went to bed early. Some Big Bang and sleep.

8/23/17 – Wednesday – Up and out to get my hair cut. Then over to Shelbyville to get some money from the bank. Then home. Had lunch, then out to the garage to put the radios back in the car, then went to my room for some computer work. Julie called and the kids where home alone. Seems they got out early today and the babysitter wasn’t there. So, I ran over quickly and watch them till the baby sitter got there. Then home, showered and off to pick up Gary for dinner. Went out to Fiesta Mexicana on Bardstown Road. Good meal. Took Gary home and came home.

8/24/17 – Thursday – Up and did chores around the house. Then had lunch and headed out on the motorcycle. Rode 44 over to the Dixie Highway. Bad decision as they are resurfacing the road east of Shepardsville. Stopped for some R&R then headed north into Louisville. Stopped at a couple other places then headed home. Had a late dinner and to bed.

8/25/17 – Friday – Recuperating from yesterday. A slow day. Did some computer work. Found bad motherboard in the old Megexcel. Reloaded a spare machine and loaded Apache. Ordered pizza for dinner. Continued work on new server. Then back up and to bed.

8/26/17 – Saturday – Up and showered. Went to my room and continued work on the Megexcel server. Got Apache working and started loading the guest book. Took Kathy to the church for the festival she was helping with this afternoon. Came home and continued working on the server. Loaded the things Kathy made for dinner this evening and headed back to the church to pick up Kathy. Then over to our friend Dee for dinner. Nice time. Her mother was there as well as Julie, Mike and the grand kids. Came home and did the log, went to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Got a lot of motorcycle riding in this week.  Sunday I was out for awhile.  Rode over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together, then up to Tumble Weeds off Westport road.  After dinner I rode back down to Shepardsville.  I want to time how long it would take to travel from the biker’s church to the house or the other way.  As things turned out, we got an invitation to go have a dinner at a friend’s house Saturday evening so I didn’t get to check it out anyway.  Then again Thursday I took it out to go for some R&R.  Spent more money than I should have but had a good time.  Rode just shy of 80 miles both days so that was good.  Perhaps this week when I get overwhelmed with studying I might just get out for a ride.

The Chrysler is back in tip top shape with the radios re-installed.  Is good to be back in it.  Having the Chrysler definitely saves putting miles on the truck.  So that’s a good thing.

The final autopsy on the Megexcel server is in.  Apparently something on the mother board was going bad slowly.  I believe it was the ACPI timer.  As it caused deterioration of the power supply, data began to be corrupted on the hard drive.  Of course one of the automatic backups occurred about that same time so all it did was backup corrupted data.  So, I removed all usable parts from the machine, buttoned it up and put it in the trash.  I dug out another Pentium 4 machine that I had under the work bench and wiped the disk and loaded Ubuntu.  Got Apache loaded successfully and put VSFTPD on it.  It’s ready to have a new website data installed.  I might consider putting the guest book back there but I’ll be leaving the blog where it is.  So, the bottom line is, you should see no more major changes here.  I will update you as things progress.

We got invited over to our friend Dee’s house this Saturday evening for dinner.  Dee has had more than her share of difficult times lately.  We have all tried to be supportive and I guess she was finally in a position to reciprocate by having everyone over for dinner.  She brought her mother over from the facility she is staying in and Mike, Julie and the grand kids where there as well.  We had a great meal.  Got to taste something new.  She had hot dogs with hemp.  That’s a big thing down here.  Everyone is  trying to grow it.  But the dogs were very good.  A little larger than a normal hot dog.  Tasted somewhat like a brat but not as spicy.  We will look for them in the store and try them again.

I am still studying for my HAM license upgrade when I have time.  This stuff is very difficult.  Gives me a new perspective on the guys that have worked for their Extra class license.  I have two weeks to go and hopefully will be familiar enough with the questions to get the required 74% to pass the exam.  If I don’t, I’ll just continue studying.  The current question pool is good till 2020 before they change it again.  I will have more on this after the HAM fest on 9/9.

Please keep all the folks in Texas in your thoughts and prayers.  Such a devastating thing.  Only good thing I can say about it is that it seems to pull people together and they stop bickering about bullshit things like statues.  Sort of brings a focus to what’s important in this world.  I wish we could all be like that.  Enough with the hate and disrespect.

OK, that’s probably more than you wanted to hear from me.  Hope everyone is doing well and keep me up to date with your lives.

Blog at you again next week.


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