Week Ending 6/9/18

A busy week……………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

6/3/18 – Sunday – Up early as the dinner last night didn’t agree with me. Took care of things and went back to bed. Woke up around 8AM. Blew off church today. Got cleaned up and went downstairs to continue contesting. Discovered that the contest had ended the previous night. I had the times correct but I converted the UTC dates incorrectly. So, I prepared my log for submission then did my blog. Kathy came home from church and we had lunch. Kathy laid down for a nap and I went outside to continue getting the pool ready. Cleaned off the deck and power washed the chairs. Cleaned the filter and vacuumed the pool. Kathy woke from her nap and came out. We cleaned the steps and put them in the pool and secured them. Cleaned our stuff up and put it away. In the house for dinner. Took a shower and gathered the garbage. Down stairs for computer updates and play a little radio. To bed, some research, Big Bang and sleep.

6/4/18 – Monday – Up and usual morning routine. Then off on the motorcycle to J-town for a replacement resistance band that I broke over the weekend. On the way back stopped at Dollar General for some anti-acid then on down to Taylorsville for lunch at Dairy Queen. Came the long way home. Rode about 40 mile. Then took the deck things out to the pool. Watched a little TV till Kathy, Chloe and Shelby came home. Kathy will watch the grand children on Monday this summer. Carter had Boy Scout camp this week. We went out to the pool. Then inside. Julie came and got the kids. Kathy and I had dinner. Put the solar blanket on the pool. Then to bed, computer updates, some WWII on TV then sleep.

6/5/18 – Tuesday – Up and usual morning routine. Then outside to work on the lawn. Finished up around 4:30. Went next door and fixed the neighbor’s tractor tire. Inside and made net at 6:30. Had dinner, cleaned up, to bed, computer updates, big bang and sleep.

6/6/18 – Wednesday – Up and usual morning routine. Out on the motorcycle. Got haircut, made a couple stops in Taylorsville. Then into J-town the backway. Stopped at Kort and got lunch at McDonald’s. Got gas on the way home. Did some computer work and took a nap. Up and cleaned up and over to pick up Gary for dinner at Cattleman’s Roadhouse. Home, to bed, computer updates, research, Big Bang and sleep.

6/7/18 – Thursday – Up and usual morning routine. Then out to the Morton building for maintenance on the yard tractor. Put new blades on the deck. Then inside and cleaned up. Out about 1PM and over to Shepardsville and stopped at Denny’s for burger and fries. On over to the Dixie Highway and north with a stop at one of my R&R places. Then up to Gene Snyder, around to Shelbyville road. East to Shelbyville then 55 back to Elk Creek and home. Changed and went to Taylorsville for Mexican food. Stop at the new Dollar General. Home and changed clothes. Down to my room to make nets. Updated computers while there. Then bed, Big Bang and sleep.

6/8/18 – Friday – Up and usual morning routine. Then out to the Morton building. Replace a connector on my car HAM stuff and cleaned up and put away straps. Inside, cleaned up and lunch. Kathy wanted to get a new barbecue grill so I rounded up all the tanks we have and we headed up to Lowes. Bought the grill then over to Costco’s and got the tanks filled. Home and put new grill on back deck and put old grill out by the street. Cleaned out the truck and went over and got it gassed up. Home and took a nap till dinner. Cleaned up and ate dinner. Then out to the HAM club meeting on the motorcycle. Home, to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

6/9/18 – Saturday – Up and usual morning routine. Hot outside so spent the day inside. Worked on cleaning up my room and copied the contacts from the QSO party log to my regular log. Started backing up computers. Kathy wanted to go shopping so we had dinner then out shopping. Home, snack, to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

I am very encouraged about the blog.  I had hits everyday this week.  Thank you one and all.

I think we got the pool up and running in record time this year.  A week or less.  Even got the kids in this week.

Did a lot of motorcycle riding this week.  I’ve been keeping it in the garage at the house so it’s more convenient to take.  Out 4 times this week for a total of 208.7 miles.  Weather looks less cooperative this week but we’ll see.

Spent a good amount of time in the Morton building this week.  Got a lot of work done on the garden tractor.  Did the 250 hour maintenance as well as putting the new mower blades on.  I think we’ve found all the stones in the yard by now.

Went out for dinner this Wednesday as they were having chicken at church and Gary doesn’t eat chicken.  So we went to the Cattleman’s Roadhouse.  July and August they are not going to have meals at the church.  Haven’t decided what we are going to do. Stay tuned.

Also stay tuned for a special entry this week.  Won’t tell you what it’s about so it will be a surprise.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Blog again soon.

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