Week Ending 1/23/21

A rather easy going week……………………….

As always, first the chronology:

1/17/21 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Did the blog and got cleaned up.  Had lunch then downstairs to set things up for the guys.  Waited for them and hosted the Sunday afternoon get together.  Cleaned up after they departed.  Chores around the house till Kathy got home.  Had dinner then usual evening routine.

1/18/21 – Monday – Up a little early and out for a dentist appointment.  Made a stop at Ace hardware on the way home for some telephone jacks.  Kathy went into J-town to do some grocery shopping.  She went down to Taylorsville on the way home for addition items.  I played radio while I cleaned up my shack.  Helped Kathy in with the groceries and cooked up some Knackwurst for lunch.  Worked on adding some things to the phone lines in the shack.  Around 2:30 went up to Mike and Julie’s for dinner.  Mike and Kathy worked together to make crab cakes.  Had a great dinner then home and usual evening routine.

1/19/21 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy was up early and out to watch grand kids.  I got cleaned up and out to do some grocery shopping and to run some errands.  Picked up McDonald’s for lunch, came home, ate and shared with Bella.  Then started cooking the Jambalaya.  Finished up and my 2 line phone arrive so put it on the HAM desk and everything works.  Played radio till Kathy came home.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

1/20/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Payed bills and did some administrative stuff.  Played radio for a short time.  Lunch then out to the shop to fabricate pins for my son-in-law Mike’s project.  Inside for a nap.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

1/21/21 – Thursday – Up a little early and out for a hair cut.  Home and played radio.  Lunch then worked on my IC-735 and chatted on keyboard for almost 2 hours.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

1/22/21 – Friday – Played radio most of the day.  Bands where good.  Made a lot of phone contacts as well as some new digital modes.  Took Kathy to the new place in Elk Creek for lunch.  Otherwise, nothing exciting today.

1/23/21 – Saturday – Did chores this morning then played radio most of the day.  Bands were good.  Made some phone contacts and did a bunch of digital contacts.  Had Jambalya for lunch and Kathy went out for Chinese for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Had the Sunday afternoon get together at my house last week. Guys came over and we looked at some more digital modes. I suggested that Mike and Gary should do something with their QRZ page as it doesn’t cost anything and shows a little pride in their HAM licenses. That will obviously go nowhere. But, it got Gary out of the house and this week we are back to going to his house. Go figure.

Had a dentist appointment this last Monday. Obviously my dentist is not black. Had the teeth cleaning and everything went well. Don’t need to see him again till July.

Mike and Julie were off on Monday so for some reason my son-in-law wanted to make crab cakes and enlisted the support of Kathy to do it. We left the house around 2:30 and went over. Kathy helped do the cooking and it was a very nice big meal. But we had to come home early as they needed to get Shelby bathed and to bed early to go back to in person school on Tuesday.

Got my two line phone Tuesday and had everything ready for it. Put it all together and now I have it on the HAM bench so I can answer the hot line or the house phone without getting up from the operating position.

Made a batch of Jambalya this week since I bought some Kielbasa at Franks Meat Market when we got the Knackwurst and Sauerkraut for New Year’s Day.

Looks good and tasted good as well. I ate a bunch and put some up to freeze.

Mike needed a device to lock and unlock the slide for his punching bag in the exercise room. The lock device is on the slide that is up near the ceiling and no one in their family can reach it. So he got an extension pole and we are going to weld a couple pins to a pipe to engage the wings on the bolt that does the locking. A little difficult to explain so I’ll just show you a picture when it’s done. Anyway, I made the pins for it and he was suppose to be over this Friday to do it but they didn’t have in person class as all the teachers were getting their COVID-19 vaccine. So Mike had to stay home and watch the kids.

I did a little work on the IC-735. Almost convinced it’s something stupid like a broken wire. I need to reconnect all the cables I had to unplug to get it apart. Then put power on it and start tracing things.

Bands have been relatively good this last week and I spent a lot of time on digital modes chatting with guys keyboard to keyboard. It has been a lot of fun but takes up a lot of time.

OK, here is the political joke for the day.

Yep, I hear he signed 11 executive orders reversing a lot of what President Trump did. This guy is such an asshole. More people out of work now that he cancelled the permit for the XL pipeline. Gas prices are already starting to go up. People are losing their jobs. Yep, great President we have now. Thank a Biden supporter for the lost jobs and higher gas prices. I think his supporters fall into three catagories. The first are those that probably still live with their parents and use their parents car or don’t go anywhere. The second are those that are so stupid they can’t connect the dots here. The third are those so called intellectuals that just can’t stand someone that is business oriented and rationalizes all the bad things away.

Enough for this week. Hope this finds everyone safe and well. Stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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