The Christmas Letter 2021

Compliments of Kathy………………………………….

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Christmas season arrived before I could get in the spirit of the holiday. I realized that I haven’t done any baking, my cards are going to very late, and I didn’t make the fruitcakes by Thanksgiving. I guess the online shopping and the warm weather just didn’t put me in a Christmas mood. I did get the decorations and tree up so it looks like Christmas.

We survived the tornadoes that went thru Kentucky last week. There was a EF1 in Spencer County resulting in damage to a few silos and sheds but no injuries or fatalities. We were without electricity, phone service, and internet for about 7 hours but luckily we have a generator which started a few minutes after the electricity went off. Julie and Mike were also safe without any problems. Thank you to all that called to check on us.

We have all gotten our COVID vaccinations, plus the adults have had their boosters. Masks are required in some areas and other areas suggest that you wear a mask. Julie and Mike are at a higher risk than us due to working at the VA hospital. The children don’t have to wear a mask at school if they are vaccinated but Shelby wears one since not as many younger children are vaccinated.

Dan and I visited a few local sites such as the Patton Museum and Abraham Lincoln birth place. It was nice to get out and go somewhere different than the grocery store and Lowe’s. We also went to the Renaissance Fair with Julie’s family. Dan did well in the archery section and Julie was great at axe throwing. We also attended a sunflower festival. Hopefully we can do some traveling next year. Dan and I visited my brother and sister in law in Cincinnati where we also got to see to my sister and her husband. It had been two years since we were together. Terry’s daughter and her children were there for lunch too. We also visited a miniature train museum after lunch.

Thanks to the generosity of our financial advisor we had the use of two suites in the Jockey Club at Churchill Downs for Kroger Family Day. Family and friends enjoyed the food and drinks while watching the races. We had a lot of fun betting and enjoying the sunny day. We had a tour which also included a trip next to the railing so the kids could give peppermints to some the staff’s horses. I wasn’t great at the betting but I left with the same amount I came with.

We had our deck replaced. It was supposed to take 3 weeks, depending how soon the supplies could be obtained…it wasn’t finished for 3 months. It was worth the wait even though it took so long.

My biggest job this year was dealing with a golden doodle puppy, a gift from Dan for my birthday. I forgot how much work was needed to try to train him. He is now 9 months old and is still not the most cooperative pup. Poor Bella! He pulls at her tail, ears, and legs especially if he is bored and tired of his toys. She puts up with his behavior for just so long until she growls at him. She sometimes teased him when she could get up the stairs or jump on the bed and he couldn’t reach her. Her mobility has greatly improved since running around and playing with him.

Todd came for a visit during the first week of this month. He planned this visit so he would be here for Chloe’s dance performance and Shelby’s birthday. We had a busy week so he didn’t get all the rest he was expecting to get while he was here but we had fun too. It was great to have everyone together. He is still working for the Office of Emergency Management in New York City and appears to like his job.

As I wrote earlier, Julie and Mike both work At the VA hospital, she in palliative care and he is the head of occupational health office. Besides their full time jobs, they have been busy driving the kids to all of their activities. Carter is still in karate, Beta club and 7th grade band. He will start chess club after the holidays. Chloe has ballet twice a week. She was so excited to perform with their dance troop in the “Nutcracker in a Nutshell.” Last year it was cancelled due to the COVID epidemic. She has started pre point classes this fall. She is also in the Art club. Shelby gave up her horseback riding and switched to gymnastics. She expends a lot more of her energy there. She was 10 on the 5th of this month while the twins will be 13 in February. Luckily they have in person school….yeah, no NTI (nontraditional instruction) for Grandma to supervise!!!

Dan is still busy with his HAM RADIO. He has connected with people all over the world. He likes using the keyboard to keyboard over digital mode. He has been working with the folks on maintaining the local UHF HAM repeater. It’s the first HAM repeater in Spencer County so it’s sort of a big thing. He still helps out his friend Gary who has several physical challenges. Dan helps him with anything and everything anytime he needs help.

Other than keeping up with the new puppy, my life has been uneventful. I keep the kids if they are sick or have doctor’s appointments. I also kept them one day/week during the summer. The Bell choir shut down during COVID and I haven’t played for awhile. My garden was not successful this year due to the weather changing from hot to rainy so frequently.

We are so thankful for the good health that we have and the good fortune that our children and grandchildren have. We hope this letter finds everyone healthy, happy, and safe. May you continue to be blessed with good health and happiness in the coming New Year.

Dan and Kathy

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