Week Ending 12/25/21

Merry Christmas…………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

12/19/21 – Sunday – Woke up a little early today with a full blown cold.  Thank you Kathy.  Did the blog and some reading.  Took a lot of medicine.  Otherwise didn’t step out of the house today except to take out the garbage.

12/20/21 – Monday – Up early again today.  Still feeling like crap.  Switched from Zicam to Triaminic.  Seems to be helping more. Didn’t do much this morning.  Wrapped Christmas presents this afternoon.  Usual evening routine.

12/21/21 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy already out to pick up grand children.  They are off school this week.  She brought them over for me to watch while she went for her hair appointment.  She brought lunch back for me.  Spent most of the afternoon in bed.  Feeling a little better but not enough to be out and about.  Usual evening routine.

12/22/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy was already out to watch the grand children.  I felt a little better today.  Spent the day in the shack going through emails and getting things squared off in the computer world.  Up and had lunch.  My new color print cartridge came so I brought it downstairs and printed off a few things I was waiting on it for.  Tried to take a nap but the dogs had other ideas.  Spent some time with them.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

12/23/21 – Thursday – Up at the usual time.  Actually felt much better today.  I could breath through my nose without a bunch of painful sprays.  Did some chores around the house then out to Dairy Queen to pick up lunch.  Home and spent the afternoon in the shack working on Arduino coding.  Kathy went to dinner with the Rice family.  I stayed home.  Usual evening routine.

12/24/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Felt even a little better today.  Called Stanley in Florida and wished him happy birthday and Merry Christmas.  My friend Jim called this evening to wish us Merry Christmas.  Spent the day finishing up the Arduino coding.  Gary might find something he wants changed but I’ll deal with that when it happens.  Kathy went shopping and to church tonight.  Had Chinese takeout for dinner.  She is in her usual Christmas Nazi mode.  I’m not sure what is planned for tomorrow but I’ll let you know tomorrow.

12/25/21 – Saturday – Up at 4AM with Rusty barking at something.  Got back to sleep around 5:30.  Up at 7AM.  Coffee and down to open our presents.  Then out and up to the Rice residence for a formal breakfast.  Back to the house and helped Kathy start getting things ready for the tribe later today.  A little nap and back up to finish the preparations for dinner.  The Rice family and our friends Dee and Christine came for ziti tonight.  Down and exchanged presents.  Up for desert.  Some played cards.  Then helped clean up.

Now the particulars:

It was bound to happen sooner rather than later. Several weeks ago our grand daughter Chloe got sick. We kept her one day and the next day Kathy went up and took her to the pediatrician. She was tested for COVID, strep and something else. Those tests all came back negative. The week after, Kathy came down with a cold. Same kind of symptoms Chloe had. If Chloe hadn’t been sick with the same thing and been tested negative, we would have probably gone to be tested. Anyway, Sunday this week was my turn. Woke up with a head full. Started Zicam which didn’t do shit and Julie had brought over some Triaminic for Kathy so I tried that. It didn’t do shit so I went back to the Coricedine HBP. It usual clears me up and and the HBP stuff doesn’t have all the crap that makes your heart race and causes PVCs. That seemed to work great. My head was clear by Thursday morning but I continued the Coricedine another day. Of course it takes a couple days to work it out of my system so I really didn’t feel top notch till yesterday. So that’s the scoop on that and I’m sticking to it.

The grand kids were off school this past week. Not sure when they go back. Julie took a couple days off work and Kathy and I kept them two days. Mike had off Friday so he kept them. Mike came down with the same thing on Thursday evening.

Christmas day wasn’t too bad. The usual thing about not knowing anything till the last minute. And of course Kathy was in Nazi mood so things had to be done her way. I’m learning to just shut my mouth and go along with the flow. It’s much easier that way. Kathy decided it was too early to get up and go watch the kids open their presents. It’s always a zoo anyway. So we got up around the usual time and opened our presents then cleaned up and went up to the Rice family house to have a big breakfast around 9AM. Finished up with that, came home and started preparing for everyone coming this afternoon for dinner at our house. Kathy made two very large trays of Ziti. I did get a chance for a short nap this afternoon. Didn’t have anything for lunch as we were still full from breakfast. Our friend Dee got here first, then the Rice family and last but not least, Julie’s high school friend Christine that moved here from Alaska. Everyone enjoyed a nice dinner then we retired to the family room to exchange presents. Back upstairs for dessert. Mike departed with Chloe who wasn’t feeling top notched shortly followed by Christine. Dee, Julie and Carter stayed to play cards with Kathy. Shelby went to Kathy’s office and played her phone. I went to the shack and listened to the radios for awhile. Dee took Julie and the kids home and Kathy and I started cleaning up. Then to bed. A very long and tiresome day.

Some interesting things in the way of presents this year. First of all, Kathy is now a true red neck woman. She got ammo for Christmas. And she and I are now Lady and Lord Pressler. Yea, you thought it was tough dealing with me as an arrogant shit head before. Well now we each own a square foot of land in Scotland that makes us Lady and Lord. We even have the proclamations to prove it. The writing is so small however, you would never be able to read it if I posted it here. So, in the future I expect the proper respect be paid when addressing me. I know, that shit will never happen.

Being under the weather for most of the week did have an upside. I managed to finish the Arduino coding on Gary’s new project. I will present him with the results this weekend and see if I have more to do.

Other than that, I got a couple Raspberry Pi computers I wanted and tons of stuff for my Renaissance outfit. A couple new button down shirts I needed. Kathy didn’t give me a list so I just had to scrape the bottom of the barrel. I got her new batteries for her outside lawn things along with a new charger. A new apple peeler and a new fitbit.

Well that’s about all the excitement here for this week. Hope you all had a great Christmas. Hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way. I’ll blog at you again next week.

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