Week Ending 9/17/22

An interesting week………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

8/11/22 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy wasn’t feeling at the top of her game so I went to church alone.  Home and lunch.  Down to do the blog then over to the Morton building to put another coat of polyurethane on my Ipad stand base.  Then over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together.  Home and out with Kathy to Bob Evans for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

8/12/22 – Monday – Up a little early today.  Kathy was already up and out.  She went up to Julie’s to wait for the folks that were coming to put a new washer in the condo that Julie owns.  I got cleaned up and went over to a HAM friends house and picked up a UHF radio from him and dropped off a VHF radio.  Stopped over to Gary’s house to take pictures of the tractor he is trying to sell and talked with him awhile.  Then home and chores around the house.  Kathy brought subs home for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

8/13/22 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Kathy was out again to wait for the repair people.  I got cleaned up and went down to the post office to have them hold our mail while we are gone.  Home and finished my Ipad stand.  Played radio then lunch.  Spent the afternoon getting things organized for our trip.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Then I was out on the motorcycle to a HAM club meeting.  Home and usual evening routine.

8/14/22 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Spent the day packing things for our trip.  Kathy went down this afternoon and got her hair done.  Took her out for a burger at Lynda’s for dinner so she didn’t have to dirty any dishes.  Otherwise, usual evening routine.

8/15/22 – Thursday – Up early, cleaned up and up to a doctor’s appointment at 8:30AM.  Home and loaded the stuff in the truck and off we went.  Departed the house around 10:30AM.  Stopped just before Charleston, WV for lunch at Bob Evans.  Got to the motel near Cumberland, MD a little after 6PM.  Drove 462.9 miles and got 19.1 mpg.  Checked in and went to McDonald’s for a sandwich for dinner.  Then to Loves to pick up some goodies for the room.  Nothing more exciting today.

8/16/22 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and down for breakfast.  Back to the room and got our stuff together.  Got gas and coffee and headed out around 10:30.  Got detoured around some emergency construction then got stopped for 20 minutes for an accident.  Got to Dover, DE around 3:30.  Checked into the room and then over to Judy’s.  Talked awhile then out to Cheddar’s for dinner.  Stopped at Walmart then took Judy home.  Back to the motel and usual evening routine.  Drove a total of 236.6 miles and got 20.3mpg.

8/17/22 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and down for breakfast.  Back to the room and made plans for the day.  Over to pick up Kathy’s friend Judy and over to the museum at Dover AFB.  Spent some time there then drove to a place called Bowers to a nice seafood restaurant for lunch.  Got to look out over the Delaware bay.  Back to Judy’s house and did some chores for her.  Hung some things and put new inner tubes in her tricycle tires.  Sat around chatting and left a little after 6PM.  Stopped for gas and goodies to eat in the room on the way back to the motel.  Drove a total of 57.6 miles and got 16.8 mpg.

Now the specifics:

Got some interesting comments on Kathy’s picture last week. Only one came close. The truth is, Rusty got the tags on his collar caught on the edge of his food bowl. When he put his head up he managed to flip the bowl and throw dog food all over the floor. So, Kathy was trying to pick it up while the dogs were trying to eat it. I really don’t know why she bothered. I guess she was afraid the dogs wouldn’t find all of it and it would draw insects. But thanks to all who played.

Julie owns a condo over in Oldham county. They bought it so they could send the kids over there rather than Jefferson County for school. Even though she lives in Shelby County. Anyway, the tenants changed and the old tenants were not too observant and the new tenants reported the washing machine was broke. So they had someone come in and take a look at it and determined it needed some parts. They were suppose to come Monday but the guy had a family medical emergency. So they came Tuesday to fix it. That’s why Kathy had to go over there Monday and Tuesday this week. They were only going to give her 15 minutes notice and she could not have gotten there from our house in that time. So, she went over and stayed at Mike and Julie’s house till they called.

The rest of the week was spent getting ready for our trip and of course our friend Stan is stopping by this coming week and we told him he was welcome to stay at the house. So, Kathy spent a lot of time cleaning things and making up the bed in the spare room for him.

We departed the house on Thursday morning for our trip and are part way through it as I’m writing this blog entry. I think I’ll save the specifies of the trip for it’s own blog as it will have many pictures.

Only other thing I did was play radio a little while Kathy was busy. Bands were relatively good this week so I made some interesting contacts.

Well, that’s it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Blog at you again next week.

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