Week Ending 9/9/17

A busy week but got a few things finished up………………………………….

As usual, first the chronology:

9/3/17 – Sunday – Up and out early to pick up Gary for church. Home and relaxation reading the paper, having coffee and a buttered bagel. Took a nap till Kathy came home. Then lunch and to my room for more studying. Light dinner and to bed to sleep.

9/4/17 – Monday – Kathy was off to do something with Julie. I stayed home to study. Grand kids came over to go swimming so I took a break from studying. Back to my room and finished up the course. Then dinner, to bed and got oriented to a new calculator.

9/5/17 – Tuesday – Took all the test elements done and wrote down the questions I missed. Now just working through those questions to try and bring my test average up. To bed early, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/6/17 – Wednesday – Up early and out for my hair cut. Then over to the bank in Shelbyville for some spending money for this weekend. Back home and picked up Kathy and took her to Hometown Pizza for the lunch buffet. Back home and studied till time to pick up Gary for dinner at church. Home, some Big Bang and to sleep.

9/7/17 – Thursday – Studied most of the day again. Needed a break by late afternoon so took Kathy to the Cracker Barrel for dinner. Then to Walmart for some shopping. Home, to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/8/17 – Friday – Up early and down to my room to do my final study for my exam. Finished up around noon and had a light lunch. Headed out on the motorcycle and rode a little over 80 mile. Kathy went to the church to help with the fish fry so I took the motorcycle down to Taylorsville and had dinner at Dairy Queen. Then home, to bed and some computer work and sleep.

9/9/17 – Saturday – Didn’t sleep well last night. Up at 5AM. Made coffee and showered. Got my stuff together and headed over to Gary’s. Loretta got up and made us breakfast. Left Gary’s around 7:30 and headed to the Hamfest in Shepardsville. I checked in and went directly to the testing room. Took and passed my exam. Missed 6 questions so I got an 88%. I needed 74% to pass. Wish I had done better but I passed. Dropped Gary and Mike off at Gary’s and headed home. Had a light lunch then back to bed. Napped most of the afternoon. Got up and made myself dinner. Kathy was out with Julie. Went to my room to clean up a little. Then to bed, some computer work, some Big Bang and sleep.


Now the particulars:

The studying I did must have been the right thing to do.  I went to the Hamfest yesterday and took the test first thing.  I passed with an 88%.  I would have liked to done better but 74% was passing so I nice margin.  Anyway, sometime tomorrow the FCC database will get updated and I’ll officially be an Extra class HAM radio operator.  That’s the highest class amateur license you can get.  I’ll put that beside my old First Class Commercial license I got many years ago with radar endorsement.  Just something else to add to my collection of certifications.  But thanks to my friend Gary for giving me the necessary motivation to do it.

Got a care package from a good friend of mine back in New York.  Some goodies to go with the motorcycle.  Just wanted to mention here how much I appreciate the package.

I’ve been trying to go to church more often and I’m really trying to understand more.  But I just don’t understand why we are subjected to all this bad weather.  What did all these people in Texas and Florida do to deserve all this?  Nothing, nothing at all.  I know a lot of people in both states and they are very, very, very good people.  Why must they suffer all this destruction?  I really can’t come up with an answer and I’ve yet to find anyone else that has the answer.  All I can do is to ask anyone and everyone to keep the less fortunate in your thoughts and prayers.  Please give as you can to a cause that will help these people recover.  I realize most have insurance but there are others that don’t.  Just be careful who you give to.  Check the specifics on how much of your dollar actually reaches the victims.  Don’t be swayed by public media or the social networking.  Research it for yourself.  Enough said.

Well, I’ve been a little busy with the test this week so haven’t had time to get back to Megexcel.  I will work on that as well as many other things this week.  I’ll keep you posted.

In closing, don’t forget that Monday will be the anniversary of 9/11.  Please keep all those people still suffering from either direct exposure to the incidents or from losing family and/or friends.

Enough for this week.  Hope everyone had a good week and an I wish you a better week to come.

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