Week Ending 9/16/17

Another busy week……………………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

9/10/17 – Sunday – Up early and took Gary to church. Back home and had more coffee, another bagel and read the paper. Then to my room for some conputer work. Kathy came home and we had lunch. She headed off to help Julie defrost her freezer. I stopped doing computer work and went over to Gary’s for the Sunday afternoon get together. Came home and got a call from Julie that they were having dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Middletown so I headed up there. Came home afterward and put my counter together that I bought yesterday. Played radio then to bed.

9/11/17 – Monday – Very tired today. Did some chores around the house this morning. Kathy took off to help Julie with some things. I had a light lunch then to bed for a nap. Up and made myself dinner. Kathy came home. Went to bed and did some computer work then to sleep.

9/12/17 – Tuesday – Up early and got ready to go to the shooting range. Kathy wanted to practice before her class on Thursday. Then to the GFS to pick up supplies for Dare to Care this week as Kathy is in charge. Then up to the bank to deposit money for her woman’s group. To CVS then stopped at Wild Eggs for lunch. Home and helped Kathy put a shelving unit in her car to take to Julies. She took off for that. I took a nap, then downloaded my updated license for framing. Cleaned my gun. Kathy came home and we had dinner. Then to my room to play with radios and do some computer work.

9/13/17 – Wednesday – Up late. Spent most of the day in my room doing some research and updates. Then cleaned up, over to pick up Gary and to church for dinner. Home, to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/14/17 – Thursday – Up early. Kathy was off to take her Concealed Carry course. Did some computer work then to the Morton building to work on the leaf blower I inherited. Hitched the trailer to the truck and got that ready for tomorrow. Back inside and made some soup. Had some for lunch. Cleaned things up. Then to my room and played radio. Kathy got home and we went to the Mexican place for dinner. Desert at Dairy Queen. Then to bed, some computer updates, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/15/17 – Friday – Up early and out to help Mike. He needed to take a ramp over to his mother’s house and set it up so it’s easier for her to get outside. Stopped at CVS for medication on the way back. Got home around lunch time. Had lunch. Some chores around the house then a nap as I didn’t sleep well last night. Up and had dinner. Then some computer work. To bed, some reading, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/16/17 – Saturday – Up and some chores around the house. Weather is suppose to be good so we spent the day outside mowing the lawn. Took a break for a light lunch. Finished up and came inside to rest awhile. Cleaned up and had dinner. Then to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

And now the specifics:

Kathy took her concealed carry class this week and of course she passed with flying colors.  She was even paired up with another woman so Kathy could help the other woman along.  It was a long day for her but I took her out for dinner to give her a break.  We processed the permit application online so everything is done.  Just a matter of waiting now till the back ground check is done.  Then we should get a notice that her permit is ready for pickup at the sheriff’s office.  I’ve been waiting a long time for her to do this.  Well, a couple years anyway.  I bought her the revolver several years ago as she was having trouble working the action on my semi-automatic.  But all is good now.

The FCC Universal Licensing System was updated by Tuesday with my upgrade.  QRZ, the other major licensing record, was updated Wednesday.  I can hardly believe I now hold the highest class HAM license available.  Three weeks of hard studying.  But it’s all done.  Haven’t had the opportunity to use my new privileges yet.  But I have time.  They don’t mail a fancy copy of things anymore, you must download it from the FCC website and print it out.  I did that and put it in the frame my old license was in.  I’m thinking of buying a prettier version that costs $20 plus shipping.  It’s not official, just a nicer version of the downloadable version.  Only have to renew it every 10 years so I don’t think I’d pay the $20 for long.

The new hosting for this blog has some statistical information that indicates my blog is getting viewed.  But I haven’t seen any comments yet.  I hope it’s working OK.  If anyone is making comments and they are not showing up please let me know.  Or if someone would be kind enough to leave me a comment I would appreciate it.

I just can’t understand all the insanity going on in this world.  The people protesting the police for doing their jobs.  Walking in front of an advancing police line then complain about being pepper sprayed without warning.  The news media sensationalizing the storm damage.  Hillary blaming everyone else for her failed presidential attempt.  It’s all just overwhelming to me.  If anyone has any answers for these questions, please post them in a comment to I can publish them.  I’m sure others are asking the same questions.

OK, that’s enough for this week.  Hope everyone had a good week last week and a better week to come.  Blog at you again next week.

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