Week Ending 9/30/17

Wow, the end of another month………………………………………………………

As usual, first the chronology:

9/24/17 – Sunday – Up and out early to pick up Gary for church. Came home and had another coffee and bagel while I read the paper. Down to my room for continued cleanup efforts and do computer work. Kathy made a German Chocolate cake for our get together this afternoon. Then she went off with Julie to help at Mike’s dad’s house. Went over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Came home and Kathy, Julie and the grand kids came back. Kathy and Julie took the kids swimming. I finished my blog. Then Kathy and I went to Shelbyville for dinner at the Mexican restaurant over there. Stopped at the bank and got gas in the truck. Back home, to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/25/17 – Monday – Got up late. Did some chores around the house then called the insurance company towing service. They said they would tow the Chrysler but the garage was a couple mile outside the limit so I had to pay $18.60 extra. Still a cheap deal. Went over to the church and emptied the car. Waited for the tow truck then went out to the service center and waited for the tow truck arrival. Finally got the car to the service center by 2PM and headed home. Took a nap then had some dinner. Finished some chores around the house. To bed, some Big Bang, computer work and sleep.

9/26/17 – Tuesday – Up and to my room for some computer work. Kathy went to get her hair done. Got a call from the shop that my car was done. Front struts replaced. Called Kathy and she came to pick me up after she had her hair done. Stopped at the Chinese place in Taylorsville for lunch. Then to the post office then to the shop to pick up my car. Took it home and cleaned it out inside. Put the radios back in it and organized other stuff. Went back to the house and did some chores. Left around 6PM and went over and picked up Gary. Then to the airport to pick up his wife and sister-in-law. Took everyone home and stopped at McDonald’s for a sandwich. Home and ate. Bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/27/17 – Wednesday – Up early and down to my room. Did some computer work, paid bills, Etc. Made the retirees net at 10AM. Then out to the Morton building. Cleaned up the work bench. Pulled the truck out and gave it a very detailed cleaning. Pulled it back in and got the motorcycle out and cleaned it. In the house and got cleaned up. Over to pick up Gary and Loretta and to church for dinner at Dare to Care. Dropped off Gary and Loretta and home. Snacks, to bed, some computer work and Big Bang. Then sleep.

9/28/17 – Thursday – Up and chores around the house. Then cleaned up and out on the motorcycle to the dealership. Picked up a couple running light bulbs and a USB port to mount on the bike. I’m not having much luck keeping the Tomtom and other devices powered up with the cigarette lighter arrangement I have now. This should fix that. Then rode down 65 to Shepardsville and had lunch at Big Boy. Then across 44 to the Dixie Highway. Headed north and made a quick stop to say hello to a friend of mine. Then up to the Gene Snyder, around to Shelbyville Road. Took Shelbyville road over to Shelbyville then back 55 toward home. Stopped to fill up gas in Elk Creek. Then home. Got some stuff packed for next week. Then to my room for computer work and to play radio. Kathy went to Bell Choir practice and picked up food on the way home at Subway. Ate, played radio a little more then to bed.

9/29/17 – Friday – Up and out to the Morton Building. Tried to figure out how to change the running lights on the front of the motorcycle with no success. Rewired the power plug for the Tomtom. Inside and had lunch. Then to my room for computer work and play radio. Kathy went shopping. She came home and I got cleaned up and went out to Moby Dick’s for dinner and to Dairy Queen for desert. Home, to bed, more computer work, some Big Bang and sleep.

9/30/17 – Saturday – Slept in today. Got up and did some chores around the house. Then got cleaned up and headed into J-town for Gary’s 80th birthday party. Nice gathering of people. Had a chance to visit with some folks I haven’t seen in awhile and met a few new people. Left there and went looking for a place to put Bellla next week while we are gone. Then back to the house to check the mail then out to the Olive Garden for a late lunch/early dinner. Home and did some things around the house. Had a late snack for dinner then to bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Gary’s wife Loretta and her sister went back to Kansas to visit friends and attend a reunion.  They came back Tuesday evening so Gary and I went to the airport to pick them up.  Took Loretta’s sister to her apartment then dropped off Gary and Loretta at their place.

Gary’s 80th birthday was Saturday.  The family had a get together in the social room at the church.  Kathy and I went.  Met some people we rarely see and met some new people.  A very enjoyable time.  Gary was upset that he didn’t get the traditional paper copy of a license with his new call sign but the FCC stopped sending them a couple years ago.  But I found a guy that made plaques that looked like the old license issued by the FCC with the current information.  Gave that to Gary yesterday.  I think he liked it.

The weather has been fantastic here this month.  It’s cooling off and it’s been crystal clear.  So, I’ve been trying to get out on the motorcycle as much as possible.  Unfortunately it seems like there’s always something else to do when I want to ride.  But I was able to get out three times this month for some great rides.  Put more than 300 miles on the bike.  Got bulbs for the front running lights but for the life of me I can’t find an easy way to get to them to replace them.  I think I need to completely remove the headlight assembly to get to them.  That is a long process so I’ll wait till the weather changes and I’m sure I won’t be riding for a couple weeks.  I did get the power situation corrected going to the Tomtom.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a place to plug in my cell phone to charge it now.  Can only do one thing at a time.  Another challenge to be worked on later.

Two weeks ago I hit a recessed drain in the road with my left front wheel on the Chrysler.  I was going to the church for dinner on Wednesday evening.  I heard a pop and it started to grind but I was only about 100 yards to the church parking lot so I drove it there.  I let it there till this past week as I wasn’t ready to deal with it.  Monday I called our insurance company that provide towing.  They towed it but the service center in Taylorsville was beyond the mileage limit.  So it cost me $18.60 extra.  And that was the total cost of getting it from the church parking lot the 18+ miles to the service center I use.  I didn’t think that was a bad deal.  I took all the stuff out of it in case I decided not to fix it.  They put it on the lift for me and it appeared that only the strut was broken.  So I had them replace both front struts and I got it back Tuesday.  That was good.

So, we are planning to go down to Gatlinburg, TN next week for a break.  And of course everything happens at the same time.  Last weekend Kathy noticed a $50 debit on her card from Florida.  Well, being we were not in Florida, she assumed her card was compromised.  So she had the card cancelled and filed a dispute with the bank.  Turns out the charge was for a transaction she made with the Kentucky State Government.  I guess they use some billing company in Florida.  So she had to call the bank’s dispute resolution center and tell them the story and that it was a legitimate charge.  But she couldn’t get her old card turned back on.  So now she is worried because we are going to travel and she has no card as of Friday.  Then Saturday morning the place we had reservations to take care of Bella (our dog) called and said they had some kind of outbreak in the kennel and they were closing for 30 days to clean everything and they were cancelling all reservations.  Well now Kathy is really upset.  I was planning on getting out on the motorcycle Saturday after the birthday party but instead went looking for another place to keep Bella.  Found a place then headed home in hopes that her replacement debit card would be in the mail and it was.  So now she is calmed down and we are both looking forward to our trip next week.

Well that seems to be more than enough for this week.  Hope everyone had a good week last week and a better week to come.  Blog at you next week.

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