Week Ending 10/28/17

Wow, it is finally fall…………………………

As always, first the chronology:

10/22/17 – Sunday – Didn’t sleep well last night. Was awake bright eyed and bushy tailed about 4:30AM. Finally got up at 5. Got ready and was off to pick up Gary for church. Back home and had another bite to eat. Kathy came home and we started work on the pool. Finished up and had lunch. Gathered some things together and headed over to Gary’s to help put up a new 2 meter antenna. Home and showered then over to the Chinese Buffet with Kathy, Mike, Julie and the grand children. Home, put out the garbage, to bed and did the blog.

10/23/17 – Monday – Crappy weather today so stayed inside all day. Continued work on my room getting things cleaned up and organized. Kathy had a doctor’s appointment this morning then did some shopping. We worked on a few things this afternoon then Kathy went to her woman’s group at church. I stayed home and played radio. Then to bed some TV and to sleep.

10/24/17 – Tuesday – Did some more things on the pool getting it ready to closed. Took the pump and filter over to the Morton building and cleaned them up. Worked outside for most of the morning. Came in and had lunch then a nap. Up and did chores around the house. Then to my room to play radio and do some computer work.

10/25/17 – Wednesday – Up and out early for my hair cut. Back home and checked on things over at the barn. Found a beat up red pickup parked in the barn. Went home and had lunch. Went to my room to continue cleanup efforts and got a call from Julie. Had problems with the baby sitter so I had to go to the school and pick up the kids. I watched them till a little after 4PM when Mike came home. Then over to pick up Gary and went to City BBQ for dinner. Took Gary home and returned home. Played radio and to bed.

10/26/17 – Thursday – Up and over to the school to pick up Carter. Took him into Louisville for a doctor’s appointment. Dropped him back at school and went to Applebee’s for lunch. Then home. Got to the point where it’s time to clean the floor. Kathy asked me to do the kitchenette and bathroom while I was moping. Had a snack for dinner then to my room to play radio. Made net with Mike and Gary. Then the FM and SSB net with the ARTS club group.

10/27/17 – Friday – Up and out to finish putting the cover on the pool. All is complete with winterizing the pool. Spent time making some phone calls about the pickup at the barn. Situation resolved. Kathy went to shower and I made lunch. She went shopping, I took a nap then to my room to play radio. Kathy came home and we put groceries away. Got cleaned up and out for Chinese for dinner. Home and some chores around the house. To bed, some computer work, some Big Bang and sleep.

10/28/17 – Saturday – Kathy wasn’t feeling well today. She started laundry and went back to bed. Appears to be some intestinal bug. Anyway, I decided to stay around the house and watch her so I put the finishing touches on my room and did some other computer work. Getting documentation updated, etc. Made lunch and dinner for myself as Kathy didn’t feel much like eating or fixing anything. Cleaned up after dinner, went to bed, did some computer work, watched some Big Bang and to sleep.

Now the particulars:

I’ve been watching the number of visitors on my website and blog.  Last hit I had on the blog was 10/15 and it was before that on the website.  Makes me wonder if I should keep doing it.  Or perhaps I should change subject matter.  I’ve purposely not done any rants as I was told that wasn’t appreciated.  But I got more visitors when I did the rants.  I’m not sure.  Anyone with any ideas or comments would be appreciated.  And please, be brutally honest.

Did a lot of radio this week.  Weather was crappy outside and I didn’t have anything else to do.  Chatted with a lot of nice people.  Just be aware, I don’t log all my contacts.  Just the meaningful ones.  Either they are interesting countries or a state I need for my Worked All States (WAS) award.

I think we are done winterizing things here.  It finally feels like fall outside.  Temps are down in the 30s and 40s.  Mowed the lawn the last time this year and got the pool completely done.  Need to drop the mower deck on the lawn tractor and put the plow blade on in case of snow.  Also have a slow leak in the right front tire I need to look at.  And, haven’t gotten the deer feeder out yet.

OK, it’s a short one this week.  Have a good one and I’ll blog at you next week.

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