Week Ending 10/21/17

A very busy week, this might be a long one………………………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

10/15/17 – Sunday – Up early to get Gary for church. My ass is dragging. Got home from church and went back to bed. Got up around 1PM, had a little lunch and got ready and went over to Gary’s for the get together. Came home and took Kathy to the Mexican restaurant in Taylorsville for dinner. Home and did some chores and to bed.

10/16/17 – Monday – Up and was planning to do the yard today but Kathy apparently got the ailment Julie and Carter had. So, I went to my room and did some computer work. Came upstairs and made myself some dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen and laid down for a nap. Up and had dinner. Did some chores around the house then to bed. Watched some TV and did some computer work then to sleep.

10/17/17 – Tuesday – Up and out to start mowing. Kathy is feeling better today but not 100%. So I let her mow with the lawn tractor most of the time. I did the work with the push mower and trimmer. Hopefully this is the last time mowing this year. We finished up rather early so I went next door with the tractor and mowed our property over there and did my neighbor’s yard. His mower won’t start. He has a guy coming to look at it this week. If he doesn’t get it going I told him I’d bring it over here and work on it. Then inside and cleaned up. Had dinner. To my room for some radio play. Then to bed, watched some Big Bang and did some computer work then to bed.

10/18/17 – Wednesday – Up and did some chores around the house. Had a light lunch. Then headed up to Middletown to the bank and the drug store. Had an issue with Kathy’s medication so I went to the doctor’s office to clear things up. Then home. Kathy was already gone to cook at Dare to Care. Took a 1/2 hour nap. Then out to the Morton Building for a couple things. Then over and picked up Gary for dinner. Went to Frich’s Big Boy. Dropped off Gary and came home. Met the guys that are taking the barn down across the road. Too expensive for us so I’ll tell them not to do it in the morning. Then to bed, some TV and computer work and then sleep.

10/19/17 – Thursday – Up and some chores around the house. Then got my gear on to ride. Stopped across the street to talk to folks and let them know Kathy decided not to take down the barn. Then headed for Mammoth Cave National Park. Stopped along the way about 11:30 and had a light lunch at McDonald’s. Then down to the National Park. Got a National Park Passport and some other literature. Then headed home. Stopped when I got off I65 to take the liner out of my jacket as it was getting a little warm and to have a bottle of water. Stopped again just before I got home to gas up. Got home around 3PM. Chatted with Kathy and did got my gear put away. Had dinner. Then to my room for some computer work and play radio till the net at 8:30PM. Then to bed, some TV and sleep.

10/20/17 – Friday – Spent most of the day cleaning up and organizing my room. Took a break to go out to the Morton building and cut some 2″ angle iron for Gary to make antenna brackets with. Went to Dairy Queen after dinner for desert then some grocery shopping.

10/21/17 – Saturday – Spent the day working around the house. Still cleaning up in my room and worked on closing the pool. Went over to Walmart for some crates to use for my magazines. Had dinner at Wendy’s while out. Then back to J-town for some groceries. Home and bed.

Now the particulars:

Julie and Carter both had some viral thing week before last.  Since Kathy watched them three days that week she of course came down with it on Monday.  So, I just stayed in the house and did chores and watched her.  Apparently it was over in 12 hours and she started improving.

Our original plan was to have the barn on our new property torn down.  But it’s been there causing no problems since we bought the property earlier in the year.  And we found out this week it would be another $1,000 to have it demolished so we decided to not do it and just clean up around it a little.  We will post some “No Trespassing” signs and that should cover us legally.

We mowed on Tuesday and I’m hoping it will be the last time this year.  I’ll wait till I hear there might be snow and I’ll take the mower deck off and put the plow on the tractor.  Then as time allows I’ll do my annual maintenance on the mower deck so it will be ready for next season.

We also spent a lot of time this week closing the pool.  Got all the furniture and toys off the pool deck and in the garage.  Put the chemicals in the pool and dismantled the pump and filter.  Took them to the Morton building and cleaned them up.  Still have the crap spread all over the floor so I can’t do anything else over there for now.  But things will be organized and put away this coming week.

The weather has been very favorable for motorcycle riding so Thursday I took a ride down route 65 to the Mammoth Cave National Park.  I got a National Park Passport book and got it stamped.  The idea is to get a stamp from every National Park you can.  We have one more in Kentucky and a couple near us in Ohio and Indian.  I’ll use those as excuse to ride the motorcycle.

In the house I finally got the last of the things unpacked from our move.  I’ve had my magazines still tied up in bundles so I’ve gotten them together and filed in chronological order and put in crates that I’ve stacked.  Need to get more crates for my motorcycle magazines.

I took my clock project to the HAM club meeting last Friday.  They really liked it.  I didn’t realize it was such a big thing.  You can check out the minutes of the meeting at W4CN Meeting Minutes and look down for the program section.  And they want to put the plans online so some people in the club can build it.

OK, that’s more than enough for this week.  Hope all had a good week last week and with a better week next week.  Blog at you again next week.


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