Week Ending 11/12/17

Got a lot done this week……………………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

11/5/17 – Sunday – Up early and over to pick up Gary for church.  It really got under my skin this morning.  Apparently the same problem.  It’s all about the theatrics and not the congregants.  Made the mistake of expressing my feelings to the wife.  Haven’t figured out it I’m not allowed an opinion or just not allowed to express it.  Note to self: Keep mouth shut. Came home and married off kerosene cans and put in truck.    Kathy came home and we went to CVS to pick up medication then to Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Got kerosene cans filled and drove by Dairy Queen but it was too busy to stop for desert.  Home and did computer work including blog.  Went over to Gary’s for afternoon get together.  Home and out to Morton building to drill holes for top rack.  They were wrong.  Let that sit for now and back to house to finish system upgrade on Megexcel.  Screwed things up as usual.  Will fix that when I have patience.  Up stairs to watch Pitch Perfect, do some computer work and go to sleep. Fixed server problem.

11/6/17 – Monday – Up and down to my room to plan my appointment with Dr. Gum.  Then researched the maintenance plan on the truck and set up an appointment to get it serviced.  Had lunch, got cleaned up and out to Lowes.  Then to the Morton building to work on the new motorcycle top case.  Back in the house and some computer work.  Dinner, some radio and to bed.  More computer work and some math work.  Some Big Bang, In the Heat of the Night and sleep.

11/7/17 – Tuesday – Up and chores around the house.  Cleaned up.  Wife and I went to Shelbyville to shop at Lowes and Rural King.  Had lunch at Wendy’s.  Home and took a nap.  Up for supper and to my room for radio.  Bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

11/8/17 – Wednesday – Up early and out to get my hair cut.  Kathy is baby sitting the youngest grand child because she was running a fever.  I got home and needed to go back down to Taylorsville and pick up some things at Country Mart.  Had lunch then some work in my room.  Had to take Shelby home at 2:30PM as Kathy had to go cook.  Came back and picked up Gary and off to the church for dinner.  Dropped Gary off and headed home.  To bed, some Big Bang and sleep.

11/9/17 – Thursday – Up and out early.  Had an appointment at the car dealership to have the truck get it’s 2 year maintenance.  While there I got a replacement key to replace the one “I lost”.  Also went to the parts department and got a front license plate bracket.  Home and took my wife to the Olive Garden for lunch.  Stopped on the way at Kohl’s for her to return some things.  Home and took a nap.  Called the dentist when I got up as I have a tooth bothering me.  They were gone for the day so I left a message.  Hopefully I can get in sometime tomorrow.  Then to Lowes for a rat tail file and good pop rivet gun.  Came home and put the license plate holder on the truck with my call sign plate.  In the house and made myself dinner.  Kathy was going to church to play with the music nazi.  I went to my room and played radio.  To bed some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

11/10/17 – Friday – Got a call first thing this morning that the dentist could work me in.  Got cleaned up and out for that.  Worked on getting things ready for the QSO radio contest tomorrow.  Got my software setup and all is ready.  Then cleaned up and headed to the church to help setup for the fish fry. Had dinner there then Gary and I went to the ARTS club ham meeting.  Then home.

11/11/17 – Saturday – Up early and got things done in preparation for the contest.  Got on the radio and no activity.  Gary came over to play awhile.  He left around 10AM.  About 10:30AM things picked up.  I developed a problem with the microphone base.  Fixed that.  Got some pile ups then noise up to S9.  Fought that to no avail the rest of the day.  Kathy went to Julie and Mike’s to watch the grand children tonight while Julie and Mike went out for Mike’s birthday dinner.  I made myself dinner then to bed.  Some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

I have really been trying this church thing.  Have met a lot of nice people.  But the church itself is beyond my understanding.  To me, the whole thing appears to be nothing more than theatrics supporting a social system.  I’m not sure any of them understand the terms sanctuary or reverence.  I expressed my confusion to my wife and she told me I just complain about everything.  So, I’m either not allowed to have an opinion or I’m not allowed to express it.  Not sure.  Either way: Note to self, keep mouth shut.

Ubuntu 17.10 is now out and in production.  So, I upgraded Megexcel.  She did not respond kindly.  As is usually the case, not everything is forward compatible.  But, I’ve found if you don’t keep up to date they eventually stop supporting the older versions.  So I try not to get caught in that issue.  So I upgrade when it’s available.  This time it was rather easy to fix things.  I googled the problem and got the answer.  This was a good thing.

I have been noticing some symptoms that I had when I was recovering from my motorcycle accident.  They were related to the back problem I aggravated when I had the accident.  So, I made an appointment with the back doctor to see if I need to get shots in my spine again, go for more physical therapy or if it’s time for surgery.  I’ll have more on this after the beginning of December.  Otherwise I’m falling apart physically.  Also having problems with my right knee which I’m sure will need replacement soon.  Got a cavity that I had taken care of this week.  The dentist told me I should expect more problems in the future as my teeth are starting to look worse.  OK, just so I’m in shape the end of May.

Got all excited about the radio contest this week.  It was the Kentucky QSO contest.  I downloaded the software to do logging and printed off a copy of the rules so I was ready to rock and roll.  At first there was no activity.  Then things picked up and about the time they did a guy told me my audio was breaking up.  Did some quick trouble shooting and found it was in the base of my microphone.  Took that apart and sure enough, there was the hot lead from the microphone soldered to another lead and just hanging loose with no insulation.  I fixed that and put things back together.  Noise level was up to S9 now so I couldn’t hear the weak stations.  So, I gave up.  Need to do some trouble shooting to find the source of all the noise.  Might need to move the shack out to the Morton building after all.

Blog is getting much more traffic now.  Although most of it is coming from other bloggers on the WordPress site.  Oh well.

That’s enough for this week.  Have a good week all and blog at you again next week.


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