The annual Christmas Letter

Every year the wife composes a letter summarizing our year to send with the Christmas cards.  This year she even sent pictures.  So I will take this opportunity to plagiarize her work and dress it up a little.


Now that the weather has finally dropped to seasonal temperatures, we are getting in to the holiday spirit.  I am ready to start decorating and baking Christmas cookies.

We have been blessed this year with good health, made new friends, and enjoyed the company of family and old friends.

In late February we traveled to New York to visit with Todd and have an early birthday celebration with him. We toured West Point, dined at a few of his favorite restaurants, and stopped into a local bakery….you just can’t beat New York bagels or cannoli.  We also made a trip to Carmel to share a meal and visit with some of our old friends and neighbors.

Kathy, Todd and me at the Eveready Diner.

Todd is still working as a paramedic for FDNY/EMS.  He was recently promoted to Lieutenant.  We are so proud of his work.  He is still a member of the NY Army Guard.

Todd in his FDNY dress uniform when he was sworn in as Lieutenant.

Julie, Mike, and their family are all doing well.  Julie and Mike are now both working at the same V A facility although not in the same department.  Their work hours are slightly different so Julie can get the kids off to school, but usually get to have lunch together.  Carter and Chloe are now in third grade.  They made their first Communion in April which was a big day for them.  Carter is active in Boys Scouts and very interested in playing chess.  He has competed for his school both as an individual player and on a team.  Chloe is interested in drama class and participated in the school play again this year.  She is also into arts and crafts.  Shelby is in kindergarten this year.  She keeps both the teachers and us busy trying to keep up with her.  She is game to try any and all things.  She loves music and to sing (she has the most rhythm of the three).

The twins, Carter and Chloe at first communion.

Dan is furthering his interest in HAM radios.  He keeps adding to his radio room downstairs, hoping to improve his ability to contact more countries around the world.  Thru his connections, he was able to have the grandkids “talk with Santa at the North Pole.”  They were quite impressed.

Dan was invited to ride with friends at Rolling Thunder in Washington, DC this year.  He trailered his bike to PA, joined a few others, then rode to a campsite in Lorton, VA.  However, the weather was very unpleasant so they had a very damp camp stay and a wet ride while participating in the Rolling Thunder ride.  He was very impressed with the activities and is already planning for next year.

Waiting for the ride to begin in the Pentagon parking lot.

Kathy is busy with activities at her church – handbell choir, cooking weekly for “Dare to Care” meals, and helping with the monthly church-wide dinners.  Of course she is always on call to babysit the grandkids for sick days, snow days, school activities, or any time they need her.  Or just to spend time with them!

We took a few trips this year.  In August we went camping with friends to Lorton, VA.  We had a chance to visit the new monuments, the Marine Museum, and just visit with old friends.

Camping the tough life in Lorton, VA.

In October we went to Gatlinburg, TN.  We traveled in the Smokey Mountains and visited some Indians villages in NC.  Unfortunately we were too early to see the leaves changing but the view of all the mountains were breathtaking.  It is hard to imagine what the early settlers experienced as they blazed the trails thru the area.

The Gatlinburg Inn where we stayed.
IMG_3266 (2)
Kathy and me standing on the state line between Tennessee and North Carolina in the Smokey Mountains.

We enjoyed a dinner cruise up the Ohio River on the “Belle of Louisville” with grandkids and friends, but sadly Mike and Julie couldn’t come with us due to his father’s illness.

The Grand Kids anxiously waiting to ride the Belle of Louisville.
Having a fine dinner aboard the Belle of Louisville with our friend Dee and the Grand Children.

We want to invite you to visit with us if you happen to be in our area.  Our home is always open to our friends and family.

May you have a safe and blessed holiday season!


Dan and Kathy

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