Week Ending 12/23/17

Tis the week before Christmas……………………………………………………………

As always first the chronology:

12/17/17 – Sunday – No church today. They are having some special theatrical thing today at church so the early service was relegated to the Chapel. Not sure what that was. Anyway, Kathy was not in shape to go so it all worked out well. Did chores around the house then to my room for the blog and computer updates. Upstairs and Kathy wanted to go out for lunch. So we went to Dairy Queen for a sandwich. Home and spent the afternoon getting the cookies made she wanted. Did the laundry at the same time. Finished up and Kathy was exhausted. She went downstairs and relaxed a little and watched a football game. I fixed my dinner. Back to my room to close up. Then to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/18/17 – Monday – Up and out to PT. Home and picked up Kathy. Went to the UPS store to ship Christmas presents. Stopped at the bank then down Shelbyville road to Shelbyville. Stopped for a quick lunch at Wendy’s. A quick stop at Lowes for some chair leg protectors. Julie called and baby sitter is not going to be there today again. So home and Kathy went up to Mike and Julie’s to watch the kids till Mike gets home. I fixed the dinning room chairs then to my room to fix the audio on my laptop again. Think I got it this time. Kathy came home and we had dinner. To my room for radio play, then to bed, computer work, watching Pitch Perfect 2 and sleep.

12/19/17 – Tuesday – Up and did my exercises. Kathy is going shopping so I got cleaned up and down to my room. Got a dual voltage power supply kit awhile ago so I put that together. Took most of the day. Did some on the air stuff. Kathy came home from shopping so I helped her put things away then had lunch. Finished up the power supply. Then up for a nap. Did exercises again when I woke up. Then helped Kathy make some sandwiches that we freeze then heat up in the oven. Then dinner. Back to my room to chat with guys at 6:30 PM. Did some mailing for QSL cards and copied contacts to other QSL sites. Then to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

12/20/17 – Wednesday – Up, breakfast and out for a hair cut. Ran some errands and home. Lunch, then off for PT. Home, checked emails and out to pick up Gary for dinner at the church. Home, desert, bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/21/17 – Thursday – Up, breakfast, cleaned up and chores around the house. On the road around 11:30. Headed into Louisville to get the first of three shots in my back. Done around 2 PM and headed out of town. Stopped at an I-Hop for a very late lunch. Then home and took a nap. A light bite to eat for dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on the radio. Then up to bed. A snack, some computer work. Big Bang and sleep.

12/22/17 – Friday – Up and out to help my son-in-law with some electrical work. Finished up a little before lunch. Called Kathy and met her at Red Robin. She continued shopping, Mike and the kids went home and I came home. Spent some time with the dog then took a nap. Up and had dinner. Then to my room for some research. Radio bands are bad tonight. Then bed, some computer work, watched the news and Big Bang then sleep.

12/23/17 – Saturday – Heard Kathy turn off alarm early. Then the dog was barking so I got up to see what was going on and Julie was here to wrap presents for the grand kids. So, I had breakfast, got cleaned up and did exercises. Did chores around the house then had lunch. Down to my room and played radio and did research for my buddy to remote his radio. Had dinner then a little more radio play. Back upstairs and helped Kathy do cookies. Then to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Got the first of three shots in my back this week.  Felt like a new person when I left.  I took it easy like I was suppose.  Then Friday I went over to Mike’s and helped him with some electrical work.  I guess since I was feeling so good I over did it.  Saturday I was a hurting pup.  So I took it easy on the exercises and I feel much better today.

If you read last weeks blog you know that Kathy was sick.  Ended up taking her to the ER with signs that could have been a stroke but that was all ruled out and the final diagnosis was probably vertigo.  She was extremely tired at the beginning of the week so I spent most of my time helping her do whatever she needed.  We got packages and cards mailed and finished up all the cookies she had planned to make.  So that’s all good.

Of course now I feel like my head is congested.  No sneezing and such, just feel like my ears are clogged and have that light headed dizzy stuff going on.  So, I guess I’ll get the prescription filled that the doctor gave me just in case.  Kathy said she would also pick up a decongestant for me.  We’ll see how all that turns out in next week’s blog.

Two weeks no church.  I don’t understand it to be honest.  But then I’m not the brightest bulb on the block when it comes to this stuff.  I just want to go to church on Sunday morning at 8:30 when there are less people and sit quietly and meditate.  Not going to happen here.  Beside all the theatrical crap that goes on, the minister and the music Nazi having the loud conversations in the sanctuary yelling back to the audio guy and all the self perceived important people having their conversations with other people who probably don’t want to hear it either.  Anyway, it’s still the quieter of the two services.  But, on Christmas we relegate the early morning people to a “Chapel” and on the Sunday before Christmas they eliminate the early service all together.  I guess the idea is they want more people to see their theatrical performance since they mandated that everyone work so hard on it.  Basically I think it’s all a crock.

I once read a little of Anton Szandor LaVey.  Yea, I’m sure you’ve never heard of him.  He’s the guy that created the Satanic Church.  I can hear people gasping and closing the browser at this point but that’s being narrow minded.  I read a lot of his material and found some of it very interesting.  You see he was an organist that used to play at various venues in the 50s and 60s.  He noticed that he would see men at the brothels having fun with the woman and gambling as Anton played the organ.  Then again on Sunday morning he would see the same men in church where he also played the organ.  He obviously noticed the contradiction.  So he started the Satanic Church in the mid 60s.  Of course like all off the wall religions, he described the rituals in the traditional church as merely something to make the blind membership feel good.  Then of course he wrote a book on Satanic Rituals.  Another contradiction.  That’s when I lost interest in pursuing anything relative to the Satanic Church.

I have never read the bible cover to cover and probably never will.  I have never read anything about having great and ornate services for any reason.  Actually, what I’ve read leads me to believe that things should be much simpler, low key, humbling and without fanfare.  But that’s just my opinion.  I guess I miss the days of the simple church like the one we had in the military.  No division between officer and enlisted.  Everyone entered quietly, reverent and humbled.  We sat quietly till the Chaplin came in and started the service.  We sang hymns, listened to the message of the week and prayed.  Very simple and down to earth.

OK, sorry for the rant.  It had to happen at some point.  That’s enough.  I could go on for ever about this.

Well this is the last week before Christmas.  Hope all are well prepared for the big day.  We have everything ready for the grand children and that’s the important part of my Christmas.  So here’s to everyone have a great day Monday.  Best wishes to all.  Blog at your again next week.

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