Week Ending 12/30/17

The last blog post for 2017 …………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

12/24/17 – Sunday – Kathy spent most of the day in church. I stayed home. Did my exercises and got cleaned up. Then to my room to do the blog and update the computers. Kathy went up to Walmart for medication for me and to do some food shopping. She picked up Chinese food on the way home. We ate around 2PM. She laid down and I wrapped her presents. Played radio some more. She went to church for Christmas Eve service. More theatrics. Came home and we had a light bite to eat. Took my medication, to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/25/17 – Monday – Didn’t sleep well last night and up at 5AM to be at Mike and Julie’s to watch the grand kids open their presents. Had breakfast there then home. Got things ready for dinner and took a nap. Up and downstairs till Mike, Julie, Dee and the grand kids came for dinner. Had a good time. Cleaned up a little then to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/26/17 – Tuesday – Slept in today. Then spent the day cleaning up the house after the celebration yesterday. Got my Google Home Assistant up and configured. Those things are amazing now. Met the guys on the air at 6:30. Had dinner, did exercises, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/27/17 – Wednesday – Up early. Did some chores around the house then out for physical therapy. Home and picked up Kathy for lunch at Moby Dick’s. Home, Kathy did some chores then off to cook at Dare to Care. I did some computer work then off to pick up Gary for dinner at church. Home, a snack, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

12/28/17 – Thursday – Up early, cleaned up and out to the dentist. Kathy was up and gone already to babysit the grand children. Finished at the dentist, did some grocery shopping and home. Did some chores, exercises then prepared my lunch. Then to my room. Played radio, organized some things, got some QSL cards ready for the mail. Upstairs and got my talking watch going again. Started dinner, Kathy came home and we ate. Then back downstairs to chat with the guys on the radio. Upstairs and started laundry, to bed, computer work, watch some “Fifth Element” then sleep.

12/29/17 – Friday – Kathy was up and out early to babysit the grand children again today. I didn’t feel great so I was lazy and slept in. Up, exercise, breakfast and cleaned up. Felt sorry for Kathy being busy the last two days so I spent most of the day cleaning up the kitchen and doing the laundry. I did take time to play radio and fix my clock. Also reloaded XP on a computer. Then to bed, some computer work, watched TV then sleep.

12/30/17 – Saturday – Kathy went shopping with Julie so I expect she will be gone most of the day. I spent most of the time in my room. Contests on the radio so can’t play radio today. Reloaded an old computer with Ubuntu. Started trouble shooting another computer and isolated the problem to a bad power supply. To bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Had someone question all the computer work after I get in bed.  Just to clarify, that is actually when I do my daily entry in the ledger.  If I don’t make time for it once a day I forget and end up with several days to catch up and usually forget what I did by then.  So, I get in bed, pick up the laptop, do the entry for the day and put the laptop away.  No big thing.

Christmas was fantastic for us this year.  Previously our son-in-law liked to have Christmas just for the family and we were never invited over first thing in the morning so Kathy never got to watch the kids open their presents.  Since the twins will be 9 in February she is afraid they won’t believe in Santa Claus much longer.  But this year we were invited over early.  It was a pain to get up in time to be over there by 7AM, but we did it.  And I think that was the best part of the day for Kathy.  She was very pleased getting to watch them open things.

I got a bunch of neat stuff.  I coerced Kathy into buying me a top case for my motorcycle several months ago and that was suppose to be my Christmas present.  But I got a lot of other neat things.  I have been looking for a brown corduroy jacket with patches on the sleeves for many years.  She found one a long time ago but it was $400 or something ridiculous.  So I always had to settle for a jacket without the patches.  This year she found one at J. C. Penny’s.  It was a little small so we got it exchanged and it looks great.

I also got a Google Home Assistant.  This little thing is great.  It is round and about 4″ in diameter and about 2 and 1/2″ high.  You link it to the internet and teach it your voice and it will give you all kind of information.  Plus you can load an app on you smart phone that links with it as well and you can just tell it to add something to your shopping list then when you go to the store just open the app and there’s your list.  It will play music for you from a number of sources.  It keeps you up to date with the weather and news.  Only thing it doesn’t have is a todo list.  But all in all, a great gadget to play with.

Now on to my best gift.  All three of the grand children got me something and everything was great.  But Chloe’s was a little special.  I’ll show you.



It’s a good thing she had this little heart shaped ceramic bowl thing.  Otherwise I would have been tearing up over that card she made me.  But I love all three of them.  And would do anything for them.

About the only other thing that happened relative to Christmas was on Wednesday evening when the minister stopped by at Dare to Care and asked me why I wasn’t at church the last two weekends.  So I told him.  He is a great guy and accepted my reasoning.  He didn’t agree with it and was somewhat defensive but acknowledged my right to feel the way I did.  Anyway, all the theatric’s are over now so I’ll be back to my normal routine.

Well I hope everyone had a great Christmas as I did.  And I wish everyone a safe and sane New Year.  Stay safe and have fun.

Bye for now.


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