Week Ending 1/6/18

And the start of a New Year………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

12/31/17 – Sunday – Up and out early to pick up Gary for church. Kathy went with us. Came home, changed clothes and went over to Shelbyville. Stopped at bank, went to Lowes, then over to Cracker Barrel for lunch. Home and did blog. Kathy made brownies for the afternoon get together. Took brownies and my computer power supply to the afternoon get together. Verified that power supply is bad. Home, took a nap. Up and had a light dinner. Then downstairs and cleaned off the work bench. Nothing on the radio. Upstairs, to bed, computer work, some TV and sleep.

1/1/18 – Monday – Up rather early for not having anything on my calendar. Had breakfast and did some chores around the house. Kathy got up late. Bottom line, I didn’t do much today. Played radio most of the day. Checked my email. Had pork and sauerkraut for dinner. Checked for the guys on VHF and they weren’t around. To bed, some computer work, come TV and sleep.

1/2/18 – Tuesday – Kathy was up and out early to babysit the grand children who were all home sick. I changed my PT appointment tomorrow to Friday. Play radio and did some audio work. Ran over to Gary and Loretta’s to pick up some things for Kathy. Kathy came home and we went to Cattleman’s Steak House for dinner. Then a stop at Lowes for some hardware. Home and fixed the bottom section of my boom for my microphone and put it in the vise to dry till tomorrow. Then to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

1/3/18 – Wednesday – Kathy was up and out early again to babysit the grand children. Down to 2 home sick. I got up and went for a hair cut. Home and put boom for microphone back together. All looks good. Then upstairs for a light lunch and got ready to go over to relieve Kathy and babysit till Mike gets home. Got a call at the end of the driveway that Julie was coming home so I didn’t need to go over. So, back in the house and played radio awhile. Then took a nap. Then up and out to pick up Gary and out for dinner. Home and cleaned up the kitchen for Kathy. To bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

1/4/18 – Thursday – Kathy was up early again to babysit. I slept in. Did some chores then printed out forms for Kids Day this Saturday. Kathy brought twins over for lunch. Didn’t stay long, had to be back in time to meet Shelby at 3 getting home from school. Got the power supply for the computer and it was the wrong one. Ordered the correct one. Played radio. Kathy came home and did some chores then off for bell practice. Met the guys on the radio at 6:30. Checked some HF frequencies then shut everything down. Upstairs, had snack, then bed, computer work, some TV and to sleep.

1/5/18 – Friday – Up and out early for a 7AM physical therapy appointment. Home and took a nap. Up around 10 AM and got a call from Gary that he need to go to the emergency room. Took him to the ER and stay with him till his daughter came to relieve me around 8:30PM. Picked up McDonald’s on the way home. Ate, to bed, some computer work, TV and sleep.

1/6/18 – Saturday – Didn’t sleep well last night. Terrible leg cramps. Slept in. Did chores around the house. Got cleaned up. Kathy went shopping so I cleaned up the kitchen for her. Had a bite for lunch. Then out to the Morton building and fired up the heaters so Mike can work on his car today. Back to the house and to my room. Pulled email and fired up the radios. Waited for the tribe to arrive. Mike got here first so I help him change head light bulbs in in car. Then inside and work some station with Carter. Dinner and socializing. Bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Started out the beginning of the week with all three grand children sick.  So, Kathy watched them Tuesday.  Shelby went back to school Wednesday but Kathy had the twins to watch.  She had to go to Dare to Care since our friend Loretta was sick and wouldn’t be there.  So I rescheduled my PT appointment from Wednesday 2PM till Friday 7AM.  As it turned out, Julie got off work so I didn’t have to watch them.  Kathy watched them again Thursday and Friday the all went to school.  Anyway, I spent a lot of time doing chores around the house to help Kathy since she was so busy with the grand kids.

Saturday was Kids Day on the radio.  Twice a year they have kids day for kids to get on the air and chat.  Usually they are so mike shy it’s difficult to get anything more than the recommended name, age, location and color.  Anyway, we tried many times in the past with no contacts.  Well this time Carter called CQ and a guy running mobile somewhere near Boca Raton, Florida.  You should have seen Carter’s eyes when this guy answered him.  It was worth all the preparation.  He was so proud.  So I’m going to get him a nice certificate.

My friend Gary developed a problem this week.  He is insulin dependent and developed an infection in his left foot.  Since his wife, Loretta, was down sick, I went over and picked him up Friday.  Took him to the emergency room and it was a zoo.  Everyone with the flu among the usual emergencies.  We sat in the ER for almost 6 hours before he was seen.  The decided to admit him so they could give him antibiotics IV.  He was resistant but one of his daughters came over and relieved me about 8:30 PM and convinced him to stay.  But if I don’t come down with the flu or something more serious after being in that waiting room so long I will be convinced I have a very solid immune system.

OK, not going to make this a long one.  Hope all had a great New Year and stayed safe.  I’ll blog at you all again next week.

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