Week Ending 1/20/18

Was busy this week but don’t think I got much done……………..

As always, first the chronology:

1/14/18 – Sunday – Up early and over to pick up Gary for church. Dropped him off and back home. Another cup of coffee, bagel and paper. Took a nap till lunch time. Then did the blog. Over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and dinner. To my room to try and rig radio recording. To bed, some computer work, TV and sleep.

1/15/18 – Monday – Stomach not doing well today. Think it was too much coffee and too many Krispy Kreme doughnuts yesterday. Kathy went grocery shopping. I stayed home and worked in my room all day. Got some audio things configured and computers updated. Ate light all day. To bed around 8PM, watched Dr. Pimple Popper, did some computer work and read a little about digital radio.

1/16/18 – Tuesday – Got a call early this morning from Gary. They are snowed in and Loretta needs things from Walmart. Drove over and ran errands for them. Gary of course wanted to stop for coffee and a Krispy Kreme. Then home and had lunch. Out and put chains on tractor and plowed the driveway. Got 3 to 4 inches. Inside for nap. Up and showered. Had another great dinner. Chatted with Mike on the radio. Then to bed, some computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

1/17/18 – Wednesday – Up, cleaned up and out for hair cut. Home and chores around the house. Lunch and a nap. Dog woke me when mail man delivered replacement power supply for Dell Pentium computer and my new mixer console. Put replacement power supply in Dell and it powered up fine. Then out to pick up Gary for dinner with Mike at FDKY. Dropped Gary off and home. To bed, snack, computer updates, reading, Big Bang and sleep.

1/18/18 – Thursday – Up extremely early this morning to take Gary to a doctor’s appointment. Finally got back a little before noon. Kathy had gone early to Mike and Julie’s to watch the kids because school was delayed 2 hours. She got home just before me and we didn’t feel like cooking so we took a package to Taylorsville post office to mail and went across the road to the Mexican restaurant. Came home and napped most of the afternoon. Up and had snacks for dinner. Kathy went to bell choir practice and I went to my room to chat with the guys on the radio and do some cleanup and computer work. To bed, some TV and sleep.

1/19/18 – Friday – Slept in this morning. Spent the morning playing radio and working on the Dell I’m resurrecting. Had lunch then out to put up the deer feeder for Kathy. Back inside and played radio awhile. Dinner, more computer work, to bed, TV and sleep.

1/20/18 – Saturday – Up, breakfast and cleaned up. Wanted to be ready to go to the dentist if they have an opening today. My tooth started bothering me last night. Called and they are closed. Kathy went out with Julie. I went to my room and continued working on the Dell. Stopped around 2PM and had a light lunch. Took a nap. Up and Kathy came home. Had dinner, resurrected some pictures for Kathy. To bed, some computer work and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Finally got a replacement power supply for the Dell Pentium 3 computer I have.   It powered up and works like a champ.  Has XP on it and is slow as I remember it.  Going to try and figure out how to get it back to factory condition without a lot of pain finding all the drivers.  Had a lot of things on it I’ve forgotten about.

Got bit in the ass by updates this week.  Seems the latest Lubuntu update has a problem.  Thank goodness for the grub loader.  It lets you backup to a previous version of operating system which brought the computer right up.

I have gotten nothing done on my audio project.  I know what I want to do and what must be done, it’s just getting the time to do it that’s a problem.

I think Gary is doing much better with his foot.  Although the doctor put him back on the antibiotic for another 10 days.  Anyway, Loretta is feeling better and their driveway is passable now that the snow is gone.  So, I won’t be dealing with helping them out so much in the future.

Kathy and I have been feeling a little slow lately.  Not sure if we have just burnt ourselves out and things are catching up, or we are finally getting our down time with all the sickness going around, or we are just getting old.  In any event, we have been taking it easy and napping a lot during the day.

My tooth has not been bothering me so I think that fixed itself.  I’ll call the dentist tomorrow to see if they want me to come in.

That’s about it for this week.  Nothing exciting.  Hope you all are doing well and hope you have a good week this week.  Bye for now.

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