Week Ending 2/24/18

A very difficult week…………………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

2/18/18 – Sunday – Up and out to pick up Gary for church. Then back home, another bagel and coffee while reading the paper. Kathy came home and we had lunch. Then a nap. Up and over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and Kathy was out shopping. Spent time with the dog till Kathy came home. Helped unload the car and put things away. Started blog. Upstairs for dinner. Back and finished blog. Did other computer work. Upstairs, to bed, Pitch Perfect and sleep.

2/19/18 – Monday – Up early and did my morning routine. Out by 7:30 to go for doctor’s appointment. Then home. Chores around the house then over to Morton building and took battery out of motorcycle. Kathy and I went to Chinese restaurant in Taylorsville for a light lunch. Then shopping for a new battery. No luck. Stopped and picked up prescription at CVS then to Lowes for some things. Home and put the old battery back in motorcycle. Cleaned up terminals and re-tightened. Back to the house, got cleaned up and over to Julie and Mike’s. They are taking us out for dinner tonight for our anniversary. Home, some chores, to bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

2/20/18 – Tuesday – Took one of the new pills the doctor gave me last night and it really messed me up. Felt like crap and could not wake up. Had breakfast then back to bed. Got up early afternoon and still felt like shit. Won’t take that again. Had a snack then chores around the house. Fixed the garage door and showed Kathy how to play audio books in her car. Had dinner then over to the neighbor’s place and helped him finish up getting his riding mower running. Got everything working fine. Home and down stairs to chat with the guys on the radio. Upstairs, to bed, Computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

2/21/18 – Wednesday – Up, had breakfast and did exercises. Then down stairs and made the 10AM retiree net on the radio. Back upstairs. Chores around the house. Had lunch. More chores then downstairs and made some phone calls. Kathy went to cook at Dare to Care. I went over and picked up Gary and we met Mike at the church. Had dinner and back home. Had dessert, to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

2/22/18 – Thursday – Up and still feel like crap. Kathy took BP and it was very high. Called the doctor and asked for him to call. Did chores the rest of morning. Had lunch then Kathy went to get contact lenses and pedicure. I made phone calls and did email. She came home and doctor finally called. Is giving me referral to cardiologist. Then took Kathy out for dinner at Cattleman’s Steakhouse for our anniversary. Home, downstairs and made HAM club net. Chatted with Mike awhile. Then bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

2/23/18 – Friday – Up and still feel like crap. Looking forward to the call from the cardiologist. Kathy got off about 10AM. I did my morning routine and finished the laundry. Had lunch. Then over to Gary’s and helped him finish up his project to use his new microphone on the radio. Home and spent time with Bella. Got some Jambalya out of the freezer. Checked email and made a few more phone calls. Then up and had dinner. Back downstairs and chatted with Gary on the radio awhile. Then upstairs to bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

2/24/18 – Saturday – Slept late then started the morning routine. Spent time with Bella. She wouldn’t go out herself since Kathy left. I managed to fix that and also got her to eat today. Did a lot of computer work and did research. Talked to Todd for almost an hour. Had a snack for lunch. Got cleaned up and over to Gary and Loretta’s for dinner. Great meal. Stopped at Country Mart for groceries on the way home. Did some chores around the house. Then to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Last Wednesday was our wedding anniversary.  Monday Mike and Julie took us to a very exclusive restaurant in downtown Louisville.  It was called Jeff Ruby Steakhouse and is located in the Galt house which is a very exclusive area that consists of apartments, hotel, restaurants and stores.  Everything is very high classed and expensive.  You have to make reservations about 2 weeks ahead of time or you won’t get seated till 10PM or later.  Julie had a discount groupon that Kathy and I used.  Two steak and lobster tail dinners for $99.  The menu had them listed at $96 each as regular price.  Glad Mike was picking up the tab.  Anyway, it was delicious and Kathy and I very much appreciated them doing that for us.

Kathy worked at Dare to Care on Wednesday so we couldn’t go out on our anniversary.  So Thursday night we went to the Cattleman’s Steakhouse on Hurstbourne Lane.  It’s a little further to travel than the one in Shelbyville but I think the food is better and the staff is much friendlier.  Usually it’s Mike, Gary and I that go there on Wednesday night when we don’t particularly care for the food at Dare to Care.  So the manager stopped over and commented that I had different company.  I explained that this was my wife and it was our anniversary.  So, when we got our desert, the plate he brought it on looked like this:

Anniversary Plate

Like I said, the staff there is great.

I had a doctor’s appointment Monday and he wanted to take me off Xanax as the practice is trying to get people off all controlled substances.  So I stopped taking the Xanax and tried the medication he gave me.  Well, the new stuff screwed me up beyond all recognition.  He also wanted Kathy to check my blood pressure and pulse on a daily basis as my blood pressure had been higher than usual on a couple of occasions.  Well it got so bad I called him Thursday and told him we had to do something.  If I was guessing I would say I’m in A-Fib.  He agreed that it was possible and also agreed with me that I should probably see a cardiologist.  So now I’m just waiting for that.  In the mean time I started taking the Xanax again and things seem to be settling down.  Who knows.

Kathy hasn’t had a good time lately.  A cousin of her’s that she didn’t really know well died of cancer.  The sad and amazing thing is that his mother died a couple days later with a stroke.  Kathy was rather close with this aunt and since her sister and brother in law from South Carolina where traveling up, she decided to go as well.  The viewing was  Sunday but the funeral is not until Tuesday.  So, Kathy left here Friday and drove part way. Stayed in one of my haunts in Fairmont, WV.  Then went the rest of the way on Saturday.  Is going to the viewing Sunday and the Funeral Tuesday.  After the funeral she plans to travel down to Fairmont, WV then continue home on Wednesday next week.

Found a lady down here that does custom embroidery and sewing.  I bought a leather vest last year at Rolling Thunder so I wanted some specialized patches with my road name and the years I was in the Air Nation Guard.  So, she did the embroidery but wouldn’t let me pay her.  Then today she came back with all the patches sewn on.  It looks great.

Motorcycle Vest

So, if you ever need any custom embroidery or need any special sewing, I know who to go to.

Well, a couple other minor problems this last week but this is all that is worth mentioning.  I don’t want to overload you.  Anyway, hope you all had a great week last week and hope for a better week to come.

Blog at you next week.

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