Week Ending 3/3/18

A very busy week. Got a lot accomplished.

As always, first the chronology:

2/25/18 – Sunday – Didn’t sleep well last night. Bella was a little concerned about the lightning and the pouring down rain. Still got up at 5:30 and got ready to go pick up Gary for Church. Back home and had coffee and bagel while reading the paper. I was very tired but Adina called yesterday and said she was dropping off my finished vest today. I didn’t want to miss her so I stayed awake. She came about 12:30. Then I had a bite of lunch and went downstairs to do computer work. Back upstairs and got ready to go to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and chores. Then made dinner. Cleaned up the kitchen then took the garbage out. Down to my room and did the blog. Upstairs, locked things up and to bed. Some TV and sleep.

2/26/18 – Monday – Up and did my morning routine. Started gathering things to get all the vehicles registered. Took some time finding the insurance information for the truck and Chrysler. Got down to the DMV and had the title and needed the registration. So, drove back home and and got all the registrations. Back and got the registrations, came home and put the stickers on all the vehicles. Had a snack. Mail had my access from acurite. Set that up so I no longer needed to keep a dedicated computer running just for that. Then over to Mike and Julies for dinner. Played with the grandchildren till Julie got home. Problems with the dinner so we went out to a pizza place for dinner. Came home and got gas in the truck. Put the truck in the garage at the house. Need to take that for my eye appointment tomorrow as the Chrysler has a ABS light on the console that I need to get checked out. In and figured out how Kathy could pull her mail and called. Then some dessert, to bed, some TV and sleep.

2/27/18 – Tuesday – Up and morning routine. Then into Oxmoor mall to Lens Crafter and got my annual eye exam. Picked up Kathy’s contacts while there. Home and took the Chrysler to the shop to check on the ABS light. Advised to drive it awhile and see if it will dry out. Stopped for some McDonald’s and brought it home to eat and share a little with Bella. Did the laundry, loaded and ran the dishwasher. Finished up paying bills for the month. Went over to Mike and Julies’ and had the roast we were suppose to have last night. Home, had dessert. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

2/28/18 – Wednesday – Up and morning routine. Out for a hair cut. Home and made soup and had some for lunch. Then down to my room and worked on updating files while I waited for Kathy to get home. She got home around 3:30PM. Helped unpack her car and chatted till time to go pick up Gary for dinner at the church. Met Mike there. Home and took Kathy to Hometown Pizza for her dinner. I had a snack. Then home, to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

3/1/18 – Thursday – Slept late. Kathy went up to keep grand children but Julie stayed home to take them to the doctor so she came back. We took off to the battery store to buy me a battery for the motorcycle. Then to Walmart for some items. Then to Julie’s to drop things off. Down to the bank for some money then back to Taylorsville for an early dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Home and tried battery in bike and it was too small. Back to the house and did some chores. Then to my room for some radio and cleanup work. Up to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

3/2/18 – Friday – Kathy was up and out early to babysit the grandchildren today. All three home with the flu. I got up late, did my morning routine. Then down to my room to start cleaning papers out of my file cabinet. Got almost two garbage bags full. Stopped to have some soup for dinner at around 1PM. Continued till I got a call from my daughter inviting us to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse. Got cleaned up. Kathy came home and we took the truck up to the steakhouse. Stopped to return the battery on the way home. At home I finished up some work in my room. Then upstairs for dessert. To bed, some TV and sleep.

3/3/18 – Saturday – Not much sleep last night. Kathy was sick. Diarrhea and vomiting. On and off for about 4 hours. So, I slept late. Was suppose to cut plywood for my neighbor but called him and asked if we could do that later. Gary woke me up so after my morning routine I went over and explained some things. Back home and over to the Morton Building to do some work items. Home and went to Taylorsville for Chinese food for Kathy and I. Then downstairs and did some work. Back upstairs and to bed. Computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Kathy made it home around 3:30PM on Wednesday.  The funeral she was up to PA for was on Tuesday so she departed PA after the funeral and drove part way to Fairmont, WV.  She got back on the rode around 9:30AM on Wednesday and got home safe and sound.  I really missed her.  But after a couple hours with her in the house I was asking myself why.

OK, now a techy thing.  As you may or may not know I have a weather station outside that records a number of things including temperature, barometric pressure, rain fall, wind speed and direction.  I was linked to an inside display that had a USB cable that went to a dedicated computer that uploaded the information to the AcuRite server and subsequently to Weather Underground.  You can also see the temperature here on the front page of my website.  Anyway, the software on the dedicated computer was called PC connect.  It had issues which I reported many times.  The biggest problem was it freezing at arbitrary times.  Finally they told me to disregard any problems with the software as they would have a much better replacement for it.  So, sure enough, several weeks ago I got a notice from Acurite that they had a new product called Access.  It lists for $139 but for PC connect users they would give me one for $40 to replace PC connect and fix all the problems.  So, I ordered one.  It came in the mail last week and is about 5 inches high and cylindrical about 1 and 1/2 inches in diameter.  You plug it directly into your LAN network, put 3 AA batteries in it for back up power and plug it’s walwart in to it and plug that in to AC power.  It automatically links with my weather station outside and uploads the information to the AcuRite server as well as Weather Underground.  All I had to do was a little configuration on the AcuRite server telling it to look for the address of the Access instead of my computer.  Now I can shut down the dedicated computer and no longer have to fight with PC connect.  I got the thing last Monday and it has worked flawlessly since.  I am very happy.

Since Kathy was gone I was invited over to Mike and Julie’s Monday night for dinner.  Julie didn’t have time to put things in the crock pot to cook and Mike didn’t do anything with it so no dinner.  We went out to a pizza joint.  Like I couldn’t have done that myself.  On the brighter side I was invited back to partake of the roast I missed Monday night and it was delicious.  A meal well worth waiting for.

Had a lot of water down here last weekend and I either splashed enough water up under my car to mess up one of the ABS sensors or I ran over debris in the road and did damage to something.  Either way I know have an ABS light on my dashboard in the Chrysler.  Since I wasn’t sure I didn’t drive it much till I got it to the garage.  He essentially told me what I already said and that it will hopefully dry out.  If not, it’s not worth fixing on that old a car.  I guess the pump associated with the ABS system costs close to $1,000.  So that light may stay on forever.  I will put it in the Morton building next week, jack it up and see if there is any obvious damage.

Last but not least I spent at least two days working at cleaning out my file cabinet.  I think I lightened it by a hundred pounds (not really).  But I did end up with two medium sized garbage bags full of paper.  I was very proud of my self.

I’ve been reading many horror storied on facebook about people being out of power.  It’s in the mid 50s and beautiful sunny here. Sorry, couldn’t help agitating a little.  Anyway, please stay safe and I hope this all passes soon and everything gets back to normal.

Well, a little long winded this week.  But that’s all I have.  Hope all had a good week last week and a better week to come.

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