Week Ending 5/26/18

Another busy week………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

5/20/18 – Sunday – Up early, usual routine then out to pick up Gary for church. Kathy wasn’t feeling well so she skipped church. Home and had another bagel and coffee. Then outside and started working on the yard. Finished around 4PM. Inside, rest, cleaned up then dinner. Some reading. To bed, some Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

5/21/18 – Monday – Up and Kathy was getting ready to go get the twins. Said they are sick and staying home from school. Also felt a little wrecked after the work yesterday on the yard so I just look for a quiet place and read my book all day. Finished Dan Brown’s Inferno. Great book.

5/22/18 – Tuesday – Up early, usual routine then out to Shelby’s graduation. Back to Elk Creek and voted. Stopped at the Tea Cup for pastry and coffee/tea. Then home. Lunch a nap. Up and played radio. Also got some summer clothes out and put winter clothes away. Dinner. Met the guys on the radio and made a couple contacts to Belgium and Italy. Bed, Big Bang, computer work and sleep.

5/23/18 – Wednesday – Up early and usual morning routine. On the bike and over to Elk Creek for my hair cut. Up to Harbor Freight, down to Barnes and Noble, to CVS, out Shelbyville road to Shelbyville and then across 55 to Taylorsville and lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Home and unloaded things. Went to my room and started doing some computer work and make phone calls. Then cleaned up and out to pick up Gary for dinner at the church. Home and more paper work. Bed, computer work, reading, Big Bang and sleep.

5/24/18 – Thursday – Up early and usual morning routine. Took Julie’s spare car back to her house. Then stop at bank, CVS, Spectrum cable office, pool supply place, Hometown for lunch then Kroger for some groceries. Home and unloaded. Setup water sprinkler for the garden and opened the pool. Kathy got a call to go take Julie to ER for some tests. I made myself dinner. Installed new cable TV boxes. Chatted with Gary on the radio. Made the bed and finished the laundry. Cleaned up, bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

5/25/18 – Friday – Up and usual morning routine. Then out on the bike to Cycle Gear for new sun glasses. Then a little ride ending up in Taylorsville and a stop at Dairy Queen for lunch. Back home. Did some chores and got cleaned up. Kathy came home and we headed to pulmonary doctor. Then up to Norton Brownsboro to see Julie. Mike and the kids showed up as well. She was going for some test so Kathy and I went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Back and visited with Julie, Mike and the kids. Came home and cleaned the pool filter and put more shock in. Then inside and some computer work. Then upstairs to bed. TV some reading and sleep.

5/26/18 – Saturday – Up and usual morning routine. Gave the neighbor a call as he wanted to borrow my trailer. Went out and started cleaning the pool cover. Kathy came out and we worked together. Finished up and came in for lunch. I did some computer work then got cleaned up. Continued computer work till dinner time. Kathy had to go babysit tonight. So I went to my room to finish the computer work. Then to bed, Big Bang, some reading and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Julie had been having problems with her stomach.  Was getting up in the middle of the night with nausea, throwing up and diarrhea.  Stomach hurt badly after she ate.  So, she went to the emergency room and they said there was nothing immediately wrong with her and she should go see her doctor.  I took Kathy up to the hospital to drive Julie home.  Kathy drove Julie’s car then brought their spare care back to our house.  Julie had an appointment Thursday with the doctor and he told her to go back to the ER.   So she called her mother to take her back on Thursday evening.  They ran a bunch of test over the next couple day and ruled out her gall bladder but said she had some stomach ulceration.  Things don’t add up but we’ll see how she responds to the medication.  I’ll keep you updated on that.  She came home Saturday evening.

Kathy had been having her problems as well.  Felt bad last Wednesday and blew off Dare to Care.  This week she felt like crap on Sunday morning and didn’t go to church.  Started taking some medicine to make her nose run and apparently relieved the pressure in her head and was OK.  So that problem is resolved.

Got on a reading kick.  Read Dan Brown’s Inferno.  I’ve read all his books up to this one.  A very good book as all his are.  I would recommend any of them.  As with everything, I go over board.  Went to Barnes and Noble and got Dante’s Divine Comedy.  The Inferno is based somewhat on the Divine Comedy.  I also bought the last book Dan Brown wrote called Origin. So if you see some time that’s not accounted for it’s probably because I was goofing off and doing some reading.

I had an appointment with a Pulmonary Doctor this week at a sleep facility.  They sent me a questionnaire some time ago.  It was the dumbest damn thing I’ve seen in a long while.  I think the person that created it was getting paid for the number of questions, not the effectiveness.  Anyway, I answered some of the questions in my typical sarcastic manor.  Well when I walked in and announce who I was, this little tyke came running out of the back and asked if I was Mr. Pressler.  I asked why she was asking and she said she had read my responses to the questionnaire and thought they were great and just wanted to meet me.  Anyway, the doctor wanted to send me to a sleep study lab where you go over night and actually sleep there.  I respectfully (or perhaps not so respectfully) declined.  He was rather surprised and started his dissertation on why it was so important.  I explained to him that he had no data to support the need to send me and if I did go and he prescribed a CPAP device I probably won’t use the thing anyway.  I don’t think that doctor ever ran into someone like me.  He didn’t have much to say after that.

When we first moved down here we subscribed to Time Warner Cable.  No one else offered high speed wide band internet access so we opted to go with them for everything.  Since then, Spectrum bought out Time Warner.  So the last time Kathy called to drop a channel and add another, they suggested we bring in our cable boxes and upgrade them to the Spectrum standard.  So I did that this week.  Now all our TVs have HDMI interconnect to the boxes and the boxes are fully digital.  The picture on all our TVs looks so much better and some things are in stereo.  Even sounds better.

Like I mentioned before, I was going to get out on the bike more often.  Well, I’ve been somewhat successful.  Last week I was out twice on two different day for around 40 mile.  This week I was out on two different days for a total of 131 miles.  Still going to try and increase that while I can.

I know, this has been a long blog.  Sorry.  I’ll stop for now.  Everyone enjoy  the weekend and stay safe.  Blog at your again next week.

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