Week Ending 8/25/18

Not a bad week, rather laid back……………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

8/19/18 – Sunday – Up early and usual morning routine. Out to pick up Gary for church. Home and had another cup of coffee while reading the paper. Kathy had a headache so she skipped church this morning. Went to my room and started the blog. Took a break to cook dogs and burgers on the grill. Back down stairs to finish up the blog. Upstairs for a nap. Julie and kids came over to swim so I got up and went out to enjoy the fun. They left and I did some chores around the house. Then Kathy and I went over to Mike and Julie’s for home made pizza for dinner. Home and downstairs for computer updates. Upstairs to bed. TV and sleep.

8/20/18 – Monday – Up early and usual morning routine. Out to the doctor’s office for 8AM appointment. Did some shopping at Office Max and Home Depot than over to Mike’s to help him get new tires on the front of his car. On the way home called Kathy to take her to lunch but she was taking care of Julie who was sick. So went home and unloaded things from the truck and put it away. Took the Chrysler for gas and over to Shelbyville for a stop at Lowe then to Burger King for lunch. Home and unloaded things and did chores around the house. Took a nap then up for dinner. Down to chat with the guys on the radio. Computer updates then upstairs. Some chores, to bed, TV and sleep.

8/21/18 – Tuesday – Up early and usual morning routine. Spent most of the day in my room playing radio and doing some research. Broke for lunch and dinner. Chatted with the guys on the radio after dinner. Bed, computer updates and some research, Big Bang and sleep.

8/22/18 – Wednesday – Up early, usual morning routine and cleaned up. Chores around the house then ran the retiree’s net at 10AM. After the net I ran over to Gary’s to start his lawn tractor. Home and took Kathy to McDonald’s for lunch. Got a call from Julie as we were leaving. Chloe was sick at school so we went up and picked her up. Brought her to the house and put her to bed. Laid down for a nap. Up and out to pick up Gary for dinner. Home, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

8/23/18 – Thursday – Up early and usual morning routine. Kathy was already out to watch two sick grand kids. I did some chores around the house then out on the bike to get my hair cut. Called Kathy and she said she would be gone all day. So, I took advantage of the situation and started riding. Was in Shelbyville around 11:30 so stopped at Arby’s for lunch. Then over through Taylorsville and out 44 through Shepardsville and over the mountains to the Dixie Highway. Headed north and made a stop for some R&R. Then up and around the Gene Snyder and home. Put things away and spent some time with the dog. Then downstairs to find that the memory backup battery had died in my VHF/UHF radio. Kathy came home so I went upstairs and cooked dinner on the grill. Back down and started working on the radio. Chatted with the guys at 6:30. Then knocked off and went upstairs. Did some chores. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

8/24/18 – Friday – Up usual time and usual morning routine. Out to mow the grass around 10AM. Stopped for lunch and finished up myself as Kathy had to go pick up the kids. Finished about 4. In the house and cooled down. Cleaned up and out to the Chinese restaurant for dinner. Home and to my room for computer updates and to order some things. Upstairs to bed, TV and some reading. Then sleep.

8/25/18 – Saturday – Up a little late and usual morning routine. Then out to do some more trimming and to help Kathy clean up after trimming some bushes. In and a very late lunch. Then downstairs and played radio. Back up around 5 and had an egg sandwich for dinner. Back downstairs and some computer work. Upstairs and some chores. Then to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Went to see the doctor this week.  I go every 6 months to have my thyroid medication checked.  Everything was good.  I complained again about not having Xanax and he gave me the same line of bullshit.  I’m still thinking of a way to burn someone for this.  It seems the anti opioid shit here in Louisville is getting out of hand.  We have orthopedic doctor’s handing out narcotic pain killers like they are candy and I can’t get ninety .25mg Xanax for 6 months.  It just pisses me off.

Went over to help our friend Mike with getting new tires on the front of his car.  It seems one went flat while he was in the hospital and the other tire was badly worn.  So I went over and took the tires off the car and we took them to a tire shop and had new ones mounted.  Took them back to his house and put them on.  I think he was very appreciative that I helped him out.  Said he didn’t know anyone else that would have done that for him.  I was glad I could help.  I was a little concerned as he didn’t look good at all.  But he went to dinner with us last Wednesday and looked much better.  He has since had some cardiac followup which I am glad about.

The weather the first part of the week sucked.  Rain, rain and more rain.  It seems the grass doesn’t look long enough to cut, then it rains for three days straight and then the grass is a foot tall.

Mean time the weather broke on Thursday.  So I took advantage of it and put around 120 mile on the motorcycle.  Great riding weather.  Not too hot and the humidity was down.  Had a good time.  However, I am having issues with the motorcycle.  It seems to just quit when I am slowing down or coming to a stop.  Not sure if it’s something I’m doing or there is something wrong with the bike.  It happened once the ride previously and it happened this week.  I hate intermittent problems.

My UHF/VHF radio had an issue this week.  Lost all the memory.  Changed the memory backup battery and fixed the problem.  Unfortunately I was in a hurry and ended up breaking off a wire to the speaker.  So, had to find that problem and fix it.  Also found the power connector on the back was a little flaky so I ordered a replacement.  It’s always something.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Blog at you again next week.

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