Week Ending 10/20/18

Again, another week that kept me busy……………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

10/14/18 – Sunday – Up early and usual morning routine. Out to pick up Gary for church. Home, coffee and paper. Downstairs and did the blog. Back upstairs, Kathy came home and we went over to Shelbyville for lunch and quick run to Rural King. Back home and fixed my UPS. Then out to see Gary at the Sunday afternoon get together. Home and dinner. Downstairs to play radio and do some computer updates. Then upstairs to bed, TV and sleep.

10/15/18 – Monday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Kathy and I went into St. Matthews mall for a couple things. Had lunch at Big Boy’s. Then to the pool place and gun shop. Home and a nap. Then out for our election training. Stopped at Dairy Queen for a bite on the way home. Dessert at home, to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

10/16/18 – Tuesday – Up very early. Don’t know why I woke up. Went out and had breakfast. Kathy got up and got ready to go to the doctor’s for a routine checkup. So I went back to bed. Kept getting woke up by the phone so finally gave up and got up around 9AM. Another coffee and morning routine. Some chores then downstairs to finish drawing of shelves. Kathy came home and we had lunch. She went out again to take Shelby somewhere. I cleaned things up downstairs and took a shower. Went up to CVS for my flu shot. Met Kathy there. She came on home and I went over to talk to Mike a few minutes. Then home and had dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. More research. Up to bed. TV and sleep.

10/17/18 – Wednesday – Up at usual time. Flu shot knocked the hell out of me. Achy all over. So, took more Tylenol then cleaned up and down to Taylorsville to vote. We voted early because we are standby workers for the polling and might be assigned to a precinct other than our own. Stopped for some grocery shopping. Home and I went down to Morton building to shell some walnuts. Then inside and lunch. Took some more Tylenol and went back to bed. Slept a couple hours then up and cleaned up. Out to pick up Gary for dinner at the church. Home and dessert. To bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

10/18/18 – Thursday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Out for my hair cut. Back and chores around the house. Took the wife for Chinese for lunch. Then out to mow lawn. Had to pick up a bunch of walnuts first. Then in and had a light dinner. Downstairs to play radio. Kathy came home with the grand kids as they are staying over the night. I went to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

10/19/18 – Friday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Help Kathy with the grand kids awhile then out to the Morton building and started working on the walnuts. Came in a little after noon and took the grand kids to Dairy Queen for lunch. Back home and out to the Morton building for more walnut work. Knocked off around 4:30PM and in the house. Changed clothes and in to Taylorsville to meet Mike and Julie at Hometown for dinner. Back to the house, Mike and Julie left with the grand kids. Helped Kathy cleanup and put the air mattresses away. To my room to pull emails and do some computer updates. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

10/20/18 – Saturday – Up a little late. Didn’t sleep well last night. Probably the result of two Chile Cheese dogs at DQ for lunch and Italian for dinner and I over ate both times. Out to work on closing the pool. Got everything done except putting the cover on. Too windy for that today. In and had lunch. Back out to Morton building to work on walnuts. In the house and a little nap. Snack for dinner. To my room to do computer updates. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

I am still working on the walnuts.  Anytime the wind picks up a little we get more on the ground so I go around with a bucket and pick them up.  I’ve got most of them husked.  I got a good pair of gloves at Rural King last Sunday that keeps all the stuff that stains off my hands.  I spent about an hour shelling some just to make sure my efforts are not wasted and I got perhaps a good cup full of walnuts.  The shells are very hard.  Can’t do them with a nut cracker.  You have to put so much force on them that when they break you end up crushing everything inside.  So, I wrap them in waxed paper and put them in the vise on my work bench.  That seems to work well.  I’ll keep you posted on this progress.

When the Spectrum Cable guy was here he wanted to put an amplifier on my cable.  I told him I didn’t want to do that as my critical stuff was all on UPS.  (UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply).  He glanced at the UPS then looked at me a little funny and we went on.  It didn’t occur to me to figure out why he gave me the funny look till later.  Then I realized that the batteries in the UPS were flat dead and the UPS was tripped off line.  So, I found out a few years back that fence chargers use the same kind of batteries and they are cheap so I went over to Rural King and bought the two I needed.  They were around $30 to $35 dollars each.  So, for around $70 I have a working UPS.

We saw an article in the paper that they were short on Poll Officers here in Spencer County.  The reality of things is that only old retired people tend to volunteer to do that.  You must be at the polling place at 5AM and you must stay until after the polls close and all the material and machines are back in the hands of the County Clerk.  So, Kathy thought it might be a good way to meet new people.  So we signed up last week and went for training Monday evening.  Found out we are standby officers which means we only need to go if someone else gets sick or doesn’t show up.  But we still have to take the training but we get paid for it.  And, since it’s possible we might get assigned to a polling place other than our own, we are permitted to vote ahead of time which we did Tuesday morning.  So as of now we are alternates with no assignment.  Again, I’ll keep you posted on this as things develop.

The grand kids are on vacation this coming week and had last Friday off.  So, grandma decided it would be nice for them to come over Thursday and stay overnight.  They were very good but that arrangement always tends to disrupt the routine.  But it was a nice break from the usual.  I’ll try to do a special blog entry on that with all the things that happened.

Well it finally got cold enough in Kentucky to close the swimming pool.  So we started that yesterday.  Got it drained down to where it’s suppose to be and cleaned up the filter and pump and got them stowed inside for the winter.  We didn’t get the cover on yet as yesterday was extremely windy.  Not a good day to try the cover.  So we’ll be doing that some day next week.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Hope all is well and blog at you again next week.

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