Todd’s Visit to Kentucky 2018

A short story of Todd’s visit to Kentucky late September early October 2018

Todd arrived by plane on Sunday, September 23rd.  Of course his mother and I went to meet him at the airport.  We got there early as we always do and got a little something to eat and drink.  We are sitting along the hall where the passengers deplane and of course here comes Todd chatting up a nice looking young lady.  As it turns out she is in the military so they had a lot in common to talk about.  Todd had worked a double just before he came down so he was very tired.  But we had the entire family together for dinner.  Mike, Julie and the Grand Kids went home and Todd went to bed.  I helped Kathy clean up the kitchen.

Monday Todd and I went to the shooting range.  It is difficult for him to do that in New York.  There was a lovely, young female that was the range safety officer.  Of course Todd had to chat her up before we left.  Went over to the bank after shooting to introduce him to the people there that takes care of Kathy and me.

Todd was suppose to meet some folks from New York here later in the week for a concert that was running the last weekend in September but we got a lot of rain and they cancelled the event.  I guess the folks from New York where very upset so they didn’t bother coming out.

Tuesday we took the family out to Olive Garden for dinner.  Todd does like to eat out.

Wednesday, Kathy, Julie, Todd and I went to Wild Eggs for breakfast.


That was them behaving.  But this is what they really look like.


I promised Julie I wouldn’t use that picture but I just had to put it here.

Of course Todd did get the girls phone number that he was chatting up when he got off the plane so he had two dates with her while he was here.  One night a group went out to a place called The Recbar.  It’s a popular hangout in J-town with good food and a lot of game machines to play.  Another time they went out just the two of them.  I guess they went downtown and did some things.

We went over to Mike and Julie’s one night for dinner so we all got to show off our shooting skills.


That’s Carter there.  Mike got him a couple low powered pellet guns and a target with a sticky surface to shoot at.  Mike and I played against Todd and Carter.  Mike and I won.

Sunday evening the grand kids wanted to see Uncle Todd before he went home so we all went to dinner at the Chinese Buffet.  I was able to get a good picture of Todd with his sister and another one with the grand kids.


And of course Todd was a hit with all the animals here.


Kathy and I took him back to catch his flight home on Tuesday, October 2nd.  I think he would have liked to stay.  It’s a tough decision as he has 9 years in with FDNY so he needs another 11 years to retire.  9 years is a lot of time to throw away.  Time will tell.

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