Week Ending 10/28/18

A rather busy week……………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

10/21/18 – Sunday – Up early, normal routine and cleaned up. Out to pick up Gary for church. Back home and more coffee while reading the paper. Kathy came home and I cooked hot dogs for us. Then down to my room to do a couple blog entries. Out for the Sunday afternoon get together at Gary’s house. Home and had dinner. To my room to play radio. Computer updates. Upstairs to bed. Big Bang and sleep.

10/22/18 – Monday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Downstairs and played radio while Kathy went to her appointment. She came home and we had lunch. Got cleaned up and out on the motorcycle. Home and to the Morton building to husk some walnuts. Inside and dinner. Downstairs and met the guys on 2 meters, did some research, worked on building 50Mhz counter. Upstairs, to bed, TV and sleep.

10/23/18 – Tuesday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Out to help Kathy put the cover on the pool. Had to go up on the roof to fix one of my antennas that got blown around in the wind a couple nights ago. Then to the Morton building to work on walnuts. Took a brief brake to come in for lunch. Continued with walnuts till around 3:30PM. Then got the truck loaded and the trailer hitched to take it over to help Mike tomorrow. Then inside and cleaned up. Dinner. Kathy left to go see the Elton John concert. I went to my room. Met the guys on the radio. Did computer updates. Then up to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

10/24/18 – Wednesday – Up early and usual morning routine. Kathy went to PT. I got cleaned up. Kathy got home and we went up to Mike and Julie’s. Kathy watched the grand kids while Mike and I ran errands in the truck with trailer. Back and picked up Kathy, a stop at the bank and home. Lunch, a nap, up and dressed to pick up Gary for dinner at Bob Evans. Home and dessert. Chatted with Kathy when she got home. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

10/25/18 – Thursday – Up early and usual morning routine. Over to Mike’s place to hangout. Did some chores around the house for him including the replacement of a wall switch. Waited for the guy to finish the media room and got an explanation from him as to how it works. Then home. Did chores around the house and had dinner. Then down to my room to meet the guys on 2 meters. Did some computer updates. Made the W4CN nets then up to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

10/26/18 – Friday – Up late. Did not sleep well last night. Kathy is already out to babysit the grand kids today. Did the usual morning routine and some chores around the house. Then downstairs to play radio awhile. Did some computer work then upstairs for a late lunch. Back downstairs and played radio awhile. Kathy came over with the grand kids to bake cookies. I took a nap. Kathy got me awake a little after 6PM so I got dressed and we went to cracker barrel for dinner. Home and computer updates. Bed, some TV and sleep.

10/27/18 – Saturday – Up late. Didn’t sleep well last night again. Julie called and wanted Kathy to come up and help her. So I went down stairs to play radio. Found a problem with my ICOM IC735. Worked on some computer issues. Made a light lunch and got cleaned up. Took a nap till Kathy got home. Then dressed and out to Mike and Julie’s for dinner and to socialize with Karen and Megan. Home, to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Again I wonder if this is really worthwhile.  Only had one person look at the blog this week and no comments.  Guess I’m just doing this for myself.

It was a beautiful day on Monday and I had to get out on the motorcycle.  Unfortunately I didn’t go out early enough.  Traffic started becoming a problem so I cut the ride short.  Was out just shy of 2 hours and put around 65 mile on the bike.  Still a great day out.

Kathy and I got poll assignments for the election next month.  Looks like we have a long day ahead of us.  We have to be at the polling place around 5AM to set up and we will be there till well after 6PM when the polls close.  But it should be fun.  Learning something new.

The second weekend in November we will be traveling up to Pennsylvania for my cousin’s 80th birthday.  Hope to catch up with a lot of friends in that area while we are up there.  Of course we’ll spend some time with our friend Jim and Joyce.

Jim mentioned that in February he will be going to Key West.  He invited me and my motorcycle to come along.  That will take some serious thought.  Kathy likes sun and sand.  Perhaps I can interest her. lol

We had a shooting here in a grocery store this past week.  Two people killed.  It was report that the guy tried to get into a black church prior to going to the grocery store.  It’s reported he had an issue with blacks.  A very sad situation.  He had a history of violence and encounters with the law.  I have no idea how he had a gun.  Then the same issue in Pittsburgh but against the Jewish community.  This stuff has got to stop.  We can disagree and think others are wrong but how the hell that relates to killing them is beyond my understanding.  Let’s all just take a moment to stop and give some thought to these situations.  With all of us together, we should be able to come up with a fix.

Well the highlight of the week was a visit from our niece Karen and her daughter Megan.  Megan and her boyfriend are heavily involved in the FFA.  They were in Indiana this week to receive the highest honor in the FFA.  Even President Trump paid them a visit.  Anyway, last year Megan was crowned Princess of the Center County Farm Show.  That is the largest show of it’s kind in Pennsylvania only to be outdone by the state farm show in Harrisburg.  They stayed with Julie and Mike so it was a great event for the grand children to be visited by a real Princess.

The Queen

Megan brought her crown and sash and dressed up for the grand children.  Then she gifted them with crowns for the girls and a mask and bracelets for Carter.  We had the opportunity to have dinner with them and spend some time chatting.  It was great.  Perhaps we will see more folks we like to spend time with when we travel up to Pennsylvania next month.

OK, that’s it for this week.  Blog at you again next week.

One thought on “Week Ending 10/28/18

  1. Hello Dan, Was away for a couple of weeks just caught up with the blog. Read it every week, I’ll post comments more. Definitely consider going to Key West, you’ll be spoiled riding in Fla. Just came back myself. Call you soon.


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