Week Ending 11/10/18

A better week thankfully…………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

11/4/18 – Sunday – Up at usual time. Didn’t go to church this morning. Did morning routine and got cleaned up. Kathy came home and we had lunch. Went downstairs and did the blog. Gathered things for the afternoon get together at Gary’s. Home and had dinner with Kathy. Downstairs and did computer updates. Back upstairs to bed, reading, Big Bang and sleep.

11/5/18 – Monday – Up at the usual time. Kathy was already out to watch the grand children. Usual morning routine and a call to the County Clerks office to let them know I would not be working the polls tomorrow. Spent most of the day doing research on my comparison project. I got cleaned up and when Kathy got home we went out to pick up Moby Dick food for dinner. Home and ate. To my room and chatted with Mike on the radio awhile. Looked at Julie’s laptop. Upstairs, some chores, bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

11/6/18 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Kathy was already out and at the polls to volunteer for voting. I did chores then cleaned up and out to the Post Office for Kathy. Stopped at Dairy Queen and picked up things for lunch. Then down to my room to work on my phase comparator project. Stop around 5 and had a can of soup for dinner. Then back downstairs. Chatted briefly with the guys on the radio but Kathy came home so I cut that short. Did computer updates then helped Kathy clean up in the kitchen. To be, Big Bang and sleep.

11/7/18 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Did chores around the house and took a nap. Kathy came home and we had lunch. She took a nap before going to Dare to Care and I went downstairs, pulled emails and did some computer work. Then upstairs and cleaned up. Out to pick up Gary for dinner at Dare to Care. Home and dessert. A few more chores. Bed, Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

11/8/18 – Thursday – A new format here. Abbreviated. Spent the day getting ready for our trip to Pennsylvania tomorrow. Got hair cut.

11/9/18 – Friday – Traveled from Kentucky to Pennsylvania. Rained the entire trip. Very nerve wracking. Met Todd for dinner tonight.

11/10/18 – Saturday – Had breakfast at the motel and went over to my cousin’s birthday party to help set up. Party was from 2 to 5. Then helped clean up. Stopped and visited at cousin’s place then back to hotel.

Now the specifics:

I was taking a look at my chronology and realized I’m repeating a lot of information.  So, you might notice that on Thursday I started an abbreviated version.  Let me know if you like it on not.

I got tired of taking all the medication so I stopped after the crap I took Wednesday morning.  Surprise, surprise, Thursday I felt great.  Finished the antibiotic and have been feeling much better.

Thank to my friend from New York that commented on my blog last week.  The comment was much appreciated.

Kathy and I both signed up to work the polls Tuesday for the general election.  I was not feeling well enough so I called Monday and told them I wouldn’t make it.  Kathy went and said she enjoyed the experience so I guess we will be doing it again next week.

I have been working on developing a phase comparator but my friends seem to be turning this into a competition of some kind.  It ceases to be fun so I’m just not going to do it.  If I do it later I will be sure to keep my mouth shut about what I’m doing so we don’t start playing these childish games again.  The whole situation stinks.  Very sad.

Had a miserable trip to Pennsylvania on Friday.  It rained the whole way.  We made good time however.  Had a great time at my cousin’s birthday party.  Got to meet a lot of people I haven’t seen in awhile and of course got to see my cousin and his wife as well as my other sister and brother in law.  More about that next week.

OK, enough for this week.  Have a great week.

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