Week Ending 11/17/18

A very good and busy week………………………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

11/11/18 – Sunday – Breakfast at the motel and out to church with Jim and Joyce Hoffman then out for lunch. Back to the motel and changed clothes. Over to State College for Kathy to see Jim and Peggy’s new house. Stopped at Judy and Lee’s on the way back to the motel. Pick up some sandwiches at Sheetz for dinner. To the motel, blog and packed to leave tomorrow morning.

11/12/18 – Monday – Spent today traveling back from Pennsylvania. A little rain but a much nicer trip than Friday. Home and out for dinner and pick up some groceries. Ate, unpacked.

11/13/18 – Tuesday – Got Bella from the kennel and did chores around the house. Catching up for being down sick for a week and a half.

11/14/18 – Wednesday – A lot of banking and chores around the house today. Kathy had a dentist appointment this morning. Dare to Care this afternoon. They had chicken so Gary, Mike and I went to Bob Evans. Weather was terrible coming home.

11/15/18 – Thursday – Grand kids had off school today so they came over here. Kathy went to PT. Then took the kids to Dairy Queen for lunch. Gun was done so went into J-town and picked that up. Snowing tonight.

11/16/18 – Friday – Dishwasher has issues and tried to fix it. Ended up calling for repairman as it’s under warranty yet. Took Julie’s laptop to the geek squad. They have the tools to work on it that I don’t have. Then went over to see a friend in a rehab but they wouldn’t let me in because I didn’t have a code. I’ll get that over the weekend. Kathy went over to babysit the grand kids till tomorrow morning. I made dinner and cleaned up the kitchen and folded laundry. To my room for computer updates, bed and sleep.

11/17/18 – Saturday – Went to the Morton building and did the routine maintenance on the lawn tractor. Took the mower deck off and put the snow blade on. Moved it over to the garage at the house and put the motorcycle back in the Morton building. Set everything up on battery conditioners. Kathy came home a little before lunch. Went over to Mike and Julie’s to celebrate Mike’s birthday.

And now the specifics:

Last Sunday we had the pleasure of attending church with Jim and Joyce Hoffman.  It was a very unique experience but very good.  Perhaps I will dedicate an article just on that.  After the service we all went out for an early lunch.  Jim and I talked about plans for a trip to Florida in February.  I have mixed emotions about it but I think I’ll go.  We are planning on perhaps two weeks.  Our plan is to haul our motorcycles down to Georgia somewhere and stay overnight.  Then take two days to ride down to our friend’s place in Florida.  Then travel out to Key West for a few days then return.  I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Overall our trip to Pennsylvania was good.  Kathy didn’t seem to get her attitude on too much so I was able to trudge through it.  Met a lot of people we haven’t seen in awhile.  Kathy had a good time so everything was good.  Travel up was a bit hairy as it was heavy rain most of the way.  But we had great weather while up there and not so bad coming back.

We had some bad weather down here Wednesday night into Thursday morning.

As you can see in the above pictures we got a lot of ice.  However, we were lucky in that the temperature never dipped so low that the roads became an issue.  All was gone by late Thursday.

As a result of the bad weather, a lot of people lost power.  The school that the grand kids go to was closed on Thursday. So, Julie called and asked if she could drop the grand kids off.  Things were going well.  Kathy had an appointment for physical therapy so she took off about 20 minutes before 11AM.  Not a big thing.  Kids where mostly playing on the phones and I was just watching.  Well at a little before 11AM they complained that the internet was down.  Upon investigation I found that not only was the internet down, but also the local phone service as well as the TV cable.  So, I jumped in and tried to keep them occupied.

Ice Storm 03 11_15_18

I’m afraid we all came through it better then Bella.  The kids wanted to make decorations for her.  This was the result.

Otherwise I’ve been spending most of the week catching up on things.  I got the lawn tractor serviced, removed the mower deck and put the plow blade on it and brought it up to the house ready for snow plowing if necessary.  The motorcycle is back down in the Morton building just waiting for a nice day when I can give it a bath.

Otherwise, A friend of mine had a fall and is in a rehab facility.  I will need to go spend some time with him and keep him company for awhile.

And in closing I would like to leave you with just one thought.


Everyone have a great week and I’ll blog at you again next week.

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