Week Ending 1/5/19

Happy New Year…………………………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

12/30/18 – Sunday – Up and out to pick up Gary and to church. Home, a snack and nap. Up for lunch then prepared to host the Sunday afternoon group. Cleaned up the desk and did the blog. Had a good time with the guys this afternoon. Took Kathy to Bob Evan’s for dinner. Home, played radio and updated computer. Bed, TV and sleep.

12/31/18 – Monday – Spent the morning on the radio. Bands started deteriorating so I stopped playing radio and started catching up on the reading I’ve been neglecting the last year. Kathy was out and about. She called and I started lunch which we ate when she got home. Down for a nap this afternoon then was deciding on dinner plans when Julie called and invited us up there. Cleaned up and out to their house. Spent a lovely evening watching the grand kids enjoy the ball drop early. Home, chatted with a guy in Georgia on 40 meters. Computer updates, bed, reading and sleep.

1/1/19 – Tuesday – Happy New Year. Woke up today with the pain in my arm from the pinched nerve in my back. Haven’t had this in years. Didn’t do much. Changed furnace filter, played radio, paid some bills and did banking on the computer. Nap this afternoon. Had traditional pork and sauerkraut for dinner. More radio, computer updates, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

1/2/19 – Wednesday – Spent the morning on the phone. Got an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow at 2PM. Played radio and napped the rest of the day. Kathy went to cook at Dare to Care.

1/3/19 – Thursday – Out for hair cut then took Kathy’s car to garage for oil change. Lunch at Mexican restaurant. Home and some chores till time to go to doctor’s. Said I just had inflammation. Called in some prescriptions. Stopped in bank and went to Krispy Kreme for coffee and donuts till prescriptions were done. Picked up prescriptions and home. Played radio. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

1/4/19 – Friday – Kathy was out early to keep the grand kids today. I played radio almost all day. Bands where really good. Drove up for some shopping at Walmart then up to Longhorn steakhouse for dinner with the Rice family. Home, chores, computer updates, some radio, bed, TV and sleep.

1/5/19 – Saturday – Played radio most of the day. Got my audio filter working on the TS520. Just waiting for the wall wart to finish that up. Helped Kathy take down the Christmas decorations. Used the new Belgium Waffle maker Kathy got for Christmas. Interesting that I chatted with a guy in Belgium for about 20 minutes this morning. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:


We got invited up to the Rice residence for New Years Eve dinner.  Had a lovely time with the family.  Had to include some pictures to show everyone I participated in the festivities.  Julie did her usual thing with a video on Netflix that simulates New Year’s.  The kids watch it and think it’s past midnight and go to bed.  Kathy and I were home and in bed asleep by 11PM.

On New Year’s Day I woke up with pain in my right arm.  Seemed the same as what I had several years ago when I was told I had a pinched nerve in my neck.  Had some nerve tests done at that time and proved all negative.  Got to the doctor’s on Thursday and he said he thought it was inflammation.  Gave me prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and an anti-inflammatory.  It seems to be doing OK.  I’ll be convinced it works when I’m all done with the pills.

You must pardon me here but I need to get on my soap box a minute.  Don’t get me wrong, I think President Trump has done a spectacular job.  But I really question this thing with the wall.  Back in 1962 we were able to spot Russian nuclear warheads parked 90 mile off the coast of Florida.  With the advancement in technology over the last 55 plus years, I would not find it surprising that we could detect a rabbit urinating in the desert.  With that degree of detection I think it would be easy to simply identify people trying to enter this country and have a non-lethal weapon launched to scare them back to where they came from.  No wall needed.  Perhaps they are aware of the capabilities but don’t want to let the rest of the world know we have such technology.  Just a thought.

For the most part, the rest of this week was spent playing with radios.  Still looking forward to my travels next month.  Don’t have all the specifics worked out yet but will do more planning in the next couple weeks.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Hope you have a great 2018 and will have a better 2019.  That’s about it for this week.  Blog at you again next week.


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