Week Ending 12/29/18

The last blog of the year……………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

12/23/18 – Sunday – Up and usual getting Gary for church. Home, another bagel and coffee while reading the paper. To bed for a nap. Up and lunch. Kathy went for her nap so I went to my HAM room and started cleaning out things for my new shelves. Kathy got up and we made raisin filled cookies. A light dinner, bed, Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

12/24/18 – Monday – Did some cleaning and move things around to make room for my shelving unit. Then brought it over from the Morton building. Started re-configuring things the way I want it with the new amp. Kathy went to Christmas Eve service at church. To bed early.

12/25/18 – Tuesday – Up early and over to Mike and Julie’s to see the grand children enjoy their Christmas. Had breakfast. Home and a nap. Up and worked on my room awhile. Mike, Julie and the grand children came over to open their presents here and have dinner. They went home and I went to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

12/26/18 – Wednesday – Up and out to run errands including the post office and gas station. Got gas for under $2.00. Home and lunch. To my room and worked on my HAM shack. Knocked off and went to pick up Gary for dinner at the church. Home and more work on the HAM shack. Bed, Computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

12/27/18 – Thursday – Chores around the house and worked on cleaning up things in the HAM shack.

12/28/18 – Friday – Dentist this morning and short trip to grocery store. Lunch and to the HAM shack to finish cleanup. All done by the end of the day. Just need to clean up the desk now. Legacy for lunch. Kathy took the grand kids to the movies today. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters tonight. Bed, drugs for the back, TV and sleep.

12/29/18 – Saturday – Out to Lowes for a few things. Stopped at Walmart for some things Kathy wanted. Had lunch at Wendy’s. Home and Kathy took some things up to Julie then went to the pet store and got Bella a bath. I put lights on new shelves. Finished cleaning up. Dinner, computer updates, bed, TV and sleep.

Now the particulars:

New Shelves

Finally, the new HAM shack with the addition of the shelves.  Finally got everything done this week.  Tried things out and everything seems to be working well.  Only one technical issue came up.  It seems with the additional lights the control causes noise into my VHF/UHF radio.  Perhaps I’ll try to relocate the control unit and see if there is less interference.

Got to help Kathy make Raisin Filled Cookies this week.  Was fun.  Not something I’d like to do for a living but it was fun.  We ended up making 5 dozen cookies.

Christmas was good.  We were up early and over to Mike and Julie’s to see the grand kids open their presents.  Everyone there had fun.  We stayed for breakfast then came home and crashed awhile.  Then up and started preparations for dinner.  Julie, Mike and the grand kids came over here for dinner.  Of course they got to open their presents here before we ate.  I got the one thing that was on my list this year.  An Ameritron AL-811H Linear Amplifier for my HAM station so I was happy.

Still planning for the big trip in February down to Florida.  I’m getting very excited about that.

Haven’t heard what the price of gas is in New York but I’ll bet it’s much higher then the $1.99 I paid this week for a gallon.  Just had to rub that in.

OK, enough rambling for this week.  Blog at you again next year.

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