Week Ending 1/19/19

Nothing remarkable this week…………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

1/13/19 – Sunday – Up and out to church early with Gary. Home and nap till Kathy got home. Lunch and to my room to do blog. To Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and took Kathy to Burger King for dinner. Home, chores, computer work, HAM radio, bed, TV and sleep.

1/14/19 – Monday – Stayed close to the house today. Did some cleanup, banking and calling people to get things straightened out. Played HAM radio the rest of the day. Great steak dinner. More HAM play, bed, TV, sleep.

1/15/19 – Tuesday – Another rather chilly day outside so stayed inside and played radio. Kathy took Shelby to an appointment this afternoon. Otherwise, nothing remarkable about today’s events.

1/16/19 – Wednesday – Up early and spent most of the day working on the motorcycle getting it ready for my trip in a few weeks. Took Kathy to DQ for lunch. Went to the church and set up for Dare to Care and fixed the wiring on the steam table. Home and computer updates. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

1/17/19 – Thursday – Up early again to take Bella to the groomers. Kathy had to go babysit sick grand kids. Came home and did chores cleaning up the house. Then out for hair cut. Mike came over to look through the junk in the candle room in the Morton building. Mike and I went for lunch at the Mexican place. Mike left and I finished up work on the motorcycle and check it over. Then parked it back over in it’s usual spot. Cleaned up the shop and checked air in the trailer tires. Kathy was home when I came over to the house. Had dinner, more chores around the house. Played radio, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

1/18/19 – Friday – Up and chores around the house. Kathy already up to watch the grand kids. Over to Gary’s place to help him with a printer problem. To Legacy for lunch. Kathy came home with grand kids. Spent afternoon with them. To dinner with Mike, Julie and the grand kids at Mexican restaurant in Taylorsville. Home, dessert, bed, TV and sleep.

1/19/19 – Saturday – After two Mexican meals this week my digestive system was not doing well. So, stayed at home, napped a lot, did computer work, in bed early, Big Ban and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Not much to say about this week.

Spent time on the motorcycle and getting things ready for my trip.  Did everything but mounting the hardware on the trailer to accommodate the motorcycle.  I have a wheel chock that goes at the front and a board down the middle that the tires ride on so the metal grate decking doesn’t chew up my tires.  I’ll need Kathy’s help on that.  Did get to take the motorcycle to the gas station to get it topped off with gas.  Was only 40 degrees and I didn’t have all my gear on as it’s getting cleaned up for my trip.  So I just rode over and back.

Had two days this week that my stomach was upset.  With the grand children sick I’m thankful that is all the problems I’ve had.  Those two days gave me time to play with computers and get things done and play radio a little.

Otherwise I spent a lot of time this week doing chores around the house.  Kathy was busy two full days watching grand kids so I did the laundry and did kitchen duty.  It’s the least I could do for her.

Well, that’s about it for this week. Blog again next week.

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