Week Ending 1/26/19

Got many things done this week…………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

1/20/19 – Sunday – It was raining last night and temps took a nose dive overnight causing ice condition then snow on top. Called Gary early this morning and was advised church had been cancelled. So, downstairs to play radio and do the blog. Up for lunch then down to work on camping gear for trip. Dinner, computer updates. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

1/21/19 – Monday – Spent the day getting camping things ready for my trip. Playing radio in between. Also did some web page updates. Added the pictures we took a year ago. Bed, TV (No Big Bang) and sleep.

1/22/19 – Tuesday – Again, working on getting things ready for my trip and playing lots of radio. Went to Walmart late afternoon for some shopping and stopped at Arby’s for dinner. Bed, TV, Big Bang and sleep.

1/23/19 – Wednesday – Still working on gathering things for my trip and played radio. Cleaned up and into the church around 4PM to setup for Dare to Care. Had a great meal and stayed to help cleanup. Home, dessert, bed, some research, Big Bang and sleep.

1/24/19 – Thursday – Got the white gas out and tested my little stove and my larger camp stove. All work well. Continued getting things organized and played radio.

1/25/19 – Friday – played radio this morning. Got a call that my gun was ready for pickup so went and got that. Kathy wanted to go out to dinner with Mike, Julie and the grand kids so we went to Mark’s feed store (a barbecue place). Home and chores. Bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

1/26/19 – Saturday – Spent a lot of today fixing a couple of the grand kid’s toys. Then started making a drawing of my audio matrix. Cold was bad this morning (Probably from being outside playing with toys yesterday) so I took a bunch of medication. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Checked into one of the nets this week and looked up the guys call sign and noticed he had a webcam on his HAM gear.  So I did some research and got two cams up and working.  They are currently just on my HAM station.  I have a USB extension cable on the way so I can move the one cam further away to give a wide angle.  I might add a couple more cams.  With the new software I can add a lot of cams.  You can get to the cams on my cam page or by going here – HAM radio CAMS.

While I was busy integrating the web cams into my web site I decided to update the family page with the new pictures that were taken last year when Todd visited.  Please feel free to check them out on my “Family” page. You can see that at Dandydan.net “Family” page.

Last weekend we had rain all day Saturday.  The temperature took a nose dive Saturday night freezing up the roads then it snowed on top of that.  We got around an inch here.  But to my surprise they cancel the 8:30AM church service.  A bunch or snow flakes.

Otherwise, my week has been filled with playing radio and getting things ready for my trip.  Just have to pack it all and get the motorcycle on the trailer and I’ll be ready to go.  This time next week I’ll be somewhere south of Macon, GA on the motorcycle and enjoying life.  I’m not sure what the posting will be like here on the blog.  You’ll just have to check or watch your emails if you subscribed.

That’s it for this week.  Everyone stay safe and I’ll blog at you again another time.


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