Week Ending 2/16/19

A continuation of our trip to Florida……………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

2/10/19 – Sunday – Joined up with a few folks from the park and rode out to a biker bar called Gilbert’s. Live music and great food. Stayed till almost 3PM. Then back to Stan’s. Jim stayed at the motor home and Stan and I went out for a little R&R.

2/11/19 – Monday – Traveled out to Key West. Made a stop on the way to see a friend of Jim’s daughter. Got out to Key West and we could not get on base because we did not have all the safety equipment for our motorcycles. Tried to find a helmet and it was impossible to find anything in Key West. So, we turned around and came back to the motor home in Florida City. A long day and a long time on the motorcycle.

2/12/19 – Tuesday – After yesterday we just relaxed. Took a ride to Walmart in the jeep and picked up some things. Otherwise just relaxed.

2/13/19 – Wednesday – Rained all day and got chilly. Stayed in the motor home and watch our pictures on the big screen TV.

2/14/19 – Thursday – Rode up to the Coral Castle this afternoon. Then over to the Baker’s store for some Milk Shakes and Sticky Buns. Then back to the motor home.

2/15/19 – Friday – Rode out to Islamadora to take some pictures then took the long way home and stopped at Alabama Jack’s for lunch. Went to the Tiki bar in the evening to hear Jim sing karaoke.

2/16/19 – Saturday – Finished packing our stuff and got on the road to head north. Stopped in Ocala, FL for the night. Met an old friend Lynn Karaim and had dinner. To the motel and early to bed.

2/17/19 – Sunday – Up early and headed for Robins AFB in Macon, GA. Got there early afternoon. Jim had a red light show up on his console indicating a problem with the cooling system but his bike made it OK to Macon. Since we got there so early we decided to head out. I made it home shortly before midnight. Jim got a motel in North Carolina.

Now the specifics:

Well, not much right now.  I will have a special post for the entire trip later this week.  Very busy now unloading, cleaning and putting things away.  Stay tuned for more later.

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