Week Ending 2/9/19

Week one of two traveling in Florida on the motorcycle ….

As always, first the chronology:

2/3/19 – Sunday – Traveled from Macon, GA to Ormond Beach, FL. Total miles on the motorcycle is 342.2 miles. Stayed overnight at a Red Roof Inn. Had a nice dinner at Applebee’s.

2/4/19 – Monday – Traveled from Ormond Beach, FL to Florida City, FL to our friend Stan’s place. Rested and got our gear offloaded then out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.

2/5/19 – Tuesday – Up and chatted. Then over to the pool for morning water aerobics, Had lunch then out for a ride on the bikes. Back to the motor home for dinner. Watched the President’s State of the Union address.

2/6/19 – Wednesday – Out to shooting range in the morning. Stan and I hung out at the pool in the afternoon.

2/7/19 – Thursday – Rode up to the northern part of Miami to see a friend of Jim and Stan’s. Had lunch up there and rode back. Took it easy the rest of the day.

2/8/19 – Friday – Rode out to an alligator farm, saw some very unique animals. Took an air boat ride that was very fun. Stopped at another National Park then home and had a very late or very early meal. To Best Buy this evening and fixed Stan’s TV. Then to the Tiki bar to watch Jim sing karaoke. He was the best one there.

2/9/19 – Saturday – Today was a down day. Did laundry, fixed the ground problems on Jim’s trailer and went to Olive Garden for dinner.

Now the particulars:

Having a good time.  Still miss being home.  Will write more when I get back.

Have a good one.

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