Week Ending 2/23/19

A very busy week organizing………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

2/17/19 – Sunday – Up early and headed for Robins AFB in Macon, GA. Got there early afternoon. Jim had a red light show up on his console indicating a problem with the cooling system but his bike made it OK to Macon. Since we got there so early we decided to head out. I made it home shortly before midnight. Jim got a motel in North Carolina.

2/18/19 – Monday – Got the motorcycle off loaded and put it and the trailer away. Took the truck to the house and unloaded it. Then grocery shopping with the wife and lunch at the Mexican restaurant. Home and spent the rest of the day cleaning things up and putting them away.

2/19/19 – Tuesday – Got almost everything cleaned up and put away. Organizing pictures. Took a nap. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

2/20/19 – Wednesday – Errands this morning, doctor’s for routine blood work, Batteries and Bulbs plus for batteries, UPS to send Signal Link to Jim and flower shop to buy flowers for Kathy. Home and worked on problems with alarm system. Finally had to call for service tech. Apparently noise in the area made sensors stop working. To the church for Dare to Care. Home, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

2/21/19 – Thursday – Spent most of the day in my room working. Radio bands were terrible so worked on blog entry for trip and did cleanup.

2/22/19 – Friday – Spent another day in my room. Contest this weekend on radio so didn’t do that. Finished blog for trip and started cleaning up mail from last three weeks.

2/23/19 – Saturday – Finished up cleaning up the mail and other things that collected on my desk and work area for three weeks. Got some tax stuff together and got insurance cards for all the vehicles I need to renew registration for.

And now the specific:

Sunday this week was a long day.  Started early in Ocala, FL on the motorcycle and rode to Robins AFB just south of Macon, GA.  Then loaded the motorcycle on the trailer and packed things in the truck.  Got Jim’s things all organized.  Then we departed Robins AFB and headed home.  Got a lot of rain from Atlanta till I was through Tennessee.  Finally got home a little before midnight.  A very long day.

Spent most of this week getting things back to normal.  It is amazing how fast things pile up.  After I got things unloaded, cleaned up, organized and put away, then I had the almost 3 weeks of mail to go through.  And, since there was so much tax stuff in the pile I spent some time getting that stuff together.  Also got the notification from the DMV that I have 4 vehicles to register.  I really do need to get rid of some toys.  Anyway, that includes the truck, Chrysler, motorcycle and trailer.  Kentucky taxes on these things so the registration on each is different and based on it’s value as or January 1st.  But I got all that together and ready to take down to the clerks office.

Got good news from Jim in Pennsylvania.  He took his trike to the dealer and they confirmed that the engine is air cooled and it’s just the exhaust that is water cooled.  So he had nothing to worry about riding it up from Macon with that red light on.  Haven’t heard the final resolution but they indicated to Jim that it might be as easy as an air bubble in the system.

On top of trying to get back to normal around here, I had Valentine’s day to catch up on and I had to do something special for our anniversary on Thursday.  So, while out running errands on Wednesday I stopped and got the wife flowers.  I told her I’d take her anywhere she wanted to go for dinner but she decided on going to Red Lobster on Friday since she had some other commitments for Thursday.

And, on top of everything else, the burglar alarm system in the house decided to act up.  Our first call to support they said it might be the batteries in the sensors went dead.  I should have known better but I bought about $50 worth of batteries and that didn’t fix the problem.  Second call to support they sent a service technician.  The guy really knew his stuff and I helped work through things.  The conclusion was that we have something in the area interfering with the communications between the sensors and the panel.  They will be back this coming Monday to do a conversion.  And of course, the problem is starting to clear itself now so I’m not sure what they will decide to do.  I certainly don’t want this kind of intermittent problem in the future.

As I’m sure some of you noticed, I published the fact I did a travel blog entry on my trip.  Got the highest number of hits on the blog since my trip to Rolling Thunder.  I want to thank everyone that commented or liked the article both here and on face book.  That makes me feel like it’s all worth while.

That’s enough for this week.  Hope all had a good couple weeks and I hope a better week to come.

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