Week Ending 3/2/19

A good week…………………

As always, first the chronology:

2/24/19 – Sunday – Up early and over to pick up Gary for church. Home, a snack and nap till Kathy got home. Blog, over to Gary’s for afternoon get together. Home, chores, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

2/25/19 – Monday – Up early and off to doctor’s appointment. Home and worked with ADT guy on alarm system. Chores, out to a piano lesson and CVS. Home and more chores. Bed, TV and sleep.

2/26/19 – Tuesday – Late start this morning. Played radio and this afternoon cleaned up the motorcycle gear in the wife’s sewing room. Made baked beans in the crook pot for dinner.

2/27/19 – Wednesday – Out to the shop, removed the hardware from the trailer that I use to tow the motorcycle. Did some other cleaning up. Tried to load some software on Unix and identified some problems. Spent the day trying to resolve them. Then to Dare to Care to help Kathy. Home, dessert, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

2/28/19 – Thursday – Out to drop off some equipment to Mike then up to the gun range. The 45 I have been having problems with performed flawlessly. Stopped at the bank and pick up tax papers and home. Out with Kathy to lunch at the Chinese restaurant. Home and chores, a nap and dinner. Down to chat on the radio with Mike and Gary. Cleaned guns. More chores, computer updates, bed, big bang and sleep.

3/1/19 – Friday – Kathy went out shopping. I did computer work and other chores around the house. Up to Mike and Julie’s for dinner.

3/2/19 – Saturday – Up to Mike’s to help him with some things. Had lunch and got home around 3PM. Chores around the house and played with a new logging program. Dinner, bed, reading, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Had a routine doctor’s appointment this week.  Blood work was good and nothing to complain about.  Of course Kathy gets upset when she sees my blood results.  Essentially we both eat the same thing and my cholesterol is very good and her’s isn’t.  Anyway, I’m good to go for another 6 months.

Had problems with the alarm system in the house.  Got lucky and got a great technician.  He identified the problem as some kind of interference.  So they converted the sensors that were having issue to a Honeywell type rather than DSC.  They work at a higher frequency and the interference doesn’t bother them.  Also got an extra sensor that he programmed into the alarm system so I can extend the system in the Morton building over to the house.  That way if the alarm in the Morton building is activated and someone opens a door, it will alarm in the house after 45 seconds.

Julie asked me to play a song for Shelby and put it on a CD for her talent show.  I downloaded the music and I hate the new modern day stuff.  Seems they ran out of all the traditional and logical rhythms and tunes so they come up with this irregular and difficult to count crap and cords that make no sense at all for the key the song is written in.  So, I asked a friend of mine that teaches piano if she would help me out.  Of course she was glad to help.  But I felt like a little kid.  70 year old and getting butterflies in your stomach going to the piano teacher.  Ridiculous.

Took time out to go to the shooting range this week.  I replaced the magazine ejector piston right before I took of on my trip to Florida so I hadn’t had time to check it out.  The gun performed flawlessly.  I was very pleased.  Also took the Beretta since I haven’t fired that in a long time.  All was good.

I’ve been playing around with a new logging program for my HAM station.  I’m getting tired of uploading to the online systems every couple weeks and this new program I’m looking at will do most of that automatically.  It’s still in the testing stages.  I’ll keep you posted when I put it in service.

OK, that’s about it for today.  Hope everyone had a great week.  Again, thanks to all who have checked the blog and those that commented or called.  Everyone have a great weekend. Enough for now.

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