Week Ending 6/15/19

As always, first the chronology……………………………………

6/9/19 – Sunday – Up and downstairs to do the blog. Did some computer updates had lunch and did some radio. Over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Down to Kroger’s to pick up prescription and do some grocery shopping. Home and had dinner. Did chores. To bed, TV and sleep.

6/10/19 – Monday – Up and checked on Kathy’s progress. She is on her way home today. Spent some time helping her navigate around a little issue. Then started straightening things up in my room and downstairs. Played radio awhile. Kathy came home and we unloaded her car. Then down to Hometown Pizza for dinner. Home and chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Did some more radio then upstairs to bed, computer updates and sleep.

6/11/19 – Tuesday – Up at usual time. Kathy was already out to babysit the grandchildren. I did some banking then out to do the yard work. On the good side the lawn mower I rebuilt worked flawlessly. On the downside my string trimmer died. I finished up a little after 4PM went in the house and got cleaned up. Kathy came home and we had dinner. Downstairs and chatted with Gary on 2 meters. Then out to Lowes to get a new string trimmer. Home and dessert. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

6/12/19 – Wednesday – Up and out to finish up the yard work. Kathy did the pool. In and lunch. Kathy got cleaned up and went to Dare to Care to help cook. I went downstairs and did Linux updates. Got cleaned up, over and picked up Gary and to the church for dinner. Home, dessert, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

6/13/19 – Thursday – Up and out for a hair cut then to the post office to have the mail held next week. Back to the house and picked up Kathy. Ran a couple errands. Home and started cleaning up the truck. Took it to the car wash for an outside bath. Inside and had a snack. Downstairs for some computer work and to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Kathy went to bell practice. She came home and we had dinner. Downstairs to finish up the computer work and do update. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

6/14/19 – Friday – Ordered some parts for Kathy’s string trimmer from Ryobi. Then to the post office to mail a thumb drive to our friend Diane in Altoona, PA. Back home and started gathering things for the trip. Fixed an extension cord. Took a short nap then over to the Masonic Lodge in J-town to help with the HAM testing. Home and waited for Kathy. Then to the Chinese restaurant for a late dinner. Home and some dessert. To my room for some computer updates. Upstairs to bed, TV and sleep.

6/15/19 – Saturday – Did some banking to get money ready for our trip. Picked up a small sprayer (1 Gal.) at Lowes and got McDonald’s on the way home for lunch. Shared lunch with the dog. Then to the Morton building to use the new sprayer on the weeds coming up through the cracks in the driveway. Did some other things then inside and a nap. Kathy came home from being with Julie all day and we had dinner. Finished packing for our trip next week. To my room for computer updates, play radio. Back upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

The highlight of the week was Kathy coming home on Monday.  Of course I have to say that. I think she enjoyed the trip and getting to see her son and new grand child.  Of course they visited all the family in the area.  And she got back safe and sound.  A good experience for her.

SkunkI guess the next most notable thing is the new wild life  in our yard.  Early this week I was greeted by a pair of very young skunks foraging around our yard.  For the most part they stayed on the other side of the drainage ditches where the Morton building is.  However, I think their mother joined them yesterday and all three where over on our side of the ditch behind the swimming pool.  They are cute and as long as you give them their space they are just fine.  However, I think Bella thought they would be great play mates till Kathy yelled at her to come back.

I was very disappointed that no one hammered me for the incorrect date on the header of last weeks post.  I would like to say it was on purpose to test people but that would be a lie.  Anyway, it’s corrected now.

I got accredited awhile ago to assist in administering the exams for people to become HAMs or to upgrade their license.  Other then the Hamfest last year I haven’t done much.  But this past week they held the testing at the Masonic Lodge in Jeffersontown.  They usually used the Red Cross building in downtown Louisville but that is currently under renovation.  I offered to help again and was taken up on the offer.  It’s enjoyable meeting other extra class hams (you have to be extra class to assist).  We tested 3 candidates Friday night and got 3 new HAMs.

Got out on the motorcycle a little this week.  Rode down to the post office Friday to mail a package and took it into Jeffersontown for the HAM testing.  A beautiful day to ride.  Wish I had more time to ride.

The rest of the week we were getting ready for our trip next week.  We are going to Assateaque State Park in Maryland.  It’s on a barrier reef called Assateaque island.  Our friends Jim and Joyce from central Pennsylvania spend every June down there.  They work part time at the park in exchange for a free camping spot.  They are allowed to have visitors so we decided to accept the invitation this year.  The park is known for its herds of wild horses.  They roam the island all summer and in the winter they are herded back to the mainland.  Kathy will get to enjoy the horses and at the same time get to bath in the sun and get all kind of skin crap. lol

That is probably more than you needed to know this week but that is too bad.  Try writing one of these yourself some time.  Not as easy as it looks.  Anyway, next weeks post may be a day late as we won’t get back till late Sunday.  I will try to have things done on time but if not you will understand.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads.  Blog at you again next week.

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