Week Ending 6/22/19

A great week, mostly away from home………………………

As always, first the chronology:

6/16/19 – Sunday – Up and down to do the blog and update all the Linux systems. Started getting cleaned up and Kathy came home. We took off up to Julie and Mike’s for a Father’s Day meal. Finished up around 3PM. Stopped on the way home to do some last minute shopping. Home and finished getting things together for our trip tomorrow. Had dinner. Downstairs for computer updates. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

6/17/19 – Monday – Up early and cleaned up. Kathy took me over to the Morton building to load garbage in the truck bed and put the Vibe inside. Loaded the truck while Kathy took the dog to the Kennel. We were on the road by 11AM and got into the motel in Cumberland at around 4:30PM. Total miles was 448.4. Had dinner at the Texas Grill. Good food. Shopped quickly at Surplus City and got a couple pillows. Back to the motel to relax and sleep.

6/18/19 – Tuesday – Up early, breakfast etc. and on the road by 8:30AM. Made it to Assateaque around 2:30PM. Uneventful trip. Spent time with Jim and Joyce. Joyce had to help with a program for the kids so Jim, Kathy and I went for a ride, Did some shopping and picked up Arby’s for dinner. Took a walk down to the beach. Total miles on the truck 305.4.

6/19/19 – Wednesday – Up at 6AM. To the shower house for a shower. Back and had breakfast. We chatted awhile then helped Jim and Joyce with their duties as Hosts at the camp. Chatted till lunch, had Hot Dogs on the fire, then out in Jim’s truck. Went to the National Park on the island to get my Passport book stamped and to take a nature walk along the back bay. Made a couple stops at other visitor sites and bought things to take home. Then to a seafood place for dinner and up to Ocean City, MD to walk the board walk awhile. Back to the camp site. Joyce’s knee was bothering her so Kathy and I want for a walk up through the adjacent camp site area and out on the beach to get her sea shells. Back to the camper and got organized. Rested and sleep.

6/20/19 – Thursday – Up early and down to shower. Back and breakfast. Iim went for his daily cleanup detail. Then we tried to play radio. Spent time trying to fix his antenna with no luck. Kathy and Joyce went to the beach. We gave up on radio and chatted awhile. Then down to the day use area snack bar for some ice cream and to enjoy the sites. Back and Kathy and Joyce returned. They got ready and we all went to the Crab Shack for dinner. Back to the camp site and played cards till time for bed.

6/21/19 – Friday – Up and shower. Jim and I went to the camp incoming booth for his weekly duty. We were there till 1:30PM. Kathy went to the beach again. We sat around relaxing and enjoying the weather the rest of the day then inside for another game of cards.

6/22/19 – Saturday – Up and shower. Said goodbye to Joyce and Jim and headed home. Stopped in Fairmont, WV for the night. Dinner at Cracker Barrel. Total Miles on truck 365.4.

Now the specifics:

Julie and Kathy decided to cook us Father’s Day dinner.  They had shrimp, lobster tail for Mike, steak and a large selection of things to go along.  One of the best meals I have ever had.  Got presents from my kids and grand kids.  A great day.

The other main attraction this week was our trip to Assateaque State Park on the Assateaque barrier reef off the coast of Maryland.  Kathy got to see a lot of wild horses, lay on the beach and I got to spend a lot of time with my friend Jim and his wife Joyce.  That’s about all I’m going to say about it now.  I’ll get pictures organized and do an entry just on the trip.  Stay tuned.

That is it for this week.  I’ll have the travel entry done with pictures later this week.  Bye for now.

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