Week Ending 7/13/19

This one will be long…………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

7/7/19 – Sunday – Downstairs to do the Blog update. Kathy came home from church and headed out to spend the day with Julie. I did some dogs on the grill for lunch. Did some research and played radio trying to get GB13COL to no avail. Went over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and the wife took me to Cattleman’s Roadhouse for dinner. Some shopping at Walmart, dessert at Dairy Queen and home. Bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

7/8/19 – Monday – Out around 9AM to get gas and started on the yard work. Finished up about 4PM. Inside to cool down and get cleaned up. Dinner and down to my room to chat with Gary on the radio. Some research, upstairs to bed, TV and sleep.

7/9/19 – Tuesday – Up and out on the motorcycle. Went to John Deere dealer to order parts to repair the lawn tractor, to Lowes for dowels to fix the girls doll house bunk bed. Took the very long way home. Had lunch then downstairs to research some Linux stuff. Kathy went up to watch the kids this afternoon and to help Julie with her hair. I had dinner, then downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Out to the Morton building and glued the end of the doll house bunk bed. Kathy came home, helped her unload the car. To bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

7/10/19 – Wednesday – Up and out to the Morton building to finish the doll house bunk bed. Brought it over to the house for Kathy to take up later today. Started working on Linux Mint. Cleaned up and out to pick up Gary for dinner. Home and bed. Continued work on Linux Mint, Big Bang and sleep.

7/11/19 – Thursday – Up and chores around the house. Had early lunch then out for hair cut at noon. Then over to Shelbyville to pick up parts at John Deere. On the motorycle so took the long way home. Kathy took off a little before 4 to watch grand kids. I went over to Mike and Julie’s for dinner. Again on the motorcycle. Took the long way home. Bed, computer updates, Linux Mint work, Big Bang and sleep.

7/12/19 – Friday – Up and out to the Morton building to work on the lawn tractor. Fixed the brake lock with the parts I got this week from John Deere. In and played radio. Cleaned up. Kathy and two of the grand kids came to the house. Had lunch then out to the pool. Back inside and got everyone cleaned up. Then up to Chloe’s Circus Camp to watch the end of the week performance. Then to Captain’s Quarters for dinner. Then home, chores, bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

7/13/19 – Saturday – Up and said goodbye to Kathy. She is driving up to Pittsburgh, PA. to visit with some distant family that had a death. After she was gone I did chores around the house. Got all the kitchen cleaned up and the laundry done. Then lunch. Out to the pool for a swim. Hung out awhile. Inside and cleaned up. Down to my room and continued work on Linux Mint. Didn’t pay attention to time and it was 7PM before I realized it. So upstairs and a light dinner. Bed, computer updates, TV, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

The highlight of the week was going to see my grand daughter Chloe perform at the end of her circus camp.  Actually, I had no intention of going but I went over to their house Thursday and she asked me to be there.  I couldn’t say no. lol

Here are just a few of the pictures we took.  Not a great place to get good pictures.  But it was amazing how much she learned in just one week.  As you can see she was able to do many basic moves on the ring and was amazing on the ropes or cloth things whatever you call them.  We sat for an hour and she only performed for 10 minutes but it was worth it since she asked us to be there.

Julie tried to get us reservations for dinner after the circus performance at a place Mike picked but they were booked up.  So we ended up at the Captain’s Quarters for dinner.  In my opinion the food was terrible but the place was crowded.  It was located on the banks of the Ohio river and there was a rather large docking area that was just loaded with what I would guess was multi-million dollar boats.  So I’m guessing it is a place for higher classed people to go.  Julie mentioned that a co-worker said it was a place for old rich ladies to go to pick up men.  There definitely was a large number of cougars hanging around.  The table next to us had 5 ladies.  We took a walk out front and there were a lot hanging out on the lawn over looking the river.  Quit an amazing place.  Still would not recommend it.

Worked on the yard Monday and Kathy did part of the mowing with the lawn tractor.  Then we had to spray some trees for Japanese Beatles and I found that the brake lock handle was broken.  I looked online to order it and when I got to the payment screen it said to check with my local dealer about payment.  So I thought if I had to do that I might as well order it from them.  So Tuesday I went over and order it.  Payed less than they wanted over the internet.  And I stopped over Thursday as an excuse to ride the motorcycle and it was in.  I thought that was rather great service.  Installed the new parts Friday and all is good again.

As I said, I got out on the motorcycle a couple times this week.  Tuesday I rode it over to Shelbyville to order parts at John Deere and to pick up some 5/16″ dowel to fix a bunk bed for the girls doll house.  On Thursday I rode over to get my hair cut then over to Shelbyville again to get my parts that I order from John Deere.  Thursday evening Kathy was making dinner over at Mike and Julie’s so I rode the bike over there to have dinner.  Rode around 160 to 170 mile this week.  Need to get out on it more often.

I sent my paperwork in for the 13 colonies radio contest.  I got all 13 colonies as well as 2 of the three bonus stations.  Could not get the English station GB13COL.  Many people were having problems as propagation was bad during the contest.

I didn’t get my phone calls made this week again.  It’s suppose to be rainy this coming week so again I hope to get to it this coming week.

I’ve been mentioning Linux Mint.  It is a new Linux distribution and is highly rated.  So, I have an old laptop that I am putting it on and trying to port everything over to that so I can get my good laptop in for repair.  It has a bad power push button.  I’ll keep you posted on that.

Kathy had a distant cousin pass away this past week.  So she and her sister Peggy went to Pittsburgh, PA to visit the family and go to the wake.  It was a good opportunity for her to get away for the day and get to visit with her sister.  She will be back later today.

Well, that’s about it for today.  Hope this finds everyone well and I’ll blog at you again next week.

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