Week Ending 8/17/19

A busy week with the grand children and got a lot done…………………………

As always, first the chronology:

8/11/19 – Sunday – Up early. Had breakfast, downstairs and did my blog and started working on my Python. Kathy went in to Louisville to pick up a charm she ordered. I went next door and helped our neighbor cut up a tree that came down in his front yard. Home and had salad for lunch. Back to Python. Kathy came home and we chatted. Did dogs on the grill for dinner. More Python. Up to bed, Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

8/12/19 – Monday – Up, breakfast, cleaned up and downstairs. Did some research on the Darkweb. Got a month of VPN service. Had lunch and called Kathy. She wasn’t feeling well so she wasn’t bringing the kids over to go swimming. So I went back downstairs and continued my research on the Darkweb. Kathy finally came home and we had dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Out for some shopping at Walmart, stop at Dairy Queen for dessert. Home, to bed, Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

8/13/19 – Tuesday – up and chores. Kathy was out early to go babysit again. She brought them over for the girls to get their haircut so I went to the salon and sat with Carter. Then Kathy took us to lunch at the Hillview. Home and in the pool. A real workout today. Inside and cleaned up. Mike came to get the kids. Dinner, downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Upstairs to bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

8/14/19 – Wednesday – Up early for some reason. Kathy got up and had to go to physical therapy and then she was going up to spend time with Julie. Today is the first day of school for the grand children. So, I got cleaned up and rode the motorcycle over to Gary’s to check on his KVM switch. Operator error. Took a ride on the motorcycle, had lunch at Denny’s in Shepardsville. Got back to the house around 1:30. Cleaned up and put things away and took a nap for an hour or so. Did chores around the house. Kathy came home and order Chinese for dinner. Then downstairs and chatted with Gary on the radio. Work on my counter project, some computer updates and upstairs for dessert. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

8/15/19 – Thursday – Up and chores around the house. Then out to meet Mike at Daugherty’s service center. Went for a ride then to the Mexican restaurant for lunch. Took him back and dropped him off at the service center. Home and started working on radio projects. Finished the digital display for my TS520. Did some trouble shooting on my good laptop. Found the problem and the replacement part is only $60 on Amazon. Ordered it. Kathy came home from taking care of grand kids. Had dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Up for dessert, bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

8/16/19 – Friday – Up late. Didn’t sleep well last night. Did usual morning routine. Kathy brought Chloe over. She was sick in school yesterday so she had to stay home today. I watched her while Kathy went to physical therapy and did some shopping. Kathy came home and we had lunch. Kathy took Chloe and went up to the school to pick up the other two so I had an hour nap. Up and dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Did computer updates. Upstairs and got clothes ready for our trip Sunday up to Cincinnati. Bed, TV and sleep.

8/17/19 – Saturday – Up early. Spent time cleaning up my work bench and fixing some long overdue projects. My parts came in the mail around noon. Put the new switch module in my good laptop and that fixed everything there. Then spent the rest of the day loading Linux Mint beside windows. I now have Linux on all my computers. Had dinner, checked the radios but no one around except contesters. Upstairs and shaved. Bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Got one more phone call made.  Still more to come.  We called my friend Lynn in Texas and made plans for a trip down there.  Kathy has never been west of the Mississippi and has never seen the Alamo.  So our trip to Texas will hit both those items on her bucket list.

Spent a lot of time this week taking care of grand kids.  Monday and Tuesday Kathy watched them all day.  Julie was off Wednesday as that was the first day of school for them.  Then Friday we kept Chloe as she was running a fever on Thursday.  Kathy had physical therapy so I was watching her for a couple hours.

Kathy’s physical therapy seems to be working.  Her knee is still a little stiff when she sits for long periods.  Otherwise she is walking good and able to get up and down stairs with a lot less discomfort.  I am hoping things continue to improve on this front.

I was able to get out on the motorcycle this week.  Wednesday I took it over to my friend Gary’s to look at his KVM switch.  No problem, he was just too impatient.  Then I rode across route 44 and enjoyed a nice ride.  I had lunch in Shepardsville at my favorite Denny’s.  Otherwise an uneventful ride.  Came home early afternoon as it was getting a little warm outside.  Rode a little over 100 miles this week.

I have been doing a lot of computer work this week.  First I isolated the problem with the switch on my good laptop to the switch circuit board.  I was going to take it to Best Buy and have them do it since it’s my good and expensive laptop.  But I found the replacement board on Amazon for $60 so I order it Thursday.  Got it Saturday and installed it.  Everything is good now.

With Windows 10 becoming more and more bloated with crap you don’t need and Microsoft apparently not caring much about their product, I decide to migrate all my computers over to Linux.  I know have my server and HAM computer running Linux Ubuntu and my good laptop and the one I do my portable stuff on running Linux Mint.  I don’t have windows running anywhere on a routine basis.  I do have my good laptop dual partitioned so I can run Linux Mint or Windows if I absolutely must run windows.  But it defaults to Linux Mint.  I should have done this much sooner.  Less problems and much easier to manage Linux.

Another computer project I did this week was take a look at the Dark Web.  It is said that what we normally see is only the tip of the internet iceberg and that 75% of what’s out there is on the Dark Web and not visible to most people.  So, I subscribed to a VPN service to maintain anonymity and used a special browser called TOR.  It is true, you can buy anything you want on the Dark Web.  People are also publishing services that you would not believe.  Of course since most if not all of these activities are against the law, it’s hard to tell how many are legitimate.  I would guess the majority are simply fake webpages and when you give them your money they disappear.  After all, who are you going to report them too?  I did it to see what it’s all about.  Nothing I’m interested in doing again.

Well that’s it for this week.  Hope this finds everyone in good health and spirits.  Have a good week to come and I’ll blog at you again next week.

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