Week Ending 8/24/19

A lot of twist and turns this week………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

8/18/19 – Sunday – Up at 5AM and got ready to go up to Cincinnati. My brother-in-law was being accepted into the Catholic Church. Long story why it took so long so I’ll cover that another time. Anyway, we got on the road around 6:30 and got to the church between 8:30 and 8:45. After the service we went over to the house. The neighbor invited the young kids to come over swimming. So Mike and Julie left right after lunch. We stayed so the grand kids could swim awhile. Then brought the grand kids back to their house and got home around 4:30PM. Got comfortable, had dinner, downstairs to do the blog and computer updates. To bed, Big Bang and sleep.

8/19/19 – Monday – Up at usual time and usual morning routine. Out around 9AM to do lawn work. Had to get Gas so didn’t get started till 9:30. Heat was overwhelming. I did the front across the property, trimmed and cleaned up. Finished about 12:30. Came in and cooled down. Kathy came home from physical therapy. I got cleaned up and had lunch. Downstairs and updated Linux Mint and downloaded some documentation. Upstairs for a short nap then dinner. Downstairs and chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Played radio and worked a Belgium station. To bed, updated my laptop upstairs. TV and sleep.

8/20/19 – Tuesday – Up and usual routine. Played radio and did chores. Cleaned up. A light bit for lunch. Out to pick up Gary and to Best Buy to look at TVs. Back to my house and had dinner. Took Gary home. Back to the house and chatted with Mike on 2 meters. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

8/21/19 – Wednesday – Up and usual morning routine. Came down to pay bills. Got on radio and my ICOM IC735 quit. Also noticed cable modem for TV in the bedroom was rebooting occasionally. Went out to check the radiator in the Chrysler and water was down. So, conclusion is it has a small leak somewhere. Probably hoses since they have never been replaced since I’ve had the car. Need to make an appointment for that. Took the IC735 apart and found a bad power switch. Ordered that as well as memory backup battery. Then off to the Specturm office in Shelbyville to swap out TV modems. Went to bank and Walmart. Home and hooked up new modem. Cleaned up HAM shack as much as possible. Then 1/2 hour nap. Out to pick up Gary for dinner. Met Mike at Bob Evans. Home the long way as traffic was terrible. Dessert then downstairs for computer work. Up to bed, TV, Computer updates and sleep.

8/22/19 – Thursday – Up early, usual morning routine then out to get my blood drawn for my appointment next Monday. Over to get my hair cut. Did some shopping. Back home and picked up Kathy and more shopping. Lunch at Burger King. Home and spent most of the afternoon re-arranging the coax cables in the house. Dinner than on the radio and chatted with Gary awhile. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang, computer updates and sleep.

8/23/19 – Friday – Up and made a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich for breakfast. Kathy got a call that Chloe was running a temperature so she was off and dealing with that all day. I finshed breakfast and did research on the computer. Broke for lunch and got cleaned up. Then cleaned up the kitchen. The dog and I took a couple hour nap. Kathy came home and we went to Hometown Pizza for dinner. Then to my room to chat on the radio and re-connectorize some cables. Upstairs to bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

8/24/19 – Saturday – Up and usual morning routine. Chatted with Kathy till it warmed up then outside to pick up the damaged canopy from the pool. Back inside and chores till lunch. Downstairs and did Python. Up for dinner. Bed, computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the particulars:

Sunday was a busy day.  My brother-in-law (Kathy’s brother) was being accepted into the Catholic Church.  His mother was dead set against that ever happening so I’m sure it was a very big decision for him.  He has been a part of the church for some time.  He sang in the choir and spent a lot of time helping with things like the fish fries, missions to areas of Kentucky and many other things.  His mother died awhile ago so I guess he decided it was time.  Since he has helped us out here on several occasions I felt it was the least I could do to go up and be there.  A good day.  Got to see many people I don’t see often.  A special lady named Debbie.  She is  our niece and has had her share of orthopedic problems.  She is doing well now and looks fantastic.

My friend Gary is looking for new computers and accessories.  Last week I offered to take him to Best Buy to look at TVs that he could use as a monitor.  Since his wife was away this seemed like a good time.  Tuesday I picked him up and we went shopping.  Then he came over here to out house to have dinner with us.

Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning I noticed the cable box for our bedroom TV was rebooting itself.  I tried a couple things and decided to take it back for a replacement.  Got the replacement back and it was doing the same damn thing.  Had be baffled for awhile then I tried increasing the signal strength to the box and that fixed the problem.  So, Thursday I went out shopping after my hair cut and got the material I needed to replace all the splitters I had in the house (4 or 5 of them) and replaced most of them with a powered distribution system.  That resulted in an increase of 6db of signal strength at the box.  Everything is up and running like a champ now.

My ICOM IC-735 radio quit working Wednesday as well.  I took it apart and did some trouble shooting.  Found the power switch has gone back.  Ordered a new one and it should be here Tuesday or Wednesday this week.

Wednesday my 2 HAM buddies and I went out to eat at Bob Evans.  Traffic was horrible.  I think everyone was getting out of downtown early because of the President visiting.  And then a tractor and trailer loaded with pizza caught fire and jack knifed on the major interstate around the city.  It was a mess.

Friday Kathy got a call that Chloe was running a temperature at school.  So she was gone most of the day taking care of her and getting her to a doctor’s appointment.

That’s about it for this week.  Hope next week is a little slower.  I got blood drawn this week for my regular appointment on Monday.  Should be uneventful.

OK, enough for this week.  Hope all is well with everyone and wish you all a good week to come.


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