Week Ending 8/31/19

A very easy week…………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

8/25/19 – Sunday – Up and usual morning routine. Down to do the blog and computer updates. Kathy came home from church and we had lunch. Did some chores then cleaned up to go over to Gary’s for the afternoon get together. Home and more computer work. Up for dinner. Chores. Bed, TV, computer updates and sleep.

8/26/19 – Monday – Up early and out for my routine doctor’s appointment. Stopped at the bank on the way home. Did chores around the house. Kathy and I ran some errands then stopped at Subway for lunch. Home and the part for my radio came. Spent the afternoon working on the radio. Kathy went to a ladies group meeting. Kathy came home and dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Some more radio work then upstairs to bed. Computer updates, TV and sleep.

8/27/19 – Tuesday – Up at usual time. Weather was overcast and rainy. Stayed in and worked on things in the shack. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

8/28/19 – Wednesday – Up late, did not sleep well last night. Usual morning routine and cleaned up. Kathy went to PT. I went downstairs and played radio. Kathy came home and we had lunch. We serviced the pool and put string in Kathy’s string trimmer. Inside and played radio. Dinner. Downstairs and chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Upstairs to bed, computer work, Big Bang and sleep.

8/29/19 – Thursday – Up late, slept well last night. Didn’t get much done this morning. Went to work at Dare to Care in Taylorsville for the afternoon. Worked from noon to about 4:30PM. Home, then back out for Chinese for dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Up to bed, computer work including updates, Big Bang and sleep.

8/30/19 – Friday – Up and out to do the yard work. Kathy went to physical therapy and came out after she got back. Talked to a couple neighbors while outside. The guy that mows and bails the field for us won’t be doing it after this year. He is selling his property on Dale Lane. Came in about 3:30, rested and re-hydrated. Kathy came in and we had dinner. Down to talk to the guys on 2 meters. Kathy was in bed early so I stayed downstairs and played radio. I went to bed about 9:30PM. Sleep.

8/31/19 – Saturday – Up and chores around the house. Kathy went to get her nails done and do some shopping. I worked on things in my room. Up and had lunch. Kathy came home and we put groceries away. Then cleaned up and out for some shopping at Ace hardware and dinner at the Mexican restaurant. Home and some work in my room. Upstairs to bed, TV, computer work and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Welcome to October.  Wow, the time is flying fast.  Although this was a down week we will be gearing up to head to Texas soon and see our friend Lynn.  The other part of the trip will be taking two items off Kathy’s bucket list.  She has never seen or been west of the Mississippi river and she has never seen the Alamo.  So, we will get a lot done while down there.


This is a picture off our back deck.  We did the yard work Friday and our neighbor mowed and bailed the hay field.  It looks like one very big back yard now.

While doing the yard work our neighbor across the road stopped by.  He lost a set of keys and asked us to watch for them across the front of our property.  He laid them on the bed cover to his truck, forgot them and drove off.  We looked but couldn’t find anything.  I guess a metal detector would help.

The neighbor that cuts the field for us stopped.  I noticed a for sale sign on his property and he told me he was selling the farm here on Dale Lane.  He owns some other property that he’s going to keep to help out his grandson.  I’ve met him and he is one extremely fine young man.  Anyway, the bottom line is he won’t be around next year to do our field for us.  So, I’ll try to find someone else or I’ll have to get a bigger mower and do it myself.

My friend Jim and I were playing telephone tag for awhile and we finally caught up with each other this week.  He and his bride Joyce chatted with Kathy and I for the better part of an hour.  Starting to make some plans for them to come visit.  They want to see the Ark and we’ll probably go down to Monmouth Caves.

Had my routine doctor’s appointment Monday.  Everything was good.  Refilled some prescriptions and was out the door.  I like those kind of appointments.

The church in J-town decided to stop the Dare to Care feeding on Wednesday evenings.  Well, the woman who was running it decided that and everyone bought into it because that was the easy thing to do.  The claim was that attendance was low and they couldn’t get any volunteers.  So the easy thing was to cancel the program rather than find more volunteers and advertise more to get the people that need the meals to come.  Just another reason I’m staying away from that church.

Kathy and I decided we still wanted to volunteer for that sort of thing so I did some research and we found the Taylorsville Baptist church had a program.  They give out boxes loaded with food once a month.  We went down to the church Thursday around noon and helped them loaded the boxes.  We finished up around 1PM and took a break to go grab some lunch.  We were back around 2PM and started loading the perishables.  Then at 3PM the folks were allowed in to register.  As they registered we took the food boxes out to their cars.  Things tapered off and the lady in charge told us we could go if we wanted.  A very busy and physical day but very satisfying.  We will do it again next month.

OK that’s it for this week.  Hope this finds everyone well.  Have a great week to come and be careful over the holiday.  Blog at you again next week.

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