Week Ending 7/11/2020

Another busy week but a short blog……………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

7/5/20 – Sunday – Up a little late this morning and usual morning routine. Downstairs and did the blog. Back up and had a light lunch. Downstairs and tried to contact more 13 colony stations. Got one more. Then upstairs for a nap. Light dinner. Downstairs and computer work and did some work trying to get WSJT working again. Computer updates, upstairs, TV and sleep.

7/6/20 – Monday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Out and worked putting lattice up in the garage to hold the insulation up in the storage area. Came in for lunch. Cooled down and cleaned up. Played radio while Kathy took some things to Goodwill and did some grocery shopping. A light dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Julie brought the grand kids over to stay the night. Went swimming but cut short by a storm. Inside and a snack. To bed, computer updates, TV and sleep.

7/7/20 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time. Grand kids stayed last night so we made a big breakfast for them. Everyone ate till they were full. Then out to the pool for the morning. In for a late lunch. Played Cribbage with my grandson this afternoon. Mike came and picked them up a little before 5PM. Light dinner. Downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Computer updates. Upstairs and a snack. Bed, Big Bang and sleep.

7/8/20 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Then up to the storage area and organized some thing. Out to the Morton building and cleaned up the painting stuff. Inside and lunch. Downstairs to try and fix my FT8 station. Cleaned up and into Kroger for milk, pretzels and prescriptions for Kathy. Home to drop things off and ordered Chinese food. Down to Taylorsville to pick up the food and home to eat. Downstairs and chatted with the guys on 2 meters. Computer updates and upstairs for dessert. Bed, more computer updates, Big Bang and sleep.

7/9/20 – Thursday – Up a little early and usual morning routine. Out for a haircut. Back to the house and started on rebuilding my computer on the ham desk as it was having some issues. Spent most of the day with the exception of a break for lunch and a break for dinner. Chatted with the guys on 2 meters, bed, Big Bang and sleep.

7/10/20 – Friday – Up early today. Woke up around 5AM and could not get back to sleep. Usual morning routine. Out and over to Gary’s to help him with a keypad to open a garage door. Home and continued efforts to get my HAM computer working the way it should. Time out for lunch and dinner. Chatted with Gary on 2 meters. Practiced CW. Bed, TV and sleep.

7/11/20 – Saturday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine. Out a little before 10AM to get gas. Back and started the lawn work. Took a lot of attitude from Kathy today. Finished up around 3:30. Laid down awhile to cool off and rest. Up and cleaned up. Kathy went to Hometown for pizza. Ate and downstairs to chat with the guys on 2 meters. Computer work/updates. Practiced some CW. Upstairs to bed, Big Bang and sleep.

Now the specifics:

The grand kids got dropped off Monday night to stay over.  Probably the last chance before school starts.  Some activities are starting to resume here.  Shelby is back to horse riding and Carter is back to karate.  As usual, a big breakfast Tuesday morning.  Highlight of the stay was getting to play cribbage with Carter.

Was trying to get all the 13 colony stations on HAM radio over the 4th of July week.  Some were on a digital mode called FT8.  That uses WSJT software but when I started it things didn’t work.  Spent awhile trying to get things going again but just got more and more issues.  So, I reloaded the HAM desk computer and built it up from scratch.

Kathy wanted the yard work done Saturday so I complied.  Got it done as usual but took far too much shit from Kathy.  I’m not over it and not sure what to do.  Things are not good here.  Time will tell.

Continued work on the lattice project in the storage area.  Got half of it done and spent one day this week organizing things in the area we completed.  Perhaps we’ll get more done next week.  Second half should not be as bad.

Thursday the Nazi in Frankfort put forth more rules.  Now everyone has to wear a mask in public.  This is wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to begin.  I guess between this shit and the shit I’m taking from Kathy it really has me beat down.  I think I have some rough decisions to make in the near future.  Time will tell.

That’s it for this week.  Not sure why I’m doing this anymore.  Not one person looked at the blog this week.  Anyway, if you do happen across this, I hope it finds you healthy and safe.  Stay that way.  Bye for now.


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