Week Ending 11/21/2020

Not an exciting week,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As always, first the chronology:

11/15/20 – Sunday – Up a little late today.  Usual morning routine.  Down to do the blog.  Up for lunch.  Helped Kathy get things ready for Mike’s birthday party this afternoon.  Went up to Julie’s around 3PM to watch Carter and Shelby while Julie took Chloe to field hockey.  Mike came home, Julie came home and we had dinner and Mike’s birthday party.  Back home and took out the garbage for pickup tomorrow.  Some computer work.  Bed and sleep.

11/16/20 – Monday – Up a little early today.  Usual morning routine.  Kathy was up and out already to watch the grand children.  I did some paperwork to finish up our new driveway install.  Then cleaned up and out to Hooter’s for lunch.  Then some R&R.  Home and took a nap till Kathy came home.  Had dinner.  Chatted with the guys on 2 meters.  Up for dessert, bed, TV and sleep.

11/17/20 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine.  Cleaned up and out to my friend at WTR computers to bet a new computer to replace the one that died on my HAM desk.  Kathy got a laptop while there.  Home and started loading the new computer.  Had lunch and Kathy wanted help setting up her new laptop.  Spent 2 hours on that then back to my computer.  Had dinner then chatted with the guys on 2 meters.  Back to work on the computer.  Finished about 9.  Upstairs to bed, some research on motion configuration.  TV and sleep.

11/18/20 – Wednesday – Up a little early and usual morning routine.  Cleaned up and out to the dentist to have a tooth pulled that’s been bothering me.  Back home and took some pain medication.  Laid down for an hour or so.  Didn’t feel like eating so downstairs to work on the new computer.  Got some more things going.  Up for dinner.  Chatted with the guys on 2 meters.  Did some computer research.  Up for dessert.  More medicine.  Bed, TV and sleep.

11/19/20 – Thursday – Up a little early and usual morning routine.  Kathy was out already to watch the grand children today.  I got cleaned up and went to the pharmacy for a couple prescriptions that were ready.  Then to my friend’s computer store for some items.  Home and put the truck away.  Resumed work on the new computer for my HAM desk and finished it up aroud 3PM with about a 1/2 break around 12:30 for lunch.  Upstairs for a nap till Kathy came home.  Dinner, downstairs to do some cleanup.  Chat with the guys on 2 meters.  More cleanup, to bed, TV and sleep.

11/20/20 – Friday – Up a little early today and usual morning routine.  Cleaned up and out to help my son-in-law Mike fix the drain in their laundry tube.  Home around lunch time and Kathy was out getting her hair done.  I fixed a couple bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches for my self for lunch.  I think the antibiotics I am taking for the tooth they pulled is kicking my ass so I spent the afternoon napping in bed.  Up for dinner.  Chatted with the guys on 2 meters.  Up for dessert.  Bed, computer work, TV and sleep.

11/21/20 – Saturday – Up at the usual time and usual morning routine.  Kathy was out to get groceries and things to bake fruit cakes.  I went to my room and started filing papers, going through medical plans and generally cleaning up.  Had lunch and back to do dusting and continue my clean up efforts.  Upstairs for a nap.  Dinner, chatted with the guys on 2 meters.  Computer updates.  Upstairs for dessert, Bed, Computer work, TV and sleep.

Now the specifics:

Sunday was my son-in-law’s birthday. So Julie and Kathy got together and decided on some things. He worked so we had a nice dinner when he came home followed by a little birthday party. A good time was had by all.

Kathy was up and out early on Monday to watch the grand children. This is going to become more common as the Nazis with the Napoleon complex that runs our state has issued a bunch more mandates for COVID which includes shutting down all schools and of course bars and restaurants. Anyway, I got up and did some paperwork to finish up the driveway install. Had to let the highway department know we are done. Then out to Hooter’s for lunch. Don’t know why I keep going there. Very depressing. lol Anyway, then I went on over to the other side of the city to a new watering hole for some R&R.

The computer on my HAM desk stopped working. I think I got some high power RF into it so for the most part of this week I spent reconfiguring things so my computer was as far away from the amps as possible. Then started loading all the stuff that had been on the old one. Had to do some self education about pulse audio but finally got things working by the end of the week.

When I went over to my friend’s store to get the replacement computer, Kathy was interested in going along. I was surprised but I figured I would enjoy her company. When we got over there I found out why she wanted to go along. She wanted to buy a laptop. So when we got back Tuesday, I had to spend a couple hours helping her get it configured correctly and loaded with virus protection.

I was dreading Wednesday as I had to get a tooth pulled that has been giving me trouble. The last one I had pulled was very hard on the dentist. It seems the roots where somewhat bulbous which meant the dentist had to grind away some of the bone to extract the tooth. He scheduled me early on Wednesday so if something like that happened he would have time to send me to an oral surgeon. However, this one came out slick with no problems. The worst part of the ordeal was the novacaine. Took some pain pills Wednesday and started the 10 days of antibiotics. All is better now.

Friday I was up and out early to help my son-in-law Mike fix a drain that was leaking in the laundry tub. We had to chisel the nut off the bottom of the old drain. Then I took the basket assembly to Lowes and got replacement items. Back to the house and got things installed. He put water in the tub and let it set overnight and everything was dry the next day.

Saturday I started the day looking through supplemental medical plans. In the past I’ve just let it go but this year the company decided to negotiate a plan for us with United Healthcare. Of course if we took that we didn’t get the HRA this year. As I looked at the material I noticed the cutoff was the 17th. I really didn’t think it was worth changing anyway so I just cleaned up all the paperwork on my desk and did some filling. Then I got really ambitious and did some dusting. Got a little more work to organize things then run a sweeper on the carpet and all will be nice and clean.

Well that’s it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone well and healthy. Blog at you again next week.

One thought on “Week Ending 11/21/2020

  1. Been delinquent on reading the weekly updates. Decided to catch up today. Weather is rainy today and wanted to do something besides cleaning my house! All caught up now and will remember to do this weekly. Hope you and Kathy are well. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving (however, I k ow you and holidays!)


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