Week Ending 12/12/2020

A busy week with a visitor………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

12/06/20 – Sunday – Not an exciting day.  Up at the regular time and usual morning routine.  Down to do the blog then played radio.  Upstairs for lunch then cleaned up, some chores and out for the Sunday afternoon get together at Gary’s house.  Home and dinner.  Downstairs to play radio.  Bands relatively dead.  Did computer updates.  Upstairs to bed.

12/07/20 – Monday – Up at the usual time, usual morning routine, cleaned up and out shopping.  Kathy was already up and out to watch the grand children.  Stopped at Walmart, Officemax and Homedepot.  Stopped at McDonalds in Taylorsville and picked up lunch.  Was after 1PM till I ate and got things put away.  Bands sucked so took a nap.  Up and chores around the house. Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Played radio awhile then to bed.

12/08/20 – Tuesday – Up a little early and ……………..  Oh you know.  Promised Gary to take him to Homedepot this morning.  Got back a little before lunch so Kathy and I ordered Chinese and ran down to pick it up.  After lunch did some research then started loading HamClock on a Raspberry Pi.  Kathy went to give blood.  She got home and we had dinner.  Back downstairs for the usual.  Upstairs to bed.

12/09/20 – Wednesday – Up a little early again.  Kathy was getting ready to go for her blood draw in preparation for her doctor’s appointment next week.  I went downstairs and played radio and worked more with HamClock.  Stopped for a bite of lunch.  Then Kathy called and said she was on her way home so I started dinner.  After dinner did the usual thing then helped Kathy with the cleaning.  Did some computer work for her then bed.

12/10/20 – Thursday – Up a little early again.  Kathy was already out to babysit the grand kids.  I was out for a haircut.  Back to the house and picked up Kathy’s laptop that she forgot this morning.  Ran that up to her, stopped at the bank for some money.  To WTR computers for a monitor.  Home and domestic chores.  Lunch and more domestic chores.  Then got HamClock up and running on the new monitor I got.  Played some radio then upstairs and started thawing out dinner.  Kathy came home and we had dinner.  Downstairs to play radio awhile.  Upstairs to bed.

12/11/20 – Friday – Up a little early.  Guess I went to bed too early last night.  Downstairs and played radio awhile.  Made PSK contacts to Canada, Finland and Germany.  Made a phone contact to a gentleman in Ohio running the MidCARS net.  Then uploaded my logs.  Had a light lunch then cleaned up.  Got the truck out.  Then over to the airport to pick up Todd.  Home and relaxed awhile.  Decided to go to Chubby Ray’s for dinner but they were too crowded.  So, down to Taylorsville, picked up fish, home and ate.  Chatted with Todd for most of the evening.  Then Bed.

12/12/20 – Saturday – Up a little early.  Waited for Todd to get up then ready and out to BestBuy to look for a computer for Todd.  Kathy picked up a spare charger for her ipad and I bought a Raspberry Pi that was on discount.  Then to Lowes for a few things.  Chubby Ray’s for lunch.  Back to the house and put things away.  Changed clothes and up to Mike and Julie’s and over to a neighbor of their’s to have pictures taken.  Back to Mike and Julie’s for a spaghetti dinner.  Played cards awhile.  Then home and bed.

Now the specifics:

Not a lot to say but some nice pictures this week.

Finished up what little Christmas shopping I did this year. I got Kathy her new Ipad that she wanted and I wasn’t going to get that without her. Since I took her along, I told her she could have it now rather than wait a month. Got her the usual gift certificate for her nails and hair. Otherwise not much under the tree for her this year.

Julie’s babysitter had a death in the family so she didn’t work this week. Julie took one day off to watch the kids and Kathy went up an extra day to watch them. She was gone Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. So, I pitched in and helped her around the house. She had planned to do a lot of cooking and baking for Todd but that all didn’t get done. But we did manage to get the house cleaned for his arrival.

Otherwise, everything we did was in the chronology. Here are some pictures of the get together at Mike and Julie’s house last night.

Here is Todd hamming it up with the dog Cooper.

Here are the Grand Kids. They were somewhat dressed up for the pictures we had taken earlier so Kathy and Julie took advantage of the situation and took some pictures themselves.

And Uncle Todd playing an online game with the grand kids.

Other than that, I played radio a lot this week as the weather outside hasn’t been the best. This will come to an end shortly as I’ll have to get my ass in gear and get some things done.

Otherwise, I got a program called HamClock running on one of the Raspberry Pi computers I have. It gives me a good indication of propagation and what bands are good at any given time. That’s what I bought the monitor for from my friend.

OK, that’s it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Try and stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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