The Christmas Letter 2020

Compliments of Kathy…………………………………………

Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Although this year has brought many challenges into our lives, we are enjoying the holiday season as we usually have done. Fruitcakes were baked, house decorated, and cookies made with Christmas music playing in the background! The cards were written, just waiting for me to finish this letter.

To celebrate our 50th anniversary in February, we decided on a road trip to Florida. We stopped to visit with Linda and Ron Kozlowski in Ocala, FL to see their new home. While we were there we took a boat trip to visit a sponge field and then toured St Augustine. Our next stop was in Florida City to visit with Stan Maccaulley. We used his motor home as our base as we visited the area including an orchid farm, the Coral Castle, an alligator farm, and rode an airboat. I enjoyed using the heated swimming pool and basking in the sun. Including Stan in our trip we headed to Key West where we toured Ernest Hemingway’s house, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville bar, live chickens walking freely everywhere, and had our picture taken at the most southern point of the US. We had a great time and lots of good food. On our return trip we stopped at the Kennedy Space Center to take in a little history, and then the beach for some sun and sand. The water was too cold for swimming but great just to wade and get our feet wet.

Julie and Mike helped us celebrate our anniversary but treating us to dinner and then surprising us with a surprise “Card Shower”. We received over 100 cards from friends and family. The only downside of this time was that Todd couldn’t be there to share this.

As the Covid Quarantine hit our area, the grandchildren started NTI( nontraditional instruction) in April. They all managed to pass their exams and move on to the next class. Poor Grandma failed in the “ new math” area!

Dan kept himself busy increasing his Ham Radio area , making a flower stand for Chloe, playing cribbage and mastermind with Carter. He also taught Carter and Chloe how to drive the golf cart around the property and over the bridge. He continues his efforts as a volunteer examiner testing and helping others obtain their HAM license. He completed a design and implemented a remote arrangement for a fellow ham who is disabled allowing him to operate his radio from his house on a computer and over the lan network in his house. He has also expanded his capability to operate keyboard to keyboard over the radio using digital modes. He says his next effort will be communicating with satellites and possibly the international space station.

I was busy watching over the grandchildren 1-2/weeks during the summer and in the fall when school was starting again, some NTI and some traditional. I made masks for everyone since they were required for every activity we did.

Julie and Mike still work at the VA hospital. Mike is head of occupational health and Julie works in Hospice Care. Julie had Covid at the beginning of October requiring a three day hospital stay. She recovered and back to work in weeks.

Todd is still working at EOM in New York. He worked a lot of overtime due to Covid, helped setting up temporary hospital areas, moving supplies, and whatever else his department required at that time. Thankfully he is not doing much patient care at this time which makes him a little safer.

Carter and Chloe will be twelve in February. Carter is busy with Karate while Chloe is involved with ballet. She also plays field hockey for the 6th grade team. Shelby is continuing with her horseback riding.

We had our Christmas early last week because Todd was able to come here for a few days. We all ate a lot of food played cards, and just enjoyed the time together. We did manage to have a family picture taken but I don’t have them back yet.

Enough rambling! I hope this letter finds all of you safe and happy. May you be blessed with good health and much happiness in the New Year.

Dan and Kathy

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