Week Ending 2/20/21

This week sucked big time…………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

2/14/21 – Sunday – Up at the usual time and got the card out for Kathy.  We exchanged cards and chatted over breakfast.  I got cleaned up and did the blog. Then out to Rural King for some shopping.  Stopped at Tractor Supply and then Cattleman’s Roadhouse for a late lunch.  Home and put things away.  Chores around the house then a light snack for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

2/15/21 – Monday – Up at the usual time.  Noticed on Facebook that the Butcher Block in Taylorsville will have salt today.  Since Julie and Mike have an icy driveway and no salt we decided to go get some for them.  Picked up two 50 lb. bags and took one of them over to Mike and Julie’s.  Then home.  Chores and lunch out to put the chains on the tractor for the pending snow storm.  Used it to clear the couple inches that fell last night.  Inside for a nap.  Up for dinner and usual evening routine.

2/16/21 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time and chores.  Then out to Baptist Health for my first COVID-19 shot.  Back home and lunch.  Out to plow/shovel snow.  In and nap time.  Up for dinner and usual evening routine.

2/17/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time and played radio.  Got a text from the girl that cuts my hair wanting to know if I could come in today instead of tomorrow in case the weather was bad.  Kathy and I went to Taylorsville and bought more salt then to Cracker Barrel in Shelbyville for lunch.  To Rural King for buckets.  Made more stops looking for shovels.  Home and dropped off Kathy, salt and buckets then to get my hair cut.  Home and found my website down.  Made some calls to no avail.  Snack for dinner and usual evening routine.

2/18/21 – Thursday – Up early today with Kathy.  She was watching the grand children.  If the roads were bad I was going to drive her but they were fine.  So went back to bed for an hour then up with her again.  She was off.  I went downstairs to play radio and work on computer problems.  Not much else got done.  Kathy came home, we had dinner and usual evening routine.

2/19/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Today was a lazy day.  I played radio and Kathy didn’t do much.  She went out late afternoon to wash a comforter at the laundramat.  Had dinner and usual evening routine.

2/20/21 – Saturday – Up a little early and took Kathy up to Norton on Brownsboro Road for her first COVID vaccine shot.  Took a total of about 1/2 hour.  Home and started setting up for the new mail server on Godaddy.  Spent the rest of the day on it.  Broke for lunch.  Kathy went shopping at Kroger.  Great dinner.  Usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Mid week I noticed on Kathy’s computer that it couldn’t log into her email account. With everything else that was going on I didn’t think much about it till I had a chance to pull my own email and got the same thing. Further investigation showed that the email server was gone and so was my website. Said account was suspended. So I went to the hosting site and guess what, it said suspended as well. So, long story short, the guy I hosted my site with apparently went out of business, stopped paying his bill to the data center where his business was and they simply suspended everyone’s account. Now here is where it gets to be a real pain in the ass. I never had my domain name as it was part of the price I payed to host my website. That means the domain name (dandydan.net) literally belongs to someone else who was paying the registration fee. So that is locked up till the end of July. And they have tight security on it so we can’t even find out what account it is under. The earliest I could possible get that domain name back would be the end of July and there are many things that could go wrong with that. I called my brother-in-law in Cincinnati and he is trying to find out exactly what happened as I can’t get in touch with anyone. Don Flickner was the guy who ran the service and he had a couple other people helping but the last time I had correspondence with him was in 2019. Since then I just paid my bill annually and everything was good. At the time he was having some medical issues so by now he could have passed away. I have no idea what is going on. I hadn’t heard anything from my brother-in-law so I decided I had to do something so I registered dandydan.org with godaddy and paid for hosting with them. I seriously doubt they will go out of business anytime soon. I set up the email server this week and we now have the same email address on dandydan.org as we had on dandydan.net. So if you want to send Kathy or me an email just change the .net to .org and it will work. In the mean time I have the website ready to upload to godaddy if necessary. Then if and when I get my .net domain name back I will just point it to the .org website so it won’t matter which one you use. However, the emails will stay .org. I will keep you advised as this saga continues to unfold.

Spent most of the day Monday and Wednesday running after salt and other things for bad weather. I had two bags of ice melt that didn’t work for shit and two bags of salt in the Morton building that has been there for perhaps 3 or 4 years. But of course my daughter and son-in-law didn’t have shit. So Monday we went down to a meat market in Taylorsville and got some salt. They had the big trucks to put the stuff in so they got some as a favor to the town. I got a couple of 50 lb. bags and we took one up to Mike and Julie’s and kept the other for ourselves. Tuesday morning we woke up to a lot of snow on the ground (Well, for around here). I’d say we got 4 to 6 inches. My good friend Lynn texted me and teased me about getting to use my snow plow and that jinxed me. I did in fact put the chains on the tractor Monday afternoon in preparation and went out and plowed Tuesday. I asked Kathy not to go up to babysit as I didn’t think it was safe for her to be on the road alone. While cleaning up after the snow my son-in-law wasted a lot of salt putting it down on the snow before it was shoveled so we were out again Wednesday getting more salt. Got another 100lb as many people were in need at the VA with all the snow as ice. Julie was nice enough to take some in and give it to her co-workers. We had another snow event Wednesday night into Thursday but it was only an inch or so. I didn’t even bother plowing that. Now the temperatures are starting to moderate and next week it should be back in the 40s and 50s. So the snow and ice should start to melt. If I’m lucky I might even get to go out on the motorcycle next week.

Tuesday around lunch time I went to the Baptist Hospital facility and got my first COVID vaccine shot. They were suppose to have a drive through situation but didn’t get the building up in time because of the bad weather so they had it inside. A very efficient operation. I was in and out within about 45 minutes. That included the 15 minutes you have to hang around to make sure you are not going to have a severe reaction to the shot. Felt fine the rest of the day and no problem Wednesday. But Thursday I was extremely fatigued. I checked with some people and they told me that was not unusual. Friday I was in good shape so all in all it was a good experience with little to no side effects.

Kathy got her first COVID shot Saturday. She had been scheduled before I got into Baptist. She was scheduled at Norton in the Brownsboro Road area. That was just as efficient if not more so and we were in and out of there in about 1/2 hour. So far she has had no adverse effects from the shot. We will see how this coming week goes. We both got the Pfizer vaccine so I’m guessing the effects should be the same.

Well that’s it for this week. A little good and a lot of bad but we survived and will move along. Hope this finds everyone safe and well. Stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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