Week Ending 8/28/21

Another busy week. Lots of doctors…………………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

8/22/21 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Chores around the house then cleaned up and out with Kathy to church.  Home and lunch.  Down to do the blog.  Then over to Gary’s for a little get together.  Mike was not present.  Home and Kathy was out grocery shopping.  I did some things around the house.  Helped Kathy unload groceries when she got home.  Set up a test configuration for the repeater controller I built.  Then out to Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Stop for gas on the way home.  Usual evening routine.

8/23/21 – Monday – Up at the usual time.  Out to the bank to talk to our “Preferred Client” specialist.  We are looking at refinancing with the low interest rates.  Then to the range for some target practice.  Stopped at Walmart for some Roundup Concentrate and lunch at Home Run Burgers.  Home and mixed a batch of Roundup to spray where Kathy want’s to put mulch.  Finished up and inside to cool down and clean up.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

8/24/21 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Out to the Morton building to work on the sprayer.  Pump worked fine today.  Put water in the tank and cleaned out the hoses and drained everything.  Back in the house.  Put finishing Polyurethane on the longbow.  Then cleaned guns with Kathy.  Up for lunch.  Cleaned up and over to Shelbyville to see an ENT guy.  Told me to use Flonase.  Stopped at CVS to get some on the way home.  Had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

8/25/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Out to the dentist.  Back home for a few minutes then down to the auto shop to have the service done on the truck.  Back home for a nap.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

8/26/21 – Thursday – Up a little early today.  Out to the Doctor’s office to get blood drawn for my appointment next week.  Home and chores around the house.  Lunch then out to work on the flower beds.  Took the Chrysler to Daugherty’s for oil change and to get checked over.  Home and dinner.  Usual evening routine.

8/27/21 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Out to do yard work.  Finished up around 2PM.  Got cleaned up and cooled off.  Went to J-town to pick up some prescriptions.  Then over to Shelbyville to Cattleman’s Steak House for dinner.  While waiting to be seated, Mike called and invited us to MItchell’s Seafood house.  So we went up there and had dinner with the Rice family.  Home and usual evening routine.

8/28/21 – Saturday – Up late this morning.  Kathy was off to see a movie with Julie and the grand kids.  I stayed home and worked in the shack all day.  Kathy came home and we went out and cleaned up the pool.  In for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

My friend Mike is still under the weather. This COVID stuff hit him like a ton of bricks. Of course he didn’t get the vaccine. Anyway, while he and the family are quarantined, his wife’s (Gloria) car got a flat tire. So I’m going to be a good guy tomorrow and go take it off the car and get it repaired. It’s outside and they are inside so I think I’ll be OK.

Well rates are low enough to make it worthwhile to refinance. It will save me almost $200 a month with the same terms as I have now. Sorta foolish not to do it. Even though the paper work is a pain in the ass.

Didn’t do well at the range this week. I was a little shaky for some reason. Still got everything in the target but not as tight a pattern as I’d like. I’ve done much better in the past. Kathy played with trying her right hand. Did about as well as her left hand. So that’s good.

My ears were still not feeling right after the ear ache I had in the right ear. So I made an appointment with an ENT doctor and went to see him on Tuesday. He said I probably had fluid in the tubes from the ear to the back of the nose. That would explain everything I am experiencing. Told me to stop using Afrin nose spray and start using Flonase. Apparently the Afrin i constricts the blood vessels were Flonase is similar to prednisone. So I got some Flonase on the way home and started using it. He said it would take a couple months to kick in 100% but I really felt things improve after a couple days. So that is good

Wednesday I went to the dentist. When I was there earlier this month he noticed what he thought was decay under one of my caps. (An old one). So I went Wednesday for him to check it out. After lifting the cap he realized there was no decay. Another X-ray showed I had broken off a root on that tooth. So rather than mess around with it he took it out. Now I have another hole in my head.

Friday we did yard work. Started earlier than usual and finished up very early. It was the only intelligent thing to do with the heat and humidity that came in last week. Then we got cleaned up and ran into J-town to pick up a couple prescriptions for me. Back out to Shelbyville for dinner at Cattleman’s Steakhouse. While we were waiting to get seated our son-in-law called to invite us to Mitchell’s seafood house. So, we left the Cattleman’s and headed to Mitchell’s.

Here’s a picture of the grand kids. Chloe even got dressed up for the occasion.

Chloe was into modeling this week and since she went to the trouble of putting a dress on, grand pap had to take a picture. She is growing up fast.

Last but not least, I’ve been focusing my efforts on getting this repeater controller working. Have noise on the received input. I reconfigured the power, changed out the Raspberry Pi and still no improvement. So I’ve concluded it must be the interface card. That would make sense as that’s where the audio chip is located. I ordered a new one since I’ve eliminated everything else. We will see how that goes.

Well hope the finds everyone safe and healthy. Blog at you again next week.

One thought on “Week Ending 8/28/21

  1. I had a visit with my ENT also. Antibiotics for 3 weeks…AGAIN. I need to have CatScan later this month to find out why I keep blowing green crap out of my nose (I know, disgusting!). Need to find a new doctor since my doctor doesn’t take Medicare. What a pain in the butt! Hot and real humid here also on a daily basis. You know Texas in August and September! Still working on my project list around the house.
    Yes, refinancing a house is also a pain. Did it twice while I had a mortgage. However, saving money is worth it!
    Take care, stay safe and have a good week.


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