Week Ending 9/18/21

A good week. Nothing exciting………………………………………

As always, first the chronology:

9/12/21 – Sunday – Up a little early.  Kathy was banging around getting ready to go somewhere with Julie and the grand kids.  I did chores around the house then went to church.  Home, a snack and up to help Mike with his deck.  Spent the afternoon helping him and came home.  Had a sandwich for dinner, fed the dogs and started the blog.  Kathy finally came home.  Usual evening routine.

9/13/21 – Monday – Up a little late.  Kathy was playing bitch and winning so nothing till she left for a dermatology appointment.  I made lunch for myself and went to the Morton building and washed the golf cart and the motorcycle.  Inside and started cleaning up in the kitchen.  Kathy came home and seemed in better spirits.  I went down to play radio till dinner.  Then the usual evening routine with a little break to go out and shoot some arrows.

9/14/21 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and out shopping with Kathy.  Hit Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Goodwill then Cattleman’s Roadhouse for lunch.  Stopped at Country Mart on the way home.  Put things away then a nap.  Up and computer work.  Dinner and out to a HAM club meeting in Shelbyville.  

9/15/21 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Spent most of the day in the shack working on the repeater controller I’m putting together for the local UHF repeater.  Took a break to go get 6 bails of straw.  Kathy got her patches off that they are doing to see what she is allergic to.  Usual evening routine with the addition of the Shelbyville HAM club net at 9PM.

9/16/21 – Thursday – Up at the usual time and out for a hair cut.  Home and did paperwork for the refinancing.  After lunch went out and cleaned the straw out of the truck and the Morton building.  Built a little stand to put my target in the middle of the straw bails I got yesterday.  Played radio awhile.  Usual evening routine.

9/17/21- Friday – Up a little early.  Was planning to go over to my son-in-law’s and help with the deck but he texted me and said he wouldn’t be working on it today.  I didn’t feel top notch so after breakfast I went back to bed.  Got up around 10.  Helped Kathy get some things done and had lunch.  Then to the shack to play radio awhile and do some reading.  Kathy went for her last dermatology appointment this week.  She came home and I helped unload groceries.  Then outside for some practice with the longbow.  In and had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

9/18/21 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Out to do yard work.  Had to go for gas so didn’t get started till almost 11am.  Took a break around 1:30 for lunch.  Finished up around 4:30.  Inside, cooled down and cleaned up.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

I’d like to tell you I screwed up the dates on the last couple blogs just to test you but that would be bullshit. But I also noticed not one person caught it. That means no one is reading this thing or you overlook things as easy as I do. Anyway, it’s fixed.

Not sure if I was clear on what happened at my son-in-laws place, but his deck collapsed at one place and started sagging in a couple other places. He thinks it was poor engineering, I think it was some bad lumber. Two boards bolted together and one deteriorates and the other is in pristine condition. That’s not bad engineering, that’s bad wood. Several things may have happened. Mike might have gotten his hands in things and didn’t use the right lumber, or the lumber supplier didn’t have all the pressure treated wood they wanted so they just substituted some cheaper stuff. But I don’t think Mike likes my help. He was concerned about mold and mildew on the house so he tore things apart. Then he was worried about the rain this week so I went over Sunday to help him seal things up. I told him to call me when he was going to work on it but never got called. We had planned to work on it Friday but he canceled that. Oh well, doesn’t bother me.

Kathy has been having a problem with things that look like bug bites but don’t behave like it. Kept asking the dermatologist about it and after suggesting several things it became clear she had no idea. So this week Kathy went to a facility that puts patches on your back with different substances to see if you react to anything. There were at least 50 and they held them all in place with tape. She had them put on Monday. Then couldn’t get it wet till Friday. They took them off Wednesday but she still couldn’t do anything till they examined them Friday. They did find some things she had a reaction to. Now she just has to go through her stuff and figure out which one has the bad stuff in.

I spoke to some people on the phone this week and apparently I was a little confusing about the renaissance things. Well here’s the scoop. Earlier this year, Julie wanted to go see what a Renaissance Fair was all about. It was up in Eminece, KY. So Mike, Kathy, Me and the three grand kids tagged along. Carter and Shelby wanted to try shooting a bow and arrow so I took them over and of course they wanted me to try it as well. I had shot bow and arrow when I was in High School so I had a clue about what I was doing. Anyway, it seemed I was the only one that could find the target with all 6 arrows. Well the grand kids thought grand pap was great. So, one thing led to another and now I am dressing for the occasion and practicing so I can compete in next years competition. So that is why I’m looking for Renaissance type attire and getting my bow ready and practicing.

I’m not doing too bad. This was one of my better groups from 20 yards. The competition is usually 25 yards so I have some work to do yet.

Radio is coming back. I spent some time this week on the air. Some of my notable contacts where to Nova Scotia, Slovenia, The Netherlands, Austria and Suriname. I think things will continue to improve into winter. Then as spring approaches and into summer it will start to decay.

That’s about all the exiting stuff that happened this week. Hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Blog at you again next week.

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