Week Ending 12/17/22

Not a bad week, just a wasted week………………………………………..

As always, first the chronology:

12/11/22 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Still feeling unmotivated.  Did shopping for people online.  Kathy was in and out.  Julie brought some of her famous chicken soup.  Did the blog.  Nothing else exciting.

12/12/22 – Monday – Up a little late this morning.  Stopped taking all the medication they gave me for COVID.  Feeling much better today.  Spent the morning doing computer work and calling people about medical insurance.  Kathy spent most of the day doing cookies.  Had some of Julie’s famous chicken soup for lunch and Chinese leftovers for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

12/13/22 – Tuesday – Up at the usual time.  Felt better yet today.  Bands were great so played radio this morning.  After lunch took a nap for an hour, got up and showered, dressed then out to the shop to start vehicles and run them awhile.  Haven’t been run in over a week.  Then back to the house and ran the Chrysler.  Kathy was baking cookies all day so I cooked dinner.  Usual evening routine.

12/14/22 – Wednesday – Up a little late today.  Kathy was already out to take Carter to an Orthodontist appointment.  I spent the morning doing some chores around the house.  Kathy came home just before lunch and we ate.  Then to the shack to cleanup the desk and play radio awhile.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

12/15/22 – Thursday – Up very early this morning.  Had to take Kathy to an eye appointment.  As it turned out they didn’t dilate her eyes so I wouldn’t have had to take her.  Anyway, stopped at Krispy Kreme and got some donuts then to Kroger and picked up a prescription.  Home and some chores.  Then to Hometown for lunch.  Did some shopping then home.  More chores and a little nap.  Great dinner and usual evening routine.

12/16/22 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Out to clean the church this morning.  Stopped at a couple dollar stores for some containers my wife needed.  Ate at McDonald’s while out.  Home and cleaned up.  Kathy packed a bunch of packages (5 to be exact).  Then down to the post office to mail them.  Over to Lowes in Shelbyville to return some items and to shop for others.  Had an early dinner at Cattleman’s then home.  Kathy bought some replacement window shades for her office but I need to make some filler strips to go into the top of the window before the new shade can be mounted.  Usual evening routine.

12/17/22 – Saturday – Up at the usual time.  Chores around the house.  Had a snack for lunch than out to the shop to run the portable generator and make the filler piece for the shades in Kathy’s office.  In and installed the filler strip and shades.  Down to the shack to play radio till Kathy got home from shopping.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Well, I think the COVID is over and done with. I was taking the prescribed medications and decided to stop that Sunday. Monday I started feeling much better. The CDC recommendation is to stay self quarantined for 5 days after the onset of symptoms and to wear a mask when going out in public for the next 10 days. Another medical authority said quarantine for 5 days and do the mask thing for 5 days. I don’t think anyone really knows. So, I decided to quarantine for 10 days then go about my business as usual but only around people I didn’t care about. Of course I didn’t kiss any of them, cough on them or whisper in their ear so I think I’m OK there. I’ll wait till after this Wednesday before I go back to church and get my hair cut.

I think the only other thing of importance this week was Kathy’s eye appointment. It was with the doctors that did her cataract surgery. She got a good report and doesn’t have to go back for another year now. So that’s another issue off our list for at least another year.

We did get out to clean the church. I was slower than usual but got things done.

I guess that’s it for this week. I’m not sure what the schedule is for next Sunday being its Christmas so I’m not sure if the blog will get done Sunday or sometime later. If I’m late just make fun of me.

OK, that’s it for this week. I’ll let you off the hook with my usual ranting and long blogs. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way. Have a very Merry Christmas. Blog at you again next week.

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