Week Ending 5/6/23

Another very busy week…………………………………………………………………….

As always, first the chronology:

4/30/23 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and out to church with Kathy.  Home a quick bite to eat then into Louisville to watch our grand daughter’s dance recital at the Brown Theater.  Up to Olive Garden afterward for dinner.  Home, did the blog and usual evening routine.

5/1/23 – Monday – Up very early and out to PT.  Home and down to pick up Bella at the groomers.  Lunch and a nap.  Up and helped Kathy get ready for our company.  Terry and Mary (Kathy’s brother and his wife) rolled in around 4PM.  We had dinner then they went over to Shelbyville to Carter and Chloe’s confirmation practice.  They came back and we had dessert and talked till almost 11PM.  Then to bed.

5/2/23 – Tuesday – Up and cleaned up.  Out to have breakfast with Terry and Mary.  I left about 10AM for PT and Terry and Mary started home shortly after.  I finished up with PT and went over to Dairy Queen for lunch.  Then back to Vision First for an eye exam and picked out a pair of glasses.  Home and had a nap.  Up and out to do some shopping at Lowes then stopped at Cattleman’s for dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

5/3/23 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Exercises and out to the Morton Building.  Married off gas cans and loaded them in the truck.  Down to Ace Hardware for some Quickrete.  Stopped and filled up the truck and got gas in the gas cans.  Home and unloaded things.  Made the two lighter weights for my antenna and cleaned up the shop a little.  Into the house for lunch.  Didn’t do much the rest of the day.  Lifting the 60lb bag must of hosed up the back again.  Had left overs for dinner.  Usual evening routine.

5/4/23 – Thursday – Up a little early.  Out to PT.  Got some kinks ironed out and felt good leaving.  Home by 11AM.  A bite to eat for lunch.  Then out to do yard work.  Not a hard job and I used some of the techniques they taught me at PT.  Didn’t feel bad at all.  Inside and some chores.  Put some dogs on the grill for dinner but ran out of gas so finished them up on the stove.  Usual evening routine.

5/5/23 – Friday – Up at the usual time.  Chores around the house then out to take the motorcycle to a new shop.  Dropped it off around 11AM.  Stopped at Logan’s Steakhouse on the way home for lunch.  Home and more chores around the house.  Kathy went over and mowed the field next door.  I worked in the house then out to put gas in her mower.  Worked in the shop till she was done then inside for dinner.  Then to Kroger for some groceries.  Otherwise usual evening routine.

5/6/23 – Saturday – Up a little late this morning.  Had breakfast and did the Saturday morning chores.  Then did my exercises and got cleaned up.  Had lunch then out to work on my antenna.  No luck.  Did a little more cleaning on the front of the truck.  Inside and did some computer work and ordered some things.  Kathy went up to help Julie get a dress for Chloe this morning.  She got back a little before 4PM.  She took a nap then we had dinner.  Usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Chloe had a dance recital in Louisville on Sunday at the Brown Theater. Not really sure why I go. I can’t pick her out of the crowd. But it was nice. Had a bunch of little kids that did a spectacular job. But it was my grand daughter so I had to go. Afterward Mike took us all out to Olive Garden for dinner. That was nice.

Monday Kathy’s brother and his wife came down from Cincinnati. They arrived at our house around 4PM. We had dinner then they went over to Shelbyville to Carter and Chloe’s confirmation rehearsal at the Catholic Church over there. Terry and Mary are Catholic which is why they are sponsoring them. Then they came back to our house and we had desert. Stayed up and socialized till around 11PM which is very late for me. Then they departed our house Tuesday morning rather early as they wanted to get home to vote in a special school tax election.

Tuesday after PT I stayed and had lunch at Dairy Queen then to an eye appointment at Vision First. We had been going to Lense Crafters in the Oxmoor Mall but that is a 1/2 drive and in toward Louisville so the traffic is rather congested. Much closer going to Shelbyville which is 15 to 20 minutes. And since I was able to get an eye exam and a new pair of computer glasses for $35 I would say they are much more reasonably priced than Lense Crafters. I payed that much just for the copay for my eye exam. And now that Kathy’s eyes are good and she doesn’t need contacts, I think a more reasonably priced place is more appropriate.

Wednesday I ran some errands first thing. I needed some concrete to make some lighter weights for my antenna that I am trying to get back up. I figured I’d go to the local Ace Hardware store and pick up a 10 to 15 pound bag of something. Well, they only had 60 pound bags of quickcrete. So I got that. I was being very careful and keeping the body aligned so I didn’t hurt my self. After I checked out I headed for the front door and twisted to my left to put my shoulder into the door to get out and when I did I felt it in my back. I knew right away that I screwed up. I made it home and got the things done I wanted to do. Next morning when I went to PT I told Niki what I did. She laughed a little then checked me out. Did some traction on me and that felt 100% better. However, it only lasted till I was out in the car and went over the first bump. I’ve been keeping up with my PT exercises and things are slowly improving.

Thursday we did the yard work. It wasn’t too bad. I used some of the things I learned in PT and other than the normal sore muscles I didn’t feel bad at all. So I think things are improving slowly.

Friday I took the motorcycle to a new place for it’s annual maintenance. I tried getting in touch with the folks I usually go to but it was impossible to get to the correct person. So I talked to a guy at church that had a couple BMW motorcycles and he referred me to this guy. His place is called Moto Aria. It’s a little more difficult to get to but much less traffic. I felt much more comfortable riding over than I have in a long time on the motorcycle. When I got it over there he went over it with me and pointed out that I needed new tires. So he will order them this week and when he gets them he will do all the required maintenance and I should be good for another year.

Kathy mowed the field on Friday. I’m to the point were I don’t question her on anything she wants to do because she’ll do it anyways. Now that she mowed it I’m sure the folks that mowed and bailed it last year won’t want to touch it. And when she came in the right front tire on her mower was flat. I tried to put air in it but it’s leaking around the bead. I can’t see any reason for it. But I think we’ll take it to the dealer and let him handle it. It’s probably under warranty. And if not, it’s better they hassle with it than me.

Kathy went out shopping with Julie and Chloe on Saturday. Chloe needed a new dress for a formal dance she is going to in a couple weeks. They are growing so fast now that it’s almost necessary to go get something every time something comes up. So I went out and did some work on the antenna that came down out front. But, I couldn’t seem to get a line over the tree. I think I need heavier line on the spinning reel to make it over. So this week I’ll pick up some new string and try it again.

Well that’s the week in a nutshell. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way and I’ll blog at you again next week.

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