Week Ending 5/13/23

Another busy week……………………….

As always, first the chronology:

5/7/23 – Sunday – Up at the usual time.  Cleaned up and out for Carter and Chloe’s confirmation.  Had to be at the church by 11AM to get a good seat.  Then the service started at noon and it was a high mass.  Got done around 1:30PM.  Then over to Mike and Julie’s for a late lunch.  Stayed and socialized with everyone till about 5PM.  Terry and Mary left to go home and we came home.  Had a snack for dinner.  Downstairs to the shack and did the blog.  Otherwise, usual evening routine.

5/8/23 – Monday – Up extremely early to be at PT at 8:30.  Put a card at Kathy’s place on the breakfast table before I left.  Picked up flowers on the way home from PT. Got Kathy motivated and went to the county clerks office to renew her auto registration then to Twin-M to order more stone for in front of the house.  Then to Shelbyville and stopped at the John Deere dealership to see if we could get the tire fixed for Kathy’s zero turn.  They couldn’t help but suggested Doug’s Tire Service.  So we went to Zaxby’s for lunch then to the tire place.  They fixed the tire in about 10 minutes.  Then to Walmart and Lowes for more shopping.  Home and Kathy took a nap.  Then to the Yoki Buffet with the Rice family for Kathy’s birthday dinner.  Home and usual evening routine.

5/9/23 – Tuesday – Up a little early this morning.  PT appointment was at 9:30AM.  Kathy took off for the mall before I got back home.  Took a nap when I got home then up for lunch.  Down to do computer work.  Kathy got home around 2PM.  We got some chores done around the house.  Then an early dinner and out to a HAM club meeting in Shelbyville. Home, dessert and usual evening routine.

5/10/23 – Wednesday – Up at the usual time.  Did the exercises then the guy came to do the spring HVAC maintenance.  In the mean time, Kathy went up and picked up Shelby and brought her home.  She was home sick from school today.  Had lunch then out to work on the front antenna.  Got it up but it’s not working correctly.  I might have to swap it out.  Then dinner and usual evening routine.

5/11/23 – Thursday – Up a little early today, cleaned up and out for a hair cut at 9AM.  Home for another cup of coffee and then out for PT at 10:30AM.  Kathy went for a dentist appointment to get a new crown.  Got home about the same time as Kathy.  Had lunch then out for yard work.  Finished about 4PM.  Did some chores around the house and cleaned up.  Dinner and usual evening routine.

5/12/23 – Friday – Up a little late today.  They came to deliver the stone we are going to put in the flower beds in front of the house.  Spent time in the shack doing research and playing radio.  Usual evening routine.

5/13/23 – Saturday – Up a little early, cleaned up and out to the church for a work day today.  Left there about 11:30.  Went to vote then to the house to drop off some items that are going to Goodwill.  Then up to Zaxby’s for lunch.  Got to the Rice residence about 1PM.  Did some work for my son-in-law.  Left there and came home.  Dropped off the tools.  Then to Lowes to pick up dowels and some plants.  Had dinner at Cattleman’s.  Home and usual evening routine.

Now the specifics:

Sunday was Carter and Chloe’s confirmation in the Catholic Church. They must be sponsored by someone else in the Catholic church other than their parents. So, my brother-in-law and his wife came down from Cincinnati to do the honors. We were at the church at 11AM to get a seat. The service started at noon and was a high mass so that took longer than usual. An hour and a half to be exact. So, long story short we spent 2 and 1/2 hours in church last Sunday. The Arch Bishop did the ceremony and at one point asked Carter and Chloe if they renounced the devil and all his ways. I asked my sister-in-law if that meant I couldn’t be around the grand kids anymore. She pointed out that it wasn’t that kind of devilishness they were talking about. Then we all went over to the Rice house and had a late dinner. We hung around and socialized. Everyone took off around 5PM. A good day.

Monday was Kathy’s birthday. I spent the day with her. Got her a card and had it ready for when she got up and moving. Then after PT I went to the florist and got her flowers. She had to get her car registered so we did that then went to the landscaping place and ordered stone to put in her flower beds. She’s just spending money every year for fresh mulch that washes away with the first big rain. So we will dig out all the old mulch, put down landscaping cloth then put stone over that. I’ll post pictures when we get it done. The last time we did the yard work Kathy must have run over something and broke the bead on the right front tire of the zero turn. So we took that over to the John Deere dealer but they couldn’t look at it for several days. They recommended a tire place that would do it right away. Sure enough, we went over there (after stopping at Zaxby’s for lunch) and it only took 10 to 15 minutes. He put bead sealer on it and it is as good as new. Did some additional shopping at Lowes and Walmart. Then home, a short nap and out to the Yoki buffet for dinner. That was the grand kids idea. So, I think she had a good birthday.

Shelby was home sick from school on Wednesday so we kept her over here. She didn’t seem sick to me and it was fun having her over. She is maturing into very much of a lady. And a talented one as well. She gathered some rocks and painted them while here and I must say she could have probably gotten several dollars each for them as paper weights.

Thursday we did the yard work. Kathy mowed a good portion of the yard with her zero turn before I realized she had the mower deck locked in the up position. I pointed it out and she had to redo what she had already done. Other than that it was a rather easy job again.

Saturday was busy this week. We had a work detail at the church in the morning. Fixed some pews, replace the light bulbs in our sign along the road and just did a general good cleaning. We got done there and made a quick trip to the fire house and voted. It’s the states primary election. Home and dropped off stuff from church that has to go to Goodwill and picked up tools. Then over to Mike and Julie’s. Mike wanted my help with some computer things and then we scoped out adding a new electrical receptacle in the downstairs bathroom.

Wednesday I finally got the end fed antenna up in the front of the house. I cut it shorter and it seems to work great on 80 meters but not so well on the other bands. So I have a replacement that I think I’ll swap it out with. I will wait till Mike comes over as that requires work on the roof.

I’ve been practicing my CW (Morse Code as in dots and dashes). I saw a note from a guy soliciting people to check into the CW Northern Kentucky Traffic Net. So I email him about my situation and he offered to meet me on the air this week. So Thursday evening I made my first for real CW contact. I had my speed up to take my test when code was required but haven’t done anything with it. Now that I have the time I want to get back into it.

Well that’s it for this week. As always, hope this finds everyone safe and healthy. Stay that way. Blog at you again next week.

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